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Anjem Choudary Released

Updated on October 19, 2018

A Dangerous Man.

Anjem Choudary has to be one of the most dangerous if not the most dangerous man alive today in the UK. He was head of the Ultra fanatic Al-Muhajiroon until it was banned. He has also touted support for Al-Qaeda and Islamic State but until 2016 he has always kept just about within the law. A trained lawyer by profession this is how he was able to keep out of prison, however, he got caught out in 2016.

In 2016 Choudary was arrested by police for incitement to violence and went to Belmarsh prison. Belmarsh is a prison in London where dangerous criminals are held including terrorists and those (like Choudary) giving vocal support to them. IRA terrorists have also spent time in there during 'The Troubles' as the IRA-UK conflict was called.

Choudary was sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison but was released this morning just after 4 am from Belmarsh. Seated in a black car with blacked out windows Choudary was sped away to an unknown location with a police escort.

The location of where he was headed to is not known, however, it is suspected it was a bail hostel. Choudary has not as far as is known returned to his home and will be kept under strict supervision during his time finishing his sentence on the outside.

The police, the probation service and other agencies will be overseeing his tenure under what might as well be house arrest (only he is not at home). Under the terms of his release, he is not allowed to travel abroad and there will be 25 licences controlling what he can and can't do.

Choudary is halfway through his five and a half year sentence and was released under a scheme called 'Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements or 'MAPPA'. Under this scheme, because Choudary has also spent time on remand he is free to finish his sentence outside of prison.

Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary will have been well aware of Choudary and his antics. In a Sky article, she reportedly said: "The police, prison, probation service and other agencies have a range of powers available to them".

The question is once Choudary has served his sentence will he be more careful in what he says? No one can know what Choudary will do or say or who he will associate with once the metaphorical shackles are off.

When that day dawns the security services will hopefully be all over him like flies around the proverbial.

Tommy Robinson: Enemy Of Extreme Islam.

Tommy Robinson.
Tommy Robinson. | Source

Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson are two sides of the same coin. Both are outspoken in their beliefs and what they think society should be all about. Both would be regarded by their enemies and perhaps by some in their own communities as extremists.

Both preach what could be seen as hate. In Choudary's case, it is a hatred of all things western and therefore what he sees as unIslamic. In Robinson's case, it is the threat of extremist Islam and indeed all forms of Islam perhaps. They know there is a ready audience just waiting for men like them to come along and put into words what their audiences are thinking.

Wherever Choudary goes and indeed Robinson, crowds of their supporters gather as well a heavy police presence and opposition protesters. Both men like Hitler and other gifted orators know how to work an audience. Both obviously choose their words carefully to whip up and get their audience on side.

When questioned about having a negative agenda Robinson defends himself. His defence it has to be said seems genuine when he rants on about Islam and its threat to British society. He is representing people genuine or otherwise who have a real worry about the progress and development of Islam in this country. Some of Robinson's followers are genuinely concerned about the rise of extremist Islam while others hate Muslims period.

In the same way, Choudary thinks he speaks for many Muslims who feel western society is evil. People who would like the UK to become an Islamic state (no pun intended!) find the words of Choudary music to their ears. His audience consists of people who feel Muslims are genuinely oppressed in the UK and also extremists.

Men like Robinson and Choudary are not unique to the UK unfortunately. You will find their sort all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Both Choudary and Robinson have spent time inside for their beliefs and activities. Were they monitored or were they able to find a willing and listening audience inside a prison. Perhaps Choudary may have done because we do not know if he was held in isolation or not. Whereas Robinson said he was held in solitary and did not have contact allegedly with other inmates.

Choudary and Robinson seemed to come out of nowhere and became prominent very fast.

Both Choudary and Robinson are colourful characters and maybe around for a long time yet.

Extremists on Both Sides.

Image of The English Defence League set up by Tommy Robinson.  This picture shows EDL protesters.
Image of The English Defence League set up by Tommy Robinson. This picture shows EDL protesters. | Source
Islamic State flag:  A group who Anjem Choudary has praised.
Islamic State flag: A group who Anjem Choudary has praised. | Source

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