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Another One of Those People

Updated on December 21, 2016


The first I'd seen her, she was
walking around as if alone in the

Despite the presence of the
group, the fact she was known
to all the members she emitted
this aura of 'me alone'.

I did the usual smile and 'Hi'
but didn't go further as I had
picked up a vibe she emitted
which said stay back.

Sharon, however, who couldn't read people, invited her to sit with us.
After all, Louise was alone, and there was space in our section.

Louise sat with an attitude as if she felt she was honouring us with her presence.

The next time Sharon invited Louise to the response was "I'm sitting over there"
in the voice of a vegetarian offered a ham sandwich.

I was not surprised by her decline, I was only taken aback by her tone. I thought she might have developed the hypocrisy to smile and say something kind, instead of that door slam.

Sharon was repelled, but didn't speak. Louise no longer existed in her purview.
I maintained my smile and nod, making serious efforts to never have to talk to Louise.


A few months later I was surprised to see Louise suddenly taking a greater role in
the organisation. She had been an 'in and out' who didn't participate.

Over time her presence became repellent. I found myself leaving groups, ceasing to speak to people when she was around. Louise had a habit of inserting herself into any conversation I was having, and begin talking as if I didn't exist.

She seemed to 'track' me, although I might be making too much of her incursions. Maybe she was interested in that topic. Maybe she did have something to say to Richard. I don't know. I just know I prefer not to be where she is.

Seeing Thru the Bull

When you can read people it isn't pretty. Most people aren't nice. Most people see that you have use and use you. If you have no use (or can send out the vibes that you are a flake),these people will leave you alone.

I knew that Sharon, for example, was using me as a 'bulwark' against Vickie, (who was her ex-friend). I wasn't surprised when they relinked and I became third armpit. I knew it was inevitable from our first smile.

It did not offend me because it was somewhat harmless.

Louise, however, did not seem so benign. She seemed to note I was friendly with about 80% of the people and from her insertions, it seemed that she wished to take my place.

I didn't much care. She could try.

The Plot Sickens

At the luncheon, when she sat next to Rivka and started one of those leading conversations, I felt uncomfortable. In a short time Rivka was spilling her guts, and Louise wasn't listening.

Rivka was my friend. Not a transient like Sharon, but someone I would talk to about all sorts of topics. If there was someway I could shut Rivka up, I would, but there wasn't, and I turned to Vivian and ignored Rivka's soliloquy.

The next week, when Steve picked me up, Louise was in the car. I hadn't seen her as I went to the front door, and she said; "You have to sit in the back."

If it was anyone else I'd expect a clever smile, a joking tone, but Louise said it with viciousness.

Taking Set On Me

As I got into Steve's car, I noticed Louise's seat was pushed back as far as
it could go. I had to slip behind Steve.

To push back a seat like that is rather annoying, but I didn't say a word.
She Did.

As we drove, Louise kept up the "I - I - I" chant.

This chant occurs when a person wants to display their knowledge and ability
and doesn't say anything to which one can add a word. Steve tried to bring
me in, but Louise kept slamming the door.

I don't know why she needed me to know where she'd been, how long, and
what it was like, as I didn't care but I suppose she thought she was impressing me.

When we reached the destination she was still doing her "I - I -I" so I left
the car, went in.

At the end of the meeting, as I stood by the eat's table Louise was behind
me. Every step I took she was near, and I made circles just to see if she would
follow, which she did.

I kept circling, noticing that anyone I spoke to, she jumped to buy out the conversation.

Shaking her off I found Elliot and asked him to drop me home when he was
ready, then, quickly moved to Viv, just in case Louise would learn the 'secret' information.

After about thirty minutes, Elliot gestured, and I went to him, telling Steve what I was doing.

Why she had taken 'set' on me I don't know.

Why Me?

It had gone beyond the stage of supposition. I tried to figure out why Louise was stalking me.
I couldn't pin it down. To avoid her, I would be a bit more flakey, miss meetings.

I started sitting way over in Siberia so that no one might know if I were present or not.

After a few weeks of my diversion, Louise seemed to lose interest in me.

As I stood by the counter, Sandra, who I hadn't thought noticed the drama said, with a smile, "Louise wants to be You."



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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      No, it's not your fault. I wasn't clear enough

    • Jellybird profile image

      Jellybird 5 years ago

      Gotcha. I feel silly. Thanks. J

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      I guess I failed to convey the essence of the Louise character. What I was trying to draw was the person who has no approach, who doesn't know how to engage. The person who shares words but nothing of themselves and who Doesn't know the very basics of how to be.

    • Jellybird profile image

      Jellybird 5 years ago

      Complicated. Are you in fifth grade- or over 50.? I don't mean that in an offensive way - just wonder if a change of thinking should come from your side - stop being a victim. Nicely written.

      Be cool

      peace +