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Ancient Sumerian Anunnaki Alien Knowledge Was Taken to Solomon's Temple

Updated on November 24, 2017

Knowledge Passes from Culture to Culture

Knowledge travels down through history from one civilization to another; one is built upon the other and so it goes. What we have today is a remarkable culmination, compilation, and combination of many civilizations that came before us. This is not unique to us; it is how most civilizations are formed. Civilizations don't just appear from nowhere; they come from somewhere. Civilizations come from other civilizations, and they always bring many aspects of previous cultures with them as they emerge. Knowledge and technology get passed down through the generations and slowly but surely, over long periods of time, astounding progress is made.

That is typically how we think of things, and generally how things go, but some cultures do not seem to fit this arrangement. Some, like Egypt and Sumer, seem to have just came into existence fully functioning; it is almost like they were set-up and put together rather than gradually coming into existence on their own.

Egypt had ancient knowledge that had come there from Sumer by way of Abraham; this is why it just popped up instead of slowly emerging. Egypt suddenly appeared out of nowhere, because people who already knew what they were doing went in and set it up.

The ancients had very advanced knowledge of many things, some of which we still don't understand in modern times. One of the things they had knowledge of was a strange substance known as "manna from heaven." Some people suggest that manna was mushrooms -- as in a mind altering hallucinogenic drug. Others suggest manna was a white powdery substance known as monoatomic gold. Manna means "what is it," so let's have a look at it and pose the same question. Manna from heaven, what is it? Let's also have a look at how ancient knowledge passed all the way from Sumer to Solomon's Temple. It is interesting to examine the journey things make, and where things really come from.

Sometimes, the truth is different from what we thought it was.

Depiction of an Egyptian Sunset

Sumerian knowledge became Egyptian knowledge.
Sumerian knowledge became Egyptian knowledge.

Egypt Came From Sumer

It seems the ancient Egyptians came out of nowhere. Official history presents ancient Egypt as if it were the first great civilization to exist on our planet, but it was not. Although it may appear to have come from nowhere, Egypt actually came out of Sumer.

Many things we typically think are Egyptian are actually Sumerian; the "powers that be" of ancient Sumer simply moved to Egypt. The Sumerian writings say that after the Anunnaki were in the Middle East, they moved toward Africa for gold. Egypt would very likely be the first place you would come to, if traveling from the Middle East to Africa. Obviously, ancient Egyptians did have plenty of gold, and they used it lavishly. It all matches up very well; maybe the "aliens" of the ancient Sumerians became the "gods" of the ancient Egyptians. This actually makes very good sense and works extremely well to explain this aspect of the ancient past.

The Bible

A great retelling of ancient stories.
A great retelling of ancient stories.

Sumerian Abraham

Much of ancient Egypt's knowledge came from who the Bible calls Abraham. According to the Bible, Abraham was from Chaldea, which is Sumer (today Iraq) -- Abraham was a Sumerian.

He was a Sumerian who had the means to travel, and was fairly well-off. Abraham traveled to Egypt where he passed on the knowledge, that came from the Anunnaki aliens, to the Egyptian people. This is the knowledge that collectively became known as the "Egyptian Mystery School," and Abraham is who gave it to them.

Understand -- the religion of the ancient Egyptians was given to them by Abraham of the Bible. The "knowledge" (which became the Egyptian Mystery School -- and -- the religion of the Bible) came from the alien Anunnaki of ancient Sumer.

Abraham is a primary central figure for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism; he is where these religions came from -- these are alien religions.


This story is much older than we typically think.
This story is much older than we typically think.

Egyptian Moses

When Amenhotep III had come to power during the 18th dynasty of Egypt (around 1300 years BC), he did not want anyone to ever assume his throne. If any of his wives were to have a male child, the baby was to be killed immediately. However, one of his wives did have a male baby, but they did not kill it. This male baby was put into a basket and sent floating down the river. According to this Egyptian story, the baby was discovered by Hebrews, who then took care of it. This baby eventually became Amenhotep IV, Egyptian Pharaoh and god, who changed his name to Akhenaten.

When this Hebrew raised pharaoh rose to the throne, he made the Egyptian religion illegal. Akhenaten implemented a new and mandatory religion. He demanded that they only worship the "one true god." He began shutting down all the temples and destroying anything having to do with the many gods of the ancient Egyptians. He got rid of everything, and forced a monotheistic "God" of his own invention onto the whole of Egypt.

Akhenaten was quite a tyrant. He came to power and immediately destroyed the old order of things and forced his new order on everyone; tyrants always try to force their ideas onto everyone -- whether anyone likes it or not. Akhenaten was the king, and that was all there was to it; the people had to do whatever he told them, but they sure didn't like it.

