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Approvals and Ratings.

Updated on July 2, 2020
Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
Sir Keir Starmer.
Sir Keir Starmer.

COVID-19 has been with us since March when our nation went into lockdown. Of course, the government were warned about the onslaught of this deadly disease back in December.

With hindsight, it is easy to say, if the government had acted faster, we may not have had a huge loss of life and other horrors. However, what has happened, cannot be undone, we are, where we are.

Much of the nation, is now coming out of lockdown. The economy is getting going again, though we are still asked, to respect a 1 (as opposed to 2) metre distance. By Saturday, July 4th, cafes, pubs and restaurants will be fully open.

Leicester, however, has gone back into lockdown. This has put businesses in shock and worry as to their businesses future. People are not allowed to leave the city or visit. Of course, the economy matters to these small businesses. As they have to pay overheads, make sure they are making a profit, and be able to pay their staff.

Sky News commissioned 'YouGov' to asks questions of the general public. Questions regarding how the government has done in its handling of the crisis. Also, how the opposition has responded to COVID-19, also.

According to the poll, the British public still thinks the government is doing a bad job, in handling, the crisis. This is on the back of Boris announcing much easing of the lockdown phase.

51% of those questioned, thought the government were doing a bad job. As opposed to 44%, think the government are doing a good job. The seven points mistrust is not as bad as two weeks ago, however, the government shouldn't take comfort from this either.

However, 65 % liked how the government had protected jobs. 54% supported the governments approach to the economy, during this crisis.

When it came to Sir Keir Starmer's job as leader of the opposition, he got 42% approval. 22% thought Sir Keir, was doing a bad job, and 36 %, did not know. Sir Keir, in his, not always attacking the government over COVID (and generally working with them) also, stacked up approval, from those questioned.

Boris, yesterday at Dudley Tech, in the West Midlands, outlined his so-called 'levelling up' mantra. This 'levelling up' was to thank voters in the Midlands and North for putting their trust in him. Levelling up means investing in those regions (mentioned) and giving an opportunity to all. His new slogan, (like Blair with 'Education, education, education) is 'Build, build, build'. Up and down the country, Boris has promised investment to build schools, hospitals, upgrade infrastructure.

While there are many, who will regard this 'New Deal' speech as the speech of the century, others clearly will not. The term 'new deal', has been used before, first, off it was used by President Roosevelt. The US wartime leader developed the 'new deal' policy to bring about massive investment in US infrastructure and create thousands of jobs, during the 30's depression. Gordon Brown, coming up to recent history, also, had a 'new deal', a scheme to create jobs and training opportunities.

Many have questioned the figures Boris' has proposed for his so-called 'levelling up'. For example, one figure of 5 billion was touted, but, this figure has been attacked as not enough, for what it is supposedly, being, invested in.

Meanwhile, at Prime Minister's Questions, Sir Keir Starmer, attacked Boris, over the so-called 'levelling up' mantra. Those on benefits, during the lockdown, have had the sanctions regime frozen. Now, it appears, the sanctions are going to be re-imposed for those on Universal Credit. Sir Keir, put it to Boris, straight, "How is reimposing these heartless sanctions, on the poorest in our society, levelling up"?, Boris, just waffled, and yelled the mantra, "Build, build, build", enough said.


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