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America's Real Nazis and Brownshirts

Updated on January 12, 2019

During the last presidential campaign a host of allegations were raised concerning President Elect Donald Trump’s character and true intentions. Some of the allegations involved claims that Trump’s plans and reforms are comparable to Nazi Germany. Since the election the accusations have not subsided but accelerated. In recent weeks Trump has been accused of everything from racism to xenophobia to being Adolph Hitler. All of these claims are unfounded and unproven. Even more disconcerting is that the very people and organizations making such allegations are they themselves guilty of such things.

Any cursory scan over the course of history involving political upheavals will reveal some recurring themes. Like any history, political upheavals (revolutions, civil unrest, collapse of a political system) repeat themselves once certain conditions and trajectories are satisfied.

No matter how far back you look in history, one eternal truth remains emblazoned upon the edifice of time: Human Nature Never Changes. From this we can conclude that to study the past is to study what is to come. Of course, what does change are the details and circumstances. So, what we can predict from learning history are its patterns but not so much the events themselves.

In January of 1933 the German people elected Adolf Hitler to Chancellor. Instrumental in Hitler’s rise to prominence in the preceding decade were the SA (Storm Detachment) also known as the Brownshirts. This group was started in 1921 and was eventually headed by Hitler and Earnst Rohm.

The First World War had devastated Germany’s economy. One of the conditions of the Versailles Treaty forced Germany to pay reparations giving up thirteen percent of their land. Foreign countries had placed protective tariffs on German imports making any economic recovery even more difficult. Throughout the 1920’s the German economy worsened ending the decade with massive inflation and unemployment. Such factors had contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party’s popularity.

Many who made up the ranks of the Brownshirts were veterans of WWI. They had opposed the Versailles Treaty and were in agreement with the basic policies and ideology of the Workers Party (later to become the National Socialist German Workers’ Party—the Nazis). The Nazi Party used the military experience of many in the Brownshirts to essentially act as a paramilitary organization that could take over the city streets. Many Germans admired the organization and loyalty of the Brownsirts and some being unemployed for so long were eager to join the group. As a result their ranks swelled and they gained in popularity. At their height they were 400,000 to 600,000 strong.

Often the Brownshirts were used to protect Hitler from political agitators during his speeches and Nazi rallies. The Brownshirts would hold rallies and parades throughout a city to gain support and spread the Party’s message favoring nationalization of industries, economic revival through military buildup, and government spending. They also engaged political rivals (usually of the various Communist groups) in street fights involving homemade weapons like blackjacks and sometimes shooting at each other.

The Brownshirts would often engage in the very acts they accused their opposition of committing. They were notorious for interrupting the political speeches of opponents and rivals to the Nazi Party. They would instigate violence to shut down the rallies of anyone who disagreed with them. The brutality of the Brownshirts was well known and worked to censor opposing political points of view. Many times when speeches and political gatherings were disrupted by the Brownshirts, the German police were so ineffective and powerless, it would be the Brownshirts who would show up in force and restore order. This too contributed to their popularity. There were many Germans beginning to see the Nazis and Brownshirts as necessary. The main purpose of the Brownshirts was to appear to be an under represented class of disenfranchised Germans who had been wronged by history and were now standing up to right those wrongs. All the while they were taking part in fueling the flames of the very chaos they claimed to be fighting against.

Now let’s fast forward to modern day America. After the last presidential election we saw many of the same tactics that were used in Germany being resurrected with a new vigor and lust for power. In various cities throughout America we have heard reports and seen videos of hate filled mobs protesting and rioting in the streets. The same attempt to control the streets that the Brownshirts used. These were not peaceful assemblies of Americans exercising their first amendment rights (like the Tea Party gatherings). These were mobs blocking traffic, burning shops, attacking Trump supporters, and are now shooting police.

Trump hating protesters are on video exclaiming their profound gratitude over the police shootings in recent weeks. President Obama has done nothing but excuse the actions of these politically inspired murders and chastise police for any abuses they may or may not have committed. This kind of rhetoric from the highest office of State has fueled the flames of lawlessness even further. Such a position of acquiescence and condemnation from the executive branch is done purposely to further the elite’s agenda to create chaos in the streets. Totalitarians, whether they be mobs or of the State itself, use the very chaos they create, or facilitate, to achieve a paramilitary takeover of the streets and eventually most of society. The same tactics that Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, the Trump Hating rioters, and the Obama Administration use are the same tactics practiced by Ernst Rohm, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler. This should come as no surprise considering Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, and the rioters are funded by George Soros—a known Nazi collaborator.