This is the same Akhenaten that Barack Obama said he resembled during a trip to Egypt. Upon seeing a statue of Akhenaten, Obama said, "That looks like me." There is a theory that suggests Barack Obama is Akhenaten. The numerous similarities between the two are very interesting, but tyrants always follow the same pattern; this does not mean they are the same person. However, if Barack Obama is a reincarnation, or a clone, of anyone from history, it would most certainly be Akhenaten. They look alike, have the same family structure who also look alike, and politically have taken a very similar path; the similarities are very interesting. Was Barack Obama aware of any of this when he announced that he looked like Akhenaten?

Eventually, other powerful Egyptians weren't having it anymore; they wanted Akhenaten gone. They did not like what he had done, so they tried to push him out. It was a major struggle, but Akhenaten finally gave in. He gathered his family and all of their belongings; they headed out of Egypt in the direction of the Red Sea.

It is important to understand the factual foundations of things, especially when so much seems to be riding on them. Understanding the true origin of something often sheds new light on whole subjects. When new highlights appear, different conclusions tend to emerge.

Moses is not a name; it is a title -- Moses means "pretender to the throne." Akhenaten became known as a "moses" because that is exactly what he was known to be in ancient Egypt. This is where the story of Moses, as told by the Bible, came from; these stories are identical. One version is from the Egyptian perspective; the other is from the Hebrew perspective, but it is the same exact story. However, and this is why we have the same story being told from two different groups, the origin of the story is ancient Sumer. This is not a Hebrew or and Egyptian story; it comes directly from Sumerian tablets that are from a time long before anyone ever heard of Egyptians or Hebrews. This is why the Egyptians and the Hebrews told the same story; they were just retelling a much older story that came down to them from history. That's it; they just modified the story to fit their particular culture and molded it to fit their telling of it. How could this story be Hebrew or Egyptian when it was told exactly the same many years before by the Sumerians? It cannot be; it is a Sumerian story. It is a real story that really happened, but it happened in Sumer, not Egypt, and during a time long before what is typically thought. From ancient Sumer this story was passed to the Egyptians; the modified Egyptian version of the story was then passed on to the Hebrews. From the Hebrew version of the story comes our modern telling of it, as it appears in the Bible. There must be something very important about this story, otherwise it would not have survived for as long as it has.

Names, dates, times, locations, and languages have changed, but this story has remained the same; it has remained exactly the same -- for thousands of years.

Bars of Gold

Can these be turned into monoatomic gold?
Can these be turned into monoatomic gold?

Monoatomic Gold

Now, the person who is known as "Moses," after leaving Egypt, ended up living in the desert for 40 years. That is a very long time to survive in a desert. Apparently, Moses and the Hebrews were able to live because of something they called "manna from heaven," -- so what is it?

Manna has been described as a "white powdery substance" found on the ground, and some people believe it was what is called monoatomic gold. Monoatomic gold is said to be an orbitally rearranged monoatomically single celled element that is made by an alchemical process rather than naturally existing.

How to make monoatomic gold is part of the ancient knowledge that came from Sumer. It was passed to Egypt by Abraham, understood by Moses, and eventually transferred to the Hebrews.

The Atom is not Solid

It's just empty space.
It's just empty space.

Everything is Made of Empty Space

An atom has a nucleus, proton, neutron, and an electron, but is primarily empty space. Everything in the entire Universe is made from atoms, and atoms are really nothing more than an energy field with empty space inside. When atoms float around long enough they bunch together, because of what we call "gravity." Atoms (empty space) form everything that we call "physical reality." We think of, and perceive, "physical reality" to be solid, but it is not -- it can't be. How can empty space make something solid? It cannot. What we call "physical" is nothing of the sort; there is no such thing. "Physical reality" is nothing more than vibrating atoms, which are mostly empty space, and are not solid. Empty space cannot create anything that should ever be thought of as "solid."

Thinking on this can provide answers to many things and questions that the Standard Model of science will attempt to make you believe are impossible. Quantum Physics however, tells a different story entirely. If you were to align empty space perfectly with empty space, you really could just move empty space and empty space right through one another -- with no difficulty at all.

Understanding "reality" in this manner can explain a great many mysteries. Something like monoatomic gold is easy to imagine by those who have a correct perception of the true nature of reality.

A Tesla Coil

This type of energy was stolen from us.
This type of energy was stolen from us.

Free Energy

Many scientific papers have been written on topics such as "free energy" and "anti-gravity" technology. It is not surprising that the public rarely, if ever, sees this kind of information. This information is not going to be presented by mainstream sources; you have to go searching if you want to know about this type of stuff. Studies on monoatomic gold almost always produce results indicating the potentials of anti-gravity and free energy technologies. Whatever the ancient people were doing, with what we are calling monoatomic gold, is something that modern science does not yet fully understand. Ancient people were so advanced that it might still be a very long time before we ever catch up to them, but there remains little doubt that they knew things that we don't. Do we think they would really tell us if there were a way for all of us to have free electricity forever? Of course not.

