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Another Unarmed Black Man Dies

Updated on May 26, 2015

In Charleston South- Walter Scott an unarmed Afro-American, the father of four was shoot and killed early Saturday morning by Michael Slager a police officer. Walter Scott was stopped because of routine traffic stop, that led him to his death.

Pierre Fulton a passenger has broke his silence-he said he had no idea why in Scott ran.Pierre and another officer stood by Scott car watching Michael Slager shoot Walter Scott.

Walter Scott death, was also video taped by a bystander, who saw the officer drop and object as he ran behind Scott. After the shooting he went back and re-treed the object dropping it next to the body of Scott. Michael Slager tried to frame a dead man.

After the shooting of Walter Scott he handcuffed as he laid face down. Slager said he tried to give Scott CPR but from the Video no CPR was done. There is a audio tape of Michael Slager laughing about rush-and adrenaline he felt after the shooting . Was this a racism crime or was Michael slager angry at Scott for fleeing the seen..A man life was taken over a routine traffic stop.

A viewer saw and video taped this act of violence betrayed by Michael Slager on unarmed Scott as he ran away from Slager. The viewer saw and object drop by Slager which could been a taser before the shooting.

After the shooting the office re-treed and object dropping it near the body of Walter Scott. While Scott lifeless body laid face down, he was handcuffed by Michael Slager. Walter Scott was never given CPR to help him as he laid dying face down. What would have happen to the viewer if he was seen by Police Officer Michael Slager?


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 2 years ago from Boston MA

      There are so many good Police office who honor the badger they wear over their heart. Then their are bad cops who believers that the badge gives them the right to do anything the want. jada67