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Are We Doomed? What Can America Do Now?

Updated on September 29, 2014

Indivisible? I Think Not

There was a time, what seems like a long time ago, where Americans had opposing views, but the difference was that we could discuss and debate these views openly and thoughtfully. Today Americans still have increasingly conflicting views and opinions, yet we cannot seem to have a discussion. Why is this? What has changed? Why can we not listen to someone who believes differently on topics like the national debt, the entitlement state, unemployment, and so many more? I will never claim to have the answer, but I can offer some feasible tips.

The Road Back

The first in any program when dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem. America we have a problem, an enormous problem. We can't talk to each other, we can't cast aside the infinite variables that drive a wedge between us.

My dearest friend and I have polar opposite views on politics, completely different ideas pertaining to the state of our country, reasons as to why we are in this state, and ideals about how to repair it. We never end in bloodshed or tumult. We never scream and throw our friendship to the political wolves. We talk, plain and simple, this is why I feel this way and how I believe we can get out of it. Responded with his views of the same.

We are hard-wired to believe that if you are Republican that means every view of every elected Republican must be conformed to, and supported, blindly and acquiescently. We are foolish to think that if we are a Democrat that everything any Democrat in the country has to say we are supposed to hold no objections to those ideals and opinions that differ. This is the doing of our current leaders. The 'with me or against me' mentality constantly executed from the top down has left us all in a state of political fatigue.

We must overthrow the idea that there is no common ground. We cannot maintain that because of someone's affiliation that must mean they are relinquished of any original thoughts.

Your Side or Mine?

Has anyone asked themselves recently that maybe it isn't red vs. blue, left vs. right, but maybe us vs. them. Have you thought there is only one party. Four or Eight years of Republican control and all we hear or are lead to believe from the left is that nothing can get done with these people. There is no compromise and that they have to be stopped in the name of preserving our country. After four or eight years nothing has gotten done and when everyone is fed up with the political right, we vote left. Four or eight years of Democratic control and all we hear is that there is no working with these people and for the sake of our country we need to take it back from these out-of-touch, stubborn folks. Four or eight years later, when we are all fed up with the left, we vote right, seeking some form of redemption. Does this cycle sound familiar? Does it sound sustainable? Or, perhaps the better question is, are we all getting played?

Everyone's Getting Better But Us

Millionaires, millionaires everywhere! I see a Senate, a HOR, and a President, not just this one, but all of them. To which their salaries, quality of life, and net worth almost literally explode when they become 'public servants', it happens all of the time. The only people I see that aren't prospering is the public to whom they serve.


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    • Dustin K Phillips profile image

      Dustin Phillips 3 years ago from Waynesburg, KY

      I understand it all too well.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Dustin, you start with some questions to which there is one obvious and simple answer. Liberalism is incapable of honest discourse and it is liberals whose default solutions to "discussion "of opposing views is always, stonewall, raise a straw man, lie, race bate and last but not least move to CENSOR. How can anyone reason with such scoundrels? You coming from the land of "Kentucky Unbridled Spirit" should understand that more than most!

    • Dustin K Phillips profile image

      Dustin Phillips 3 years ago from Waynesburg, KY

      Howard, thanks for the positive feedback! I concur that people have gotten into the terrible habit of hearing the publicized opposing views of opposite extremists and think "I don't believe like that at all, I therefore must disagree with everything else." No political matter is that short-sided or cut and dry.

    • profile image

      Howard Duck 3 years ago

      First of all, I want to say "Great Article"!

      I don't think politics have changed, just the medium which the message is transferred. For instance, the elections of Andrew Jackson were seen as some of the dirtiest in history. Politics has and always will be about swaying the public, but the internet has taken it to a new level.

      In an Organizational Behavior class, I did an essay on the effects of the internet, mainly social media. They say that social media makes people feel that they are wanted without the face to face interaction, therefore people are losing empathy. Also, no one reads blogs or comments by someone who is a middle of the road thinker. They usually read the people that are fringe extremists from the opposite views, causing them to feel that this is the consensus feelings from the other side. This causes people to entrench themselves even more in their beliefs whether they believe it or not.

      I know some people that are pretty smart, yet felt that Obama was not born in the United States. I also know a lot of smart people who still think that President Bush planned the 9/11 attacks so he could continue the war his father cut short.