Some studies have shown very strange things dealing with energy when it comes to monoatomic gold; there is something here that we just don't quite understand, at least not as far as what the public is allowed to know. Considering that the whole Universe is nothing but energy, we are talking about a huge amount of energy. How much energy does it take to make the galaxies go around as they do? They always look like a spiral; maybe there is some kind of powerful energy associated with a spiral. Tornadoes and hurricanes always spiral; we know they are created because of huge amounts of energy. Spinning, spiraling, and twisting vortexes are very closely associated with huge amounts of energy; studies having to do with free energy, anti-gravity, and monoatomic gold may eventually help to provide a future for the human race that now seems impossible.

If monoatomic gold does have anti-gravity properties and shows the way to producing unlimited free energy, it is certainly worth looking into. What would uncovering this type of technology do for the human race? What would it mean if people who lived thousands of years ago knew all about this kind of technology, but we have forgotten? What would it mean if this knowledge has not been accidentally lost, but deliberately stolen from us? If there is any truth to that -- it would just be obscene. What kind of "people" would do that to humanity?

It brings to mind Nikola Tesla; we know what they did then. If they suppressed Tesla's research, and they did, what makes us think for one second that they would not have suppressed other technology as well? All throughout history are accounts of people sabotaging other people or ideas to protect their own bottom lines -- money -- it is always about the money. All that has been robbed from the human race due to money is just sickening.

It is foolish and naive to think that this could not have happened with something like monoatomic gold, or whatever "manna from heaven" was. It seemingly did have some very powerful properties; even modern science confirms that it does. Those who stand to make the most money would have plenty of reasons to do everything in their immense power to keep knowledge like this away from us.

Molten Gold

You can't drink that.
You can't drink that.

Drink the Golden Calf

According to the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses went up onto the mountain where he received the "Ten Commandments" from God. In the Sumerian texts, from thousands of years before, these were called the "Tablets of Destiny." They say the same thing; it is identical -- if it looks like a duck ...

When Moses came down from the mountain he became very angry, because the Hebrews were still worshiping the "golden calf." He was bringing in a new religion and didn't want anything to do with the golden calf of the old religion any longer. He was so angry that he threw down and broke the tablets containing the original Ten Commandments, making him the first "lawbreaker." He went back up the mountain to see if he could get a new copy, but was denied a duplicate. Since Moses broke the original into pieces on the ground, they must have tried to put it back together the best they could; it seems that something could have been lost.

The story goes on that Moses was so angry that he took their golden calf away from them and melted it down. After melting it, he was still very angry, so angry that he made them drink it. What? He must have been extraordinarily angry to make them drink molten gold. How could they drink that and survive? Molten gold will kill you if you drink it, but according to the story, they did just that. How could this even be remotely possible? Maybe he melted that calf down, did some type of alchemical process to it, turned it into monoatomic gold, mixed it with water, and then made them drink it. This is the same "moses" who would have been an expert on these things, so maybe that's how it happened.

In the late 1800's, when Mt. Sinai was being explored and excavated by archaeologists, an ancient Egyptian temple was discovered. As they were removing stones and excavating this site, they kept noticing a "white powder substance." They did not think anything of it, or know anything about it, so they just let it blow away. Could that have been monoatomic gold, or the so-called manna from heaven? We will never know.

Depictions of Solomon's Temple

This must have been a magnificent place.
This must have been a magnificent place.

Moses Delivered the Knowledge to Solomon's Temple

After 40 years, Moses had acquired quite a large treasure chest of gold, silver, jewels, texts, tablets, and scrolls. It was a huge treasure, not just of valuable metals and rocks, but of vast knowledge as well. Knowledge going all the way back to the Sumerian Anunnaki aliens was in Moses' possession. It was literally the most valuable collection of treasure and information in the world. The "treasure" contained the whole of human knowledge and much of the wealth of the known world. Moses had control of the most important and valuable treasure the world had ever known. An unimaginable nightmare would ensue if it were ever lost or stolen, so he had to find a very safe and secure place to store it.

Moses took the treasure to the place we would call Solomon's Temple. Interesting to note, Solomon's Temple, as described in the Bible, is precisely an exact copy of a Sumerian temple from many years before. It all goes back to Sumer; the source of all of these stories is Sumer. The whole Bible is based on ancient Sumerian stories, and what does not come from Sumerian tablets has its foundation in astrology, symbolism, and metaphor.

This enormous treasure of wealth and profound knowledge, knowledge from ancient Sumerian Anunnaki aliens, ended up in Solomon's Temple. It was placed to the very back of the temple where it would surely be safe for all time.

So there it was, Solomon's Treasure (the wealth, power, technology, and knowledge of the whole world), safe and sound in Solomon's Temple where it would remain for all time, right? No! So what happened to it? What happened to Solomon's Treasure?


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    • ChristopherCres profile image


      13 months ago

      Sorry to say , however this article smacks of pseudo science.

      Anunnaki is totally wrong, the word should be AnunnakU as in the meaning 'children of ANU.

      See Gods demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia by two Oxford SCHOLARS, J Black and Anthony Green.


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