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Are Anti-Immigrant Forces at Work in Arizona? Is there media manipulation against immigration?

Updated on May 14, 2012
9500 Liberty, a documentary that will provoke some thoughts...
9500 Liberty, a documentary that will provoke some thoughts...


With the passage of SB1070 and its revisions in Arizona, often called "the toughest anti-immigration policy in the US", I had urged skepticism at all the "media outrage", esp. those leveled by politicians. I even wrote four different hubs (see the links at the end) about how the laws actually do NOT do what its opponents claim will do, and are in fact legal, at least to a lay person like me.

However, I was not aware of the forces behind such anti-immigration movement were in full swing... until I found out about a independent documentary called 9500 Liberty. Then I realized, we are all being manipulated, even I, the skeptic.

What is 9500 Liberty?

The documentary 9500 Liberty is a documentary about Prince William County in the State of Virginia. Apparently, in 2007, it was subjected to a media blitz by anti-immigration organizations as a "test case". In mere months, anti-immigration sentiments rose from a mere 3% to well over 40%. A law very similar to the one passed in Arizona were passed there. In fact, it was alleged that the same law firm helped drafting both pieces of legislation.

The town soon were fragmented along racial lines, and angry citizens went online to form virtual town halls when the local government, faced with tremendously deep pockets of the national anti-immigration organizations, ended up confronting the very citizens it was supposed to serve.

The title, 9500 Liberty, is an actual address, that belongs to a naturalized citizen's family. He chose to use one of the walls to display a banner, facing the town center, that says "Prince William Co. Stop Your Racism to Hispanics!” It became a rally point for local citizens to campaign and reverse the policies.

Prince William County = Arizona?

The movie is opening this weekend in the SF Bay Area, and local news have covered it that I want to see it. The website and news pointed out some very interesting points:

* anti-immigration groups supported both places

* same law firm allegedly help draft both legislations

* both legislations featured the same "reasonable doubt" searches

* both legislations used the "make our street safer' argument

* the county repealed the law after a few years

* crime actually went UP after the passage of the law

I cannot say whether Arizona is meant to be the next "progression", but it may well be. I will have to try to go watch it myself.


The documentary "9500 Liberty" is only being screened in limited cities. However, you can check out an 'extended trailer' here.

I haven't changed my mind about my hubs yet, but I am starting to have second thoughts.


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    • kschang profile image

      kschang 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      @ptosis: Ah, good point. Illegal ENTRY is a Federal crime, but illegal presence is a civil offense, according to ICE. Undocumented immigrant is guilty of illegal presence.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 7 years ago from Arizona

      The word is undocumented American Romance, not illegal. That's like calling a Inuit an Eskimo. Or a Suede a squarehead.

      The influx over the border is tremendous. ICE policies and new AZ law are in agreement. Only process the 'worst of the worst". If your only crime is being undocumented - then will release you.

      That shows you the tsunami of people crossing over when Border Control has to do triage on who to process.......

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Oh, it seems to be more than a theory, but as I said, I still stand by my views, that there needs to be something more concrete than the current mess, of illegal immigration. That has not changed.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      None of us are aware of your conspiracy theory, but those of us living our lives down here have wanted laws passed for the past 20 years! There should be no sympathy for these illegals, they are not coming for the same reasons my forefathers did. big difference