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An eBay Auction for Jana's Kids Charity

Updated on December 11, 2013

Photo from Jana's Kids website

Sporadically, for the last several months, I have considered writing this hub and linking it to an auction I would set up on eBay to benefit Jana's Kids.

Anyone who follows me on Hubpages or Facebook knows I am a huge fan of Jana Mashonee. Frankly, anyone who's stood behind me in line at the grocery store probably knows. I've written several hubs about her music and her charity, Jana's Kids.

Jana's Kids Foundation offers scholarships to Native American children in academic, artistic and athletic categories. Yearly, the foundation solicits applications from high school students in the United States and Canada and three young people are awarded scholarships.

Jana's Kids is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

Things have been a little rocky in our economy the last few years. Charitable contributions may be the first thing we cut when that happens. Perhaps we don't have the disposable income to donate to causes that we believe in but most of us have "stuff" we aren't using, don't need, or are simply willing to part with.

I picked a Harley-Davidson #1 Police key chain for this charity auction to benefit Jana's Kids..

My best friend, Jimmy, gave me the keychain for Christmas in either 1993 or 1994. We had worked at the Lancaster Police Department since 1972, had meandered our way up the chain, and each had a Harley-Davidson. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You had to be there. I retired in 97, Jimmy died a few years ago and yet I bet stories about things we did still crop up at roll call. For the record, I deny everything.

Jimmy and I demonstrating proper range procedure circa 1976. He's the guy with the single action Colt!

The 1964 Lemans convertible belonged to me. I traded it to Jimmy for an old oak desk, a Champion spark plug lamp and $100!

Last one, taken at my retirement.

eBay tips:

Many of you already sell stuff on ebay. When I set up my auction to benefit Jana's Kid's I did a few things worth mentioning.

First, I picked something small and provided free shipping. People love free shipping! Using the U. S. Post Office smallest box that ships for a small fee means that I am not out a bundle if Herby in Frigid, Alaska buys it!

Second, on ebay you can choose to give a percentage of the sale price to Jana's Kids. I chose 100% and will only be a little sorry if the keychain brings a couple of grand. LOL! However if you're selling a 2013 red Corvette and you give 5%, well -that's a chunck of change right there...

I also did not put a reserve on the auction, instead I opted for a twenty dollar minimum bid. So if, and by that I mean when, somebody bids -that keychain is a goner!

I've tried to generate a smile or two with this hub and this auction, but on a serious note Jana's Kids is a very worthwhile charity and I'd love to see the notion of helping in this fashion take off.

Right now Jana has 32,356 likes on her original Facebook page. If half of these fine folks set up an auction that raises my minimum bid of a $20 donation that's uh… hold on while I get a calculator...


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