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Ringleader of Amish 'Gangsters' Sentenced to Prison for Cutting Beards

Updated on July 19, 2013

Samuel Mullet, Sr.

The man who started the heinous beard cuttings
The man who started the heinous beard cuttings

Daniel Mullet

Crime: Beard Cutting
Crime: Beard Cutting

Lester Mullet

Lester just wanted to be like his father...
Lester just wanted to be like his father...

Sam Mullet, Sr. Quote

"I'm going to take the punishment for everybody." Sam Mullet, Sr. says in the courtroom. "I'm not going to be here much longer."

Johnny Mullet

It looks like Johnny gave his own beard a trim, before de-bearding another man.
It looks like Johnny gave his own beard a trim, before de-bearding another man.

An Amish Man Commits a 'Hate' Crime

Samuel Mullet, Sr. has been sentenced to prison for what some call a hate crime. He cut another man's beard.

Yes, I said it correctly. He is going to prison for cutting another man's beard. No, he is not a barber. He is a citizen of an Amish community in Ohio.

He has a beard that stretches down to his chest, and walks around the courtroom with his ankles chained.

Sam Mullet, Sr. told the Judge in his Cleveland hearing that he has been accused of running a cult, that he lived his life trying to help others, and that he was prepared for accepting the punishment. Sam Mullet was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his crime. Just last year, 10 men and six women were convicted of similar attacks in Amish communities, ranging in sentences of one to seven years. These were all considered hate crimes because the prosecutors strongly believed that differences in their religious beliefs were instrumental in the beard cuttings.

Sam Mullet, Sr. and his family adamantly deny that he was leading a cult. Mullet ran his 'gang' with an authoritarian style, which prompted many to believe that he was a cult leader with minions. These 'grunts' - many members of his family - would carry out his dirty work of out cutting the beards of selected targets.

Note: Sam Mullet, Sr. played an influential role in the Amish community. The Amish community in general was not being referred to as a cult, but was referring to the group of individuals that Sam Mullet, Sr. influenced, and took part in the beard cuttings.

Beards are a part of Amish culture. Once a man marries, he lets he beard grow out. It can be very embarrassing if a married man's beard is cut. The Mullets did that very thing, shaming men in the Amish community.

Life in an Amish community could get very boring. To the degree that they start thinking up creative ways to cut another man's beard.

To these Amish men sentenced to prison: Have you ever considered just asking the person if they want their beard cut?

An Amish Thug?

Don't Mess with the Amish Mafia

Amish Mafia is a new show produced by the Discovery Channel. Many people find it ironic that there would be an Amish Mafia, since we think of the Amish as quiet people, that keep to themselves and their communities.

The Amish Mafia was therefore created to keep order in an otherwise unruly community of church-going Amish folk. Was that really necessary?

On the Discovery Channel Show, one man serves three roles for his community: The Police, the Judge, and the Jury.

Doesn't seem like he would be too unbiased, does it?

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