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Among The Deluge of Middle Eastern Immigrants Flowing Into Europe Are Potential Trojan Horses....

Updated on September 17, 2015

Among The Deluge of Middle Eastern Immigrants Flowing Into Europe Are Potential Trojan Horses....

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a legal immigrant to these cornucopia shores, I have often hesitated about opining on this particular issue because, I, too, like immigrants fleeing abject poverty, coupled with sectarian/religious violence, would have done virtually anything to come to this country. In essence, I am saying that I understand the reason why Middle Eastern immigrants are flooding into Europe because of the malady of poverty borne mostly out of sectarian/religious violence... however, I am almost certain that among these immigrants who were let into Europe are potential Trojan horses... who were radicalized or will be shortly.

Our collective consciences were pricked because of the immigrant boy who drowned during the trek to Europe and the fact that his tragic death was displayed on the news for the world to see only highlighted the plight of the immigrants more so at the expense of prudence. Prudence is having an Immigration policy that is balanced with common sense... there is no common sense involved in letting immigrants into a sovereign country without vetting them - at least the adults. Some of you are going to say that this stereotyping on my part, but so be it because we are talking about lives here and Political Correctness should not cost the lives of not one European. Radical Islam is now part and parcel of Europe's culture and I am worried that many who came over are sympathizers of such a movement or will be easily influenced with this malignant strain of Islam that is currently plaguing the world.

Like secularist in America, their European brothers and sisters do not understand the role religion holds among many of the Middle Eastern immigrants. I know this because I am a 'Jesus Freak' and nothing, I hope in His precious name, can sway me from belief in Him and the tenets that govern how I should live my life. I say this to show that if only a few Middle Eastern immigrants flowing into Europe give credence to carry out violent Jihad on non-believers and they have the same passion for their cause as I do about the tenets of Christianity... then we can see why I am afraid about the deluge of immigrants coming into Europe without being properly vetted.

I am always amazed how the Media in this country do not expose Mexico for how difficult it is for immigrants from poorer countries to enter its borders; the same can be said also that no one in the biased Media is addressing why is it that many of the oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia is not providing refuge for these immigrants. Mexico and many in the media criticize America all day long for its immigration policy, while not looking at their own draconian immigration policies, and likewise, the oil rich countries too are going to get a pass.

I do understand why the Saudis and other oil rich countries are not giving access to their borders because they know the import that religion plays... these countries know how entrenched and vicious these sectarian/religious wars have been because of said religious differences and the oil rich countries do not want to exacerbate the same problem in their respective governments - think of the centuries old blood-letting between the Sunnis and the Shiites that have been taking place for years between Iran and Iraq.

As I write, much of Europe who was taking in many of the immigrants are now being more cautious to avoid the Trojan horse scenario I am worried about. Many of Europe's citizens know what has taken place in England and France and know about the out of control radical Islamic problem that is on the verge of exploding in those two countries. In addition, think of the example Europe was setting by letting in the Middle Easterners and what that would do to Africans who are facing the same maladies of sectarian/religious wars and poverty? It may be even too late for the Europeans to close their borders because the Media and the optics of dead children trying to reach its shores will probably trump common sense vetting.

It does not help matters that the Pope is forcefully saying that all of Europe should open their borders... of course, the Pontiff is not thinking about the consequences of terrorism, he is only thinking about the present, fleeting adoration and publicity that the Papacy will receive from the world. Incidentally, a few days ago, in America we remembered all those who died on 911 - bearing in mind that it only took a few men to carry out those terroristic murders. Think of the hordes of Middle Eastern immigrants that were let into Europe - and those who are still waiting and coming - and ponder the salient fact that there was absolutely no vetting. Now, all of Europe's various Intelligence agencies will be working overtime for the foreseeable future - not that they were not already doing so... but it has gotten considerably more complicated and dangerous.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 2 years ago from New York

      Indeed, prudence in action up in Canada!

    • AnnaMKB profile image

      AnnaMKB 2 years ago

      Canada is in the middle of an election campaign right now, and the opposition parties have been attacking our Prime Minister about immigration, saying that we should open our boarders to Syrian "refugees", without any sort of process to ensure they really *are* refugees. No paperwork. No investigations. Not even identification!

      They played on the death of little Aylan to do this, and it has backfired badly. The majority of Canadians agree with our PM. Yes, allow immigration, but maintain our security and restrictions at the same time.

      Sadly, our media isn't reporting on what the majority wants, but are, for the most part, instead actively campaigning against our PM. The journalists union is even a registered 3rd party! They sure as heck aren't reporting the truth.