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Weather Modification: Are Chemtrails/Contrails The Real Reason For The Bad Weather & The Norovirus In UK?

Updated on March 24, 2013
Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs
Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs | Source
Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs
Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs

Why Won't It Stop Raining?

EDIT: On 11th December 2012 literally hundreds of white airplanes were leaving chemtrails all over the skies of the UK. This phenomena started in the morning and despite the sunny weather and clear sky by 11pm unnatural ice had settled on the ground, the air was extremely foggy and no matter where you went there was a chemical odour in the air that smelled like burning rubber - make no mistake, these were chemtrails. The question is why??

EDIT: By 18th December, after this chemtrail activity had taken place, much of the UK population seemed to develop a mysterious illness. Many people had started to feel ill on the evening of 11th December 2012 right after the chemtrail activity had finished. Flu-like symptoms were reported all over the country combined with sickness and diarrhea type symptoms. I am 99% certain that this mysterious illness was intentionally caused by the chemtrails being sprayed in the UK's skies.

EDIT: By 19th December 2012 many UK newspapers had started reporting a sudden outbreak of the Norovirus all over the UK.

For most of 2012 the United Kingdom has seen increasingly bad weather conditions and a significant increase in flooding. On 22nd November 2012 one man died in Somerset as a result of being trapped under a bridge in a flood and a venue that helps the homeless was forced to close down for the day.

In actual fact the United Kingdom hardly saw a summer at all in 2012 but what is the reason for all the rainfall?

After keeping a close eye on the skies over the period of a few weeks something became apparent - rain is being artificially seeded in the UK.

The UK weather is intentionally being modified. On 23rd November 2012 and again on 11th December 2012 the skies of the UK were teaming with white planes leaving 'vapour trails' in the air. Over the course of the next few hours these trails had expanded to form clouds. In other words, they were not vapour trails because genuine vapour trails usually disappear behind the plane after a few seconds.

Armed with my smartphone on 23rd November 2012 I took many photographs of this phenomena occurring in the skies of the UK. In fact I spent the day outside just watching the skies and with my own eyes I watched the contrails/chemtrails transform over the course of a few hours into fully formed rain clouds.

The weather was actually extremely warm, sunny and clear for this time of year until the rain had been artificially seeded. However, this was nothing compared to the 20+ white planes and ridiculous amount of chemtrails I counted in the sky on 11th December 2012 just in my area.

The main question that needs to be asked is why is this being done when so many people in the UK are already experiencing so many problems as a result of flooding? And is this flooding a result of the contrail/chemtrail activity (ie being done intentionally) or could some of this rainfall be natural?

Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs
Copyright (c) 2012 Sparkster Hubs
It almost looks like a giant game of noughts and crosses in the sky!
It almost looks like a giant game of noughts and crosses in the sky! | Source

Official declassified government documents available at the National Archives website shows how the UK government tested chemicals on the unaware general public during the 1960s; chemicals that were being researched for chemical warfare purposes.

So, are we being used as guinea pigs once again or is there another reason for the current contrail activity the UK's skies?

In 1986 after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster the Russian government artificially seeded rain in order to remove radioactive particles from the atmosphere. Could this be a clue as to why rain is being seeded in the UK?

As I pointed out in my article entitled HAARP, Nibiru, 2012, Chemtrails, The Polar Shift & Earth's Magnetosphere & Heliosphere there are a few major anomalies that could be cause for concern - in 2008 NASA announced that they had discovered a gigantic breach in Earth's magnetosphere and in a separate announcement also revealed that the sun's heliosphere had depleted by 25% over the course of the last ten years. That's a shocking amount which could be major cause for concern, although it is known that the strength of the sun's heliosphere tends to fluctuate over time.

In addition the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) revealed that something odd was happening to the rotation of Earth's core which was affecting the actual generation of Earth's magnetosphere. Some people believe these anomalies are being created intentionally by the power-hungry elite via the use of devices such as HAARP whilst others believe the anomalies are being caused by Planet X or Nibiru.