Here are some direct comparisons of those tactics:

The Brownshirts would interrupt and censor political opponents and their rallies through inciting violence and mob intimidation. Once in power the Nazi Party sought to institute measures that would shut down and eventually eradicate any kind of democratic process in government. During the election campaigns, time and again, we saw citizen journalist videos of Trump Haters instigating violence at Trump rallies, attempts to censor and shut down rallies (at least one successfully in Chicago where several police were attacked and injured by Trump Haters), and at least one assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life where a man from Britain tried to steal a police officer’s gun at a Trump rally (If this had happened at a Hillary gathering it would have been a top story for weeks in the mainstream media. Instead we heard no more than a peep from the mainstream). In recent weeks America’s democratic process of the Electoral College has been undermined by Hillary supporters. Electors from several states have received emails with messages stating their lives are in danger and they will be shot if they place their vote for Donald Trump on Dec. 19th when the Electoral College votes. Also, there are now several electors who have publicly stated they are not going to cast their vote for Trump on Dec. 19th. They have admitted that they are determined to undermine America’s legal and democratic process simply because they do not agree with the outcome of the last election.

The Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, was essentially the modern inventor of ‘exploiting the emotions of the mob through modern tools of media’. Today Media Matters puts out tiny little articles, barely a few paragraphs long, full of lies and distortions designed to insight vitriol and action against anyone who dares question their fascist agenda. One example is an article entitled ‘Trump’s Ongoing Contempt for the Press Requires Journalists to Step Up’. This article claims that Donald Trump is purposely keeping the press in the dark about activities concerning any potential conflict of interest between his vast financial interests and becoming the new President. While this could be a legitimate concern for any true classical liberal or libertarian (Although it’s hard to take seriously when you have people like the Clinton crime syndicate making millions of dollars selling government secrets to the Chinese, Harry Reid and John McCain making millions off of land grabbing deals that steal land from American ranchers and sell it off to foreign corporations, or the Bush crime family being started by Prescott Bush who made millions in crooked banking deals and funded the Nazis during WWII) it’s what this article conveniently leaves out which distorts the picture and fuels the fury of the Trump Haters.

Conveniently left out of the article is the fact that Donald Trump has continued to take his message directly to the American people through social media like YouTube and Twitter. What he’s doing is continuing his populist and grassroots method of speaking frankly and openly to the people like he was the head of a small town meeting. This was one of the reasons the American people voted for Trump and I hope he continues to speak openly to us without any filter. This method of communication also circumvents the mainstream media (nice sounding phrase that inaccurately describes a corporate conglomerate of no more than a few State run globalist organizations) who have done nothing but lie about Trump and launch propaganda attacks in some of the most biased reporting I’ve seen in my lifetime. News flash for the mainstream media: Trump kicked you out of Trump Tower because you’re no longer relevant! News flash for Media Matters: The alternative press is the new media along with citizen journalism! We’re holding Trump accountable and we’re telling the truth because we’re decentralized and grass roots. In 1820 Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Roscoe: “We are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as freedom is left free to combat it.” It’s called a free press Media Matters. Get used to it.

One of the most startling parallels between Nazi Germany and modern America has nothing to do with Donald Trump. The tireless efforts of both the Bush and Obama Administrations’ initiatives, and legislative acts from Congress, that have militarized both federal and local police, share a common rallying cry from past tyrannies far and wide that have sought to centralize power. That rallying cry is National Emergency. The Nazi Party used racial propaganda, class warfare, and the aftermath of WWI to keep the German people in a perpetual state of emergency as an excuse to eradicate civil liberties and militarize their more traditional and local police. The United States government has used the attack on Sept 11th to keep the American people in a continual state of emergency and war while individual liberties are eradicated and federal power is further militarized and centralized.

During the time of the Weimer Republic before Hitler rose to power no national police force existed in Germany. Weimer was a federation with each state having its own police departments. The German people also had secure civil liberties and due process handed down from the classical liberalism of the 19th century. Despite such decentralization and legal traditions, the Nazi Regime was able to centralize and fully fund the police under the auspices of state security and combating crime. The regime increased staff and training while they “modernized” (meaning they militarized) police equipment. In 1933 Heinrich Himmler was appointed commander of all police departments outside of Prussia.

The police in Germany began to take a more preventive stand on crime. People were arrested and kept in “protective custody” without any due process and sent to concentration camps without evidence or a court trial. At first the Nazi Regime only targeted unpopular minorities like communist party members, criminals, and the homeless. Within just a few years, anyone who voiced opposition to the new direction of the country, including the so-called “reactionary bourgeois” or even someone who listened to a banned radio program, could have been subject to police action. The Regime pushed for a system where the police enforced the law while also deciding what the law meant and how it should be applied which would further nullify the judiciary.

