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The Defining Moment of Human Freedom and Integrity of the Arab Nations

Updated on December 14, 2011
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

           Never had we thought in the history of the Arab nations that the breakaway of the traditional dogmatic beliefs is embattled from its people. The firm ideological condition of the Muslim world strictly followed the cultural order of discipline, loyalty, obedience, and respect of the authority. The world was shocked by the abrupt political actions through demonstration and even the extent to fight with the political regime in authority. The Arab nations showcase the political upheaval to voice out their social sentiments on “We want freedom!”. As the story unfolds the world has been astonished by the scene of social mob and demonstration brought by the proclaimed sentiments “We want regime change! .For the long centuries of political obedience grounded by the Religious Muslim mandate has exposed the people to live in peace with the Allah. Why these things happen now? We take this opportunity to open up your mind on the real cause of social disorientation of the dogmatic authority. There are many interesting social facts that Savior would like to share that may surprise us all. We take the socio-historical development from the perplexing social change of the 21st century that a social scientist must deal to study why the elders of the autocratic regimes of the Arab nations are now in conflict to their people particularly the young generation of this region.

           The Arab peoples are no longer the derivative of the technological change as the Parsonian Theory of Social Change embarked the tremendous acculturation on its culture. The development theory of social change may breed unconscious adaptation as to the on-going learned culture of the technological world. It is the by-product of social networking, internet access, and the images of the skype, twitter, friendster, and facebook revealed the exciting borderless world. The Muslim children are now exposed by the forbidden site on the normal life of human freedom differently shake by the rule of the elders and the authoritative regime.

          They have respected their religion on utmost adoration and reverence to Mohammad in the doctrine of ethical good. The Koran has been followed through their life have adored by their beloved Allah. The world has respected so much about their religion as they have respected the other religion. This is in the realm of religious appreciation but it is not one-dimensional system to breed the young generation. They have personal feelings, adoration on social play, making friends from the outside world, enjoy the educational activities, and other internet activities.

          The social interaction of the world provides them the physiological response of the aesthetic taste of the computer gadgets, quality products, and media entertainment. These are common socio-technological activities that the young Arabs are doing as they enjoyed the life on the auditory and visual appreciation in the internet world.

          The origin of the technological contagion dates back to the late 80’s and early 90’s in Europe and USA had been experiencing the gradual change of computer technologies. Remember, the technological innovations of the cell phone gadgets, the Pentium evolution by the Microsoft, the birth of Yahoo and Google and the wired internet. Finally the Wi-Fi internet defined the spread of the borderless technological communication of the world through the social networking. Primarily, we thought that the human emotions became more robotics as we are being detached from the actual site of social communication. We never thought that the young Arabs had been learning too fast about the idea of human freedom. They are the fast learners of internet technologies as the social facing may follow all the corners of the world.

         The young Arabs are the product of the gradual birth of internet in the late 80’s and 90’s with the age range of 20-25 years old or even younger are now in the streets of the famous mega-cities in the Middle East. It’s unbelievable! The young generation of the Arab nations has now the new racial identity to appreciate the human compassion of freedom. This is the consequence of the technological contagion adversely designed by the nebula culture of the universal origin of species as it constantly evolving this time element which has been rife to reap the fruit of human freedom and dignity.

           Why these things are really happening in the history of the Arab nations. The historical perplexity on social change and political decadence has been with us even the birth of the civilization in the Middle East. The historical developments of the rulers just like the monarchs, emperor or kings were governed by the socio-political decadence and upheavals on the “Rise and Fall Syndrome”. The political regime on the rule of traditional doctrine clout by the Muslim religion with mandate of obedience has rose from this kind of “rise and fall syndrome”. The 20-40 years political dynastic rule had been igniting to the ferocious mixed of the socio- technological change with small sparked the revolution of the extreme minds detaches whatever reasons and beliefs of the dogmatic ideals of the Muslim world.

          The political decadence on the cyclical effect on the “rise and fall syndrome” has now defining the moments of Arab nation’s social upheaval to human freedom. We are now witnessing the unfolding of the new era on the history of the Arab nations. Although the political transition will continue as the real political reforms are in place for the Arab nations.

  1. The Arab nations will continue the political uprising to oust the dynastic rulers as the closed mind spirits of the people showed “enough is enough for the sufferings of the Arab people”. The young Arabs will proclaim theme on “Human Freedom” as the center piece of its political upheaval as it was done by the ‘rise and fall syndrome” of centuries of evolving socio-psychological experience from the birth of civilization.
  2. The Arab leaders will continue to defy the social mob and demonstration and enforce the political authority of the government. They will use force by all means to neutralize the threat of their administration. Their main political target is to neutralize the civil conflicts and continue to promise political reforms.
  3. There will be new political players in the Arab nations to voice out their experience and insights of “Human Freedom” .Some of them will succeed to the political regime and freshly start the new promise of the political agenda of “Human Freedom” and the genuine identity to serve for the common good of the Arab world.

         It is not an easy task to find peace in the heart of the Arab people as they known the consequences of the past political actions on promises to get out in power. The Arab conference may put into the agenda on the idea of the human freedom of the Muslim world. The best solution to the Arab conflicts among their sovereign people must come from the concept of respect and recognition on the political dynastic rulers who has been there for almost a century now. This is done by the monarchical and presidential system of nominal governance by the elders. Just like in any other government whose monarchs and emperors are present they have respected the symbol of the political culture of the nation. Although, they have high regards to the dynastic rulers as it symbolizes their national identity for the Arab nation.

           The human freedom is the only source of sovereign power of the state. It is not originated in any western powers as the Arab nations thought on its dogmatic and religious ideologies. There are no conflicting thoughts about the social and political upheavals but the human existence from its birth to its mental, social and psychological development have been the physiological instinct that embedded in the heart and soul of mankind.

          What is human freedom? Just like any other rulers in this world we live, we say human freedom is the respect of the political power and authority within oneself as they live the sovereign cloth of the nation. Just like the rulers, it is the personal enjoyment of the influence and political and economic right, and the universal power and authority to govern in little way the social welfare of the state.

          Let us be reminded that just like any rulers of the state. The human existence is a temporal being of decadence where the judgement of personal accomplishment is not on political power and authority. The birth of human beings is designed by the rational will to survive and find place in the society where human freedom is enjoyed by all members of the society. There is always human equality as to the rational beliefs and values no matter what is the origin of race or even in your religion, political ideology and royal blood line.

          The younger generations are the future of the human struggle for freedom and the by-product of the social and technological change. This is the great opportunity for them to become the agents of change and the discovery of new technological breakthrough for their intelligence are evolving too fast

          The future of the Arab nations will depend by the young generation. They need to respect their human freedom as they will define the economic growth and development in the region. They are the best solution on the forefront of scientific discovery, development of arts and culture. Remember that the Muslim world had given us science as the basic foundation of our technology. Now time has come to give them human respect and freedom. They are destined to finally give us the lesson on the genuine meaning of “democracy”.



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