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Another Unarmed Black Man Is Fatually Shot

Updated on March 7, 2015

Being An American we would assume that policemen jobs are to protect and service, June27 the supreme court ruled that a policeman did not have a constitutional duty to protect and serve. If a policeman is not to protect and serve the public,than what is the jobs of policeman.

Three LAPD officers shoot and Killed a Black unarmed homeless man in the city's Skid row doing and allegedly fight over one of the cops gun. The video showed four cops struggling with one Afro-American,when the sound of five gun shots rung out.

The Afro-American kill was known to all as "Africa", he live on Skid Row for a few months after being release from a mental Health Facility. "Africa" was unarmed without a weapon stated an I witness.

Another witness said that "Africa" was in and argument with someone else when cops enter his tent dragging him out before he started to fight them.

Yolanda Young,said they used excessive and extreme force on him, they could have wrestle him down but they call for back up and start shooting.One men verses five cops,with guns with no re guard for human life, just another Black man off our street. How many Blacks have to die without justification?

How do Afro-Americans protect themselves from gun happy cops, who have no morrows about who they Kill.

Michael Brown was killed with no course of justice, unarmed shoot six times by one cop. In Ferguson,Mo a joke was made about The president of the United State"what Black man holds a steady joke more than four years.Read between the lines about racism in the Police Department in Ferguson Mo.

Trayvon Martin was killed by a security Guard George Zimmerman for walking across the lawn to his father house, he was seventeen and unarmed. In Cleveland 12 year old Tamir Rice was shoot because he was playing with a toy gun, the child died the next day.

Timothy Loehman shot the boy a few minutes after he arrived at the scene. It was the officer duty to call for back up or stand behind his vehicle and find out while the 12 year old had a gun. It was easier to shoot the 12 year and ask questions later.

In Madison Wis. another young 19 year Afro America life was taken by a Police-man. There was an altercation with the victim when he was shot, there was no weapon or gun found at the crime scene, apparently the young man was unarmed.

Every week a young unarmed Afro-America man is shot by cops, we must ask ourselves why?


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      Policeman harass a lot of Black people just because they can, it happens all over. Blacks are stop more and jails are full of Afro-America men for minor crimes...Jada67

    • profile image

      jada67 3 years ago

      I also saw the video and really couldn't tell if the victim was reaching for the cop gun. Five cops against one man, why not shoot him once. Afro American have been targeted for years because they are Black and classified as lazy looking for handouts. The comment made about president tell us that racism is still here. LAPD are known as bad cops. Jada67

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 3 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      I saw a video of that incident that someone shared on Facebook and that I then shared. Even before the police shot the victim, I could not figure why they were bothering the homeless persons who were tenting on the sidewalk. There are better solutions to homelessness. Why wasn't the victim in the LA FUSE program? Why doesn't the US have a lot more inexpensive housing? The urban renewal program of the 1960s was a poor people removal program, and the net result was a big reduction in low-income housing. Persons who are African American, homeless, and mentally ill have to face three levels of prejudice.