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Alien Contact! Are We Ready?

Updated on October 14, 2022
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Robin Olsen has lived for half a century. No experience is a bad experience unless we learn nothing from it.

Turns out we live in one of the outer arms of this spiral wonder.
Turns out we live in one of the outer arms of this spiral wonder.

In the Beginning...

Once upon a time humans considered the Earth to be at the center of the universe and that everything revolved around the Earth. Imagine what that belief must have done for our human egos?

As time passed and more information became available we began to realize that we are not the center of the universe, that we are actually a rather small and insignificant star system in a rather common spiral galaxy, one of literally uncounted billions in our universe, all circling around their own individual center of gravity. Ordinary, normal, common - what a shot to the human ego that is when you think about it. So not only are we not the center of the universe, but we are not even that unique either. We are not even the center of our own Galaxy, which is fortunate considering a black hole is. There could literally be millions of worlds like ours, going through the same cycle of life as this one is.

Extreme microbiological lifeforms could exist in any of these bodies of water or ice.
Extreme microbiological lifeforms could exist in any of these bodies of water or ice.

Ego & Enlightenment - Are we Ready?

While all this new discovery and information leads to enlightenment, one cannot help but wonder at the overall effect on humanity’s collective ego. To go from considering ourselves the center of the universe to the understanding that we are not so unique and that the universe is a vast ecosystem in it’s own right containing uncounted trillions of ‘Australias’, each on it’s own evolutionary path, is a sobering thought.

Wisdom and enlightenment do not come solely from the gathering of information after all but rather it comes from a understanding and accepting of what that information means in it's entirety. I don’t think we are there yet which is why, when asked are we ready for alien contact, I have to give a firm resounding ‘NO’ to that.

Where do we fit? Do we need to 'fit' somewhere?
Where do we fit? Do we need to 'fit' somewhere?

The UFO/Alien Question

I have studied the UFO/alien question as best I could over the last 10 years or so, absorbing all kinds of information. Over this time I have learned that there are three basic groups involved in the UFO/Alien question and each one can be used to determine reasonably how humanity would react to alien contact.

The first group are simply people who happen to see something weird in the sky and want to know what it is. They have not written any books or anything and generally speaking are reliable witnesses. These people only want to know what they saw, providing the explanation is reasonable and does not insult their intelligence.

Are we still basically too primitive for alien contact?

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The second group are UFO investigators. This group I think can be broken into two sub-groups. The first group are legitimate UFO investigators. By that I mean when presented with reasonable proof of a non alien explanation, they are generally accept it and move onto the next case. These guys are responsible for clearing up many bogus UFO claims as well as shedding light on legitimate claims, such as the Shag Harbor incident in Nova Scotia in the 1960s.

The second sub-group are the ‘aliens at any cost’ group. This group does not actually investigate. They often do very superficial ‘research’ and love to refer to ancient documents to back up claims. These types are the 'authors' who love to publish books on the subject.

This is a dangerous belief pattern for us ...
This is a dangerous belief pattern for us ...

The third group are the flat out deniers. They go for the ‘never aliens no matter what’ argument. They are the debunkers but that is not to say that all debunkers are flat out deniers. They will accept even the most illogical of explanations if it means ‘no aliens’. Denying something flat out is often a form of resistance to change. This group represents the human ego’s desire to never let go of the idea that we are the center of the universe. Each astrological discovery reminds a human how small they really are. As an ant is to us, so we are to the universe. Are we prepared to accept that?

Do you believe in alien life?

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So, what would happen?

If a first contact happened today the first group mentioned above would be genuinely curious, with some of them fearful. These types would come out to have a look, satisfy curiosity, ask some questions if permitted, then return to their lives and ‘bookmark’ the event as memorable.

The third group would dissolve. Faced with hard evidence most would simply acknowledge the truth, some will get depressed and have a difficult time processing the new ‘facts’ and a very tiny ‘core’ will stand by their beliefs and create illogical stories to explain away the evidence.

The second group is a different matter. The legit UFO investigators, many of them ex-military or people involved in government projects at one time in their lives or another, would be highly suspicious for a variety of reasons from ‘why are they here’ to ‘is this a staged event for some nefarious reason’. This group would be cautious and open yet suspicious.

Do you think humanity is ready for alien contact?

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The ‘aliens at any cost’ group is scary to be honest and the most likely place for the problems to start. These people are very likely to view any alien contact as a ‘second coming’ of sorts. They feel aliens are superior. Champions of this group try to tell us that aliens exist and that they are deeply concerned with our ‘interests’ and evolution.

I myself, would consider any alien nothing more than another example of a life form that evolved on one of the potentially trillions of ‘Australias’ scattered throughout the cosmos. If I am a small insignificant spec in the universe then how can any individual alien or human be any more than that? Does the universe care about technology?

Many, of course, would oppose any notion of aliens being ‘God’ so we would have one large group believing against logic that the aliens are ‘returning gods’ and another group refusing to accept that and the shooting starts from there. So alien contact will lead to our deaths if it happened today.

Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for this?

So, not a good idea at this time, maybe in 100 years or so.

Human contact with aliens at this point in our civilization would be destructive for us and any alien civilization that was decent would observe us from a distance. Of course, we do 'tag and release' wildlife in our studies too right?

Only a alien species that was dangerous to us would want to make contact with us at this stage. Since all resources on earth, except life, can be found anywhere in the system, there is no good reason for an alien species to even want to contact us, probably good for us.

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Robin Olsen


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