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America’s next Commander and Chief Class Clown Or God’s Trump Card?

Updated on August 30, 2015

God's Trump Card or just another Chief Clown?

The 2016 Presidential campaign is shaping up to be the World’s Best Performance by the 1% that we are sure to ever see.  And the leading Clown, we are still unsure as to whether he is simply America’s next Commander and Chief Class Clown or God’s Tru
The 2016 Presidential campaign is shaping up to be the World’s Best Performance by the 1% that we are sure to ever see. And the leading Clown, we are still unsure as to whether he is simply America’s next Commander and Chief Class Clown or God’s Tru

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future
The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future

Through this book I was finally seeing the Root Connections that the Holy Spirit had been teaching me since January 1998 to See and Behold.


Harbinger or Trump Card only time will tell

In 2012, a new author hit the street with a message to share to the world and especially with America. That author was Jonathan Cahn. A messianic rabbi, who had never wanted to publish, much less to write a book, but was given a mission by God.

The title of this rabbi’s first book was “The Harbinger – The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future”. Through this book I was finally seeing the Root Connections that the Holy Spirit had been teaching me since January 1998 to See and Behold.

While I may or may not believe everything that this rabbi has to teach, I will admit that what he was sharing was something that I myself had stumbled upon beginning in 1997-1998. That everything in the world is connected back to Israel. Not just that Jesus was a Jew, but we could look back through time and see exactly what King Solomon told us, “there is NOTHING new under the sun, and what was will be again.”

The uncanny and exact connections that Jonathan Cahn reveals in his now three books, to his readers, has to give us a moment of pause, to consider what he is saying. The connections to the words that our elected officials recited, to the restoration of the area around ground zero are really quite amazing to consider within the scope of God’s Grand Plan.

Sometime after reading Jonathan Cahn’s second book, “Mystery of the Shemitah”, I listened to an evening news report a news report June 9, 2015 announcing the unveiling of the final building to be replaced at ground zero.

When the news media showed mock up pictures of what the building was to look like, I couldn’t believe my eyes and exclaimed; “My God, now they are building a stairway to heaven!”

Exactly one week later on June 16, 2016, we listen as Donald Trump announces that he is throwing his Billion Dollar hat into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Now I ask you, are we seeing another Harbinger as Jonathan Cahn has taught us, or are we witnessing God’s Trump Card being played out on the world’s stage located at 2 World Trade Center? Is there a connection to the Multi-Billionaire Real Estate Mogul, Donald Trump and the spiraling stairway to heaven to be known as 2 World Trade Center?

  • A Stairway to Heaven? One has to wonder after reading Jonathan Cahn’s books.

The Wealth and Wisdom of Solomon again in our time?

As we consider the possibilities of Donald Trump as our next president, it should lead us to begin asking some interesting questions. Just as the Court Jesters of medieval times many were the messengers to the King of unpleasant news in the form of entertainment and humor. Aren’t we seeing that now as “The Donald” as the Chief Class Clown is speaking truth that is hard to swallow by the majority of the 1-percenters? Allow me to share some interesting research and equally interesting discoveries. My ponderings led me to the life of Solomon, as the bible records, was the wisest and richest man ever.

  • Money isn’t an issue, Oh, but Wait; it really is!

Donald Trump pledges One Billion dollars of his OWN MONEY to his run in the 2016 presidential campaign.

From the onset of his campaign, Donald Trump has continually been speaking to the 99-percenters that are facing real life, death and survival issues. While I am not throwing my total backing behind any candidate just yet, what Donald Trump is saying is hitting a different chord. Here is why I believe we might just be witnessing God’s Trump Card being played out in our 2016 Presidential Campaign.

  • Sometimes you just got to flip over a few tables or slaughter some sacred cows to make a point!

While I am not calling Donald Trump America’s savior or destroyer. What I am saying, is that he is flipping over and kicking in some long held beliefs of the “Chosen Frozen” within every area of the governmental and political arenas. I call these people the “Chosen Frozen” because when others pay for your seat at the table, strings are attached to every dollar. Those strings then bind those individuals to their butt imprinted seat at the table of America’s and World governments.

  • Only to be untied to dance for the ones that BOUGHT them.

If Donald Trump is in fact God’s trump card in the affairs of America wouldn’t it stand to reason that HE, God, would flip over the tables of the money changers who are exchanging money for influence? Isn’t that exactly what “The Donald” has done by committing one billion dollars, of his own money, to his own campaign and rejecting others money?

We are all immigrants some legal and others illegal!

  • Everyone who enters through the Door is allowed. Those that enter some other way are thieves and robbers to that house.

Just because you throw a grappling hook into a window of that house doesn’t mean that your hook or “anchor” is legally allowed to be there.

While I believe that Donald Trump is appearing to be the class clown, he is striking a chord with many Americans. And while it seems that he doesn’t care for immigrants, his family and his current wife are immigrants who entered through this country’s legal doors of entry, and not by an illegal hook and lifeline.

“This is a Business Man’s Church”

While sitting in a leadership meeting at my church one evening 2005-2006, I never would have imagined that something I said would apply here, but it does!

We were discussing Church culture and how to communicate that culture to those outside the church more effectively. Basically, how to “Brand” ourselves to the outside world.

As I sat there, it just flew out of my mouth when called upon that “This is a Business Man’s church”. We grow and develop business people!

How could I say that about a church you ask? Simple, every gathering of people has a “culture” that keeps it together otherwise it falls apart. That church had grasp hold of a biblical truth and understanding about business, and that culture grew and thrived for a while. Problem was that can create an “inbred culture” and one that in fact isn’t very “Stranger” friendly.

  • America Needs a Business Man who understands the Art of the deal, and that deal should be to Make America Great again.

The concern that I have at this point are the same concerns that I was trying to find words for in that leadership meeting.

  • If we aren’t careful we can become so inwardly focused on building a great country (church), that we become outwardly ineffective.

And just like in the Days of King Solomon who had over 700 wives and mistresses for strength and unity of different Kings and Kingdoms which led to his demise. We need to be sure we aren’t doing the same thing with our Foreign Aid Dollars is what I hear in Donald Trump’s interviews.

Are we witnessing America’s Next Commander and Chief Class Clown or watching as God’s plays His “Trump Card” by cutting the strings that Other People’s Money can buy? Only time will tell.

© 2015 Cammy Walters


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    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      You bring up a lot of different points in this hub and provide a refreshing take on the matter. I don't know much about the Donald (except the hair thing) but I believe America is ready to embrace change for the better. People are not happy with how things are at present.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Interesting. This will be an election to watch.


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