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Are Fast Food Restaurants Open Today?

Updated on March 22, 2020



Whats Happening Now

As the whole world knows the COVID-19, or better known as Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in almost all known countries. It has now made its way here to the United States. Our government has implemented a lot of precautions for us to take. Some state governments going as far as telling its citizens to shelter in place at home. But the basic order we have all been advised to take by the President of the United States is to adhere to social distancing, meaning stay home as much as possible and avoid public situations as much as possible. Here at Miracle Farms, we have been doing our best to adhere to these requests to help slow the spread of the infection. We have been fairing very well, ordering the things we need online and having them delivered to us. Its a hassle but its what we need to do in order to help do our part in slowing this virus down.

Fast Food


Problems With Slowing The Spread Of The Virus

I was on Google Trends today like I am most days looking at the latest trends for some of my other ventures that were involved in here at Miracle Farms. I was instantly taken back with the search results from the previous day here in America. I was so shocked that I yelled for my wife in the other room to come look at these results. I said to her " We are in a global crisis and this is what people are searching for" I was mystified. According to Google Trends the search for "Are fast food restaurants open today" had jumped up by +3950% needless to say I was blown away. People we are supposed to be adhering to social distancing and staying out of public people are getting sick and dying, but one of the highest searched trends for the day where are fast food restaurants open today. For heaven's sake people no searches for have we found a vaccine yet? On top of that, we decided to take a drive to the bigger city near us just to look around and people seem to still be going on with business as usual like nothing is even going on. Yes I know there are no cases reported in that county yet but at one time there weren't any reported in the counties that have them now. The goal is to slow the spread not be out in public helping it along.



Michigan and the Coronavirus

According to, there are 549 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 3 deaths related to the virus as of right now. This number will change as the days progress. Several states have already ordered a shelter in place order, meaning stay in your home and only go out for essentials. I believe that should be a national order. Today I watched our Governor hold a press conference and when asked about this said "Were not there yet", what exactly does that mean? To me, it sounds like your saying enough people in Michigan are not sick yet. Why are we not there yet? Three deaths aren't enough 549 infected people isn't enough? I know we're not as high in confirmed cases as some other states like New York or California but should we not try to do our best not to have that many cases? I may be overreacting so please if you are familiar with this please don't hesitate to comment below on the subject. I just wanna know that my government is doing everything in its power to stop this before it gets to more people especially my wife and three children.

After Thoughts On The Coronavirus

Yes, these are all just one person's opinions, but I do feel like as a state we could be doing more to help stop this terrible virus here before more families and communities are affected by it. As a nation, I feel like our President Donald Trump has done a tremendous job of dealing with this fast-growing situation. This is a lot to dump on someone's plate especially this time of year with elections and everything else on the capital hill going on, but he has kept the American people first. The government right now is working on stimulus packages for the people because they told us to stay home but are still concerned with our financial future. He has also passed bills for unemployment during this time to workers who need to stay home. I know as a nation we will beat this virus. We are a strong, resilient people and have had hardships as a nation in the past and never let it beat us. Americans triumph in the face of adversity and we never give in to any enemy and yes this virus is an enemy. So I hope that every American heeds their government's advice stay home with your families and ride this out.

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