Regardless of whatever is causing the anomalous activity the fact is that both Earth's 'firewalls' are down for the time being and these shields (the magnetosphere and heliosphere) actually work to protect us from harmful galactic and solar radiation, some of which can causes changes to DNA. Without these defenses it's very possible that Earth needs some kind of temporary protection in order to protect us from the excess radiation that is being leaked onto us as a result of the anomalies and this may be the reason why rain is being artificially seeded.

Could it be that the Mayan calender holds some truth after all and that the Mayans predicted problems with Earth's natural defenses in December 2012 hence the end of their calender on 21st December 2012? And could it be that their has been some sort of help or intervention from an external source in order to help us survive through this difficult period in time?

Of course, if Nibiru really does exist then there's also the need to hide it from public view and another reason is to cover up all the UFO activity which is also currently taking place in UK.

By Sparkster

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      We immigrated to Canada in 2006 when we saw what the government was doing to the country. There was no doubt then and nothing that has happened to you since has changed our minds. You are under attack!

      The UK is the prison island of the world. We watch with horror what they are doing to you, partly for compassionate reasons but quite honestly because we know that we are next.

      You are practiced upon and abused and you say "How high?"

      You are being sprayed to kingdom-come and you need to scream about weather modification - from the rooftops.

      THEY are causing global warming with their spraying, barium, aluminum, sulphates and it is warming the earth, melting snow and ice. They want the snow and ice to melt so they can explore for oil and gas. No shred of a doubt.

      They have unfrozen a pocket of methane in the Arctic and unless the spraying stops we may explode in a huge fart.

      Learn about weather modification on YT, chemtrailing on facebook. Do something everyday however small.

      Love & Light

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I suggest that people in the UK look up today! I have just counted over 20 airplanes in the sky all at the same time, ALL OF THEM are spraying contrails into the atmosphere!

      The weather was actually very clear and sunny this morning but last night it was very cold, frosty and icy. The sky today looks absolutely ridiculous and what makes this phenomena even more obvious is the fact that these plans are completely white and are not carrying passengers.

      They are completely white with large cylindrical tubes at the back which are being used to artificially seed the rainfall. When these trails are released into the air they form ice crystals in the atmosphere which condense into clouds. As the sun warms them up they turn into rain clouds.

      This phenomena is becoming so blatant now that it's just there right in your face!

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you Gail. Indeed the "problem - reaction - solution" phenomena you mention does seem to be prevalent throughout government conspiracy theories.

      I'm glad you commented on this when you did - I urge anyone in the UK to keep their eyes on the skies today - the spraying has already started for the day!

      I cannot say for a fact why this is being done but I have based this article on research I have done into any possible threats there may be to Earth around December 2012 (after all the Mayan calender hype).

    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 

      7 years ago from Johnson County, Kansas

      Another well written and intriguing hub, Sparkster! I learned about HAARP many years ago and chem trails more recently. Based on the maneuvers I have been aware of and observed, the theme so often seems to be to actually create the problem and then attempt to appear to be the "hero" who provides the "solution." Of course, there is always an ulterior motive, a distraction, etc. I think it is very intentionally often difficult to discern the truth when there are honest people trying to get the word out, but also those paid to intentionally spread disinformation (if you believe those reports).

      I am going to read your other HAARP hub. Voted up and interesting!

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Many thanks. Indeed the UK is tiny and flooding is just about the only natural disaster that actually happens here.

    • somethgblue profile image


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Interesting article however I will offer one more reason the rain seeding maybe taking place, perhaps it is to hide the flooding that is being caused by rising ocean levels that are backing up rivers and flooding coastal regions, after all the UK is an island.

      Consider the premise that without the rainfall to mask the flooding from rivers that are unable to dump their water into the ocean, it would be glaringly obvious that ocean levels are rising.

      The thought that a country surrounded by water could go under the waves might cause panic among the citizens, this could be considered a National Security threat, hence the reason for silence.

      The public becoming aware of this might begin to look for reasons that aren't attributed to rainfall and accidentally stumble upon the truth, that the Earth's Wobble has increased due to Nibiru Planet X.

      Of course, with all the chem-trails in the skies confirming the presence of Nibiru Planet X becomes somewhat problematic.

      Another great article Sparkster, well done!


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