Himmler reshaped the German police into a national paramilitary force that would ignore civil liberties and attempt to prevent crimes before they occurred. This was, in fact, done out in the open and with the support of the press and the public. The German people wanted to give up their liberties for security from a variety of dangerous forces both abroad and at home; whether those forces were actual threats or not.

Now fast forward to modern day America. Since the attack that occurred on Sept. 11th the American people have seen the erosion of their individual rights and Rule of Law at such an ever increasing rate that even a statist like Alexander Hamilton would be turning in his grave.

With the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001 we have seen the elimination of our right to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizure of our property and effects. This unconstitutional legislation gives federal agents the authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications with warrants they write themselves. No judge or judicial process need be involved in the monitoring or confiscation of your personal records, effects, or communications. Furthermore, anyone who receives these self-written warrants is prohibited from speaking about the incident—to anybody. In effect, the fourth amendment has been abolished due to the vast powers granted to an array of federal agencies by the Patriot Act.

The federal government wasted no time further curtailing the rights of Americans post Sept. 11th. In 2002 the Homeland Security Act created DHS: the Department of Homeland Security. This act consolidated several federal agencies under one department. This was done under the pretense of enabling these agencies to more efficiently share information that was vital to national security. The true agenda was to consolidate power within one branch of government with the purpose of creating a nationwide paramilitary police force with no jurisdictional boundaries.

Increasingly, non Dept. of Defense agencies within the executive branch are becoming more militarized. From 2004 to 2008 the number of federal agencies authorized to carry firearms and make arrests grew by 14%. Since 2006 over 40 administrative agencies have spent over 71 million dollars on military arms and equipment. There are such departments and agencies like the Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, IRS, EPA, and the Library of Congress that are armed and able to make arrests. In 2010 the Dept. of Agriculture bought 85 fully automatic assault rifles. The IRS and EPA have spent over 10 million dollars arming themselves. The number of federal employees who are armed (200,000) now exceeds the number of U.S. Marines (182,000). While the federal government increasingly seeks to restrict Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights they continue to arm themselves to the hilt while raiding miners in Alaska, ranchers in Nevada, and organic health enthusiasts all over the country. Thanks neo-cons and progressives of all stripes—you’re the most adored tyrants by liberty lovers around the world.

More recently we have seen the attempt of the present Administration to federalize local police departments. Preaching from the pulpit of corporate media bias, our Lord and Savior Barak Hussein Obama has fueled the flames of feinted discontentment. After several police shootings and the ensuing riots that were organized by Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, and their pay-master George Soros, the usual suspects who ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ were clamoring for federal oversight of local police departments. Any of this starting to sound familiar?

In 2015 the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing was put into action through the Dept. of Justice. This initiative basically gives a panel of know nothing experts the power to fund local police departments through grants. Of course, with those grants comes federal control. One of the guidelines in the Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report is very telling. It states: Law enforcement cannot build community trust if it is seen as an occupying force coming in from outside to impose control on the community. Notice that it says ‘if it is seen as an occupying force’. Yeah, in other words, we are an occupying force; it would just be a darn shame if people actually saw it that way.

In the Task Force Report’s summary it lays out such guidelines as the implementation, use, and evaluation of technology and social media by law enforcement agencies. ‘To build a solid foundation for law enforcement agencies in this field, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, in consultation with the law enforcement field, should establish national standards for the research and development of new technology.’ Through the oversight of the Dept. of Justice ‘technical assistance and incentive funding will be provided to jurisdictions with small police agencies that take steps toward interagency collaboration, shared services, and regional training.’

Nothing in this report speaks to the fact that one of the most corrupt agencies in American history is going to oversee local police departments to make sure they are serving their communities effectively and honestly. We saw how corrupt the Dept. of Justice is during the last election when the Director of FBI exonerated Hilary Clinton after reading off a litany of laws that were broken by her as head of the State Dept.

The idea that Donald Trump’s rise in popularity with the American people is comparable to Adolph Hitler’s rise to power would not be so incredibly numbing to the neocortex if it were not being pushed by the very people who want more central control by the State over society. The few authoritarian policies that Trump advocates may prove problematic in the coming years. From a libertarian perspective Trump is hardly perfect. But his imperfections pale in comparison to those who have been in power over the past few decades. When reality becomes inverted by some seriously powerful people who have an agenda one has to wonder: How far will those same people go to maintain such power?


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