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Are We the losers or our children for electing Obama

Updated on February 27, 2012

Homeland is not Home Anymore

Homeland Security's ( I use that name cautiously) Janet Ann Napolitano needs to be fired for her rendition of what she thinks is securing America. People that are against open borders, against gay marriage (nothing gay about it, its just plain queer to me), our military coming back from Iraq, Christians, capitalist, or anyone that wants to see America back on her feet again more or less is who she wants to keep an eye on. Not terrorist, or drug dealing illegals including gang members coming across the border that are stealing you children's minds everyday and taking your tax dollars in free healthcare that our government is allowing so they can fill the country up with non English speaking and uneducated people to help keep their party in office.

The Homeland Security Dept. was doing raids on companies that were working illegals but Janet Napolitano has made it so hard to qualify as one of those companies now there will be probably no more raids. But if you fit into the group I mentioned above you better watch out because your on her list. You could prove to be a problem to her party.

Obama lied to get into office and has to lie every day to cover what is becoming the fastest take down of America in her long and powerful history. Thomas Jefferson's life was attempted to be wiped out and Lincoln along with Kennedy were killed because they did not want the government to get involved with the banks and run your and my lives. If you only knew what Obama is doing every day you would be sick to your stomachs, but he's not going to tell you the truth and neither is the media because they are in his back pocket. Obama is depending on Pelosi and her cronies to run the show because he does not have a clue.

He promised no lobbyist in the government, well then why did he fill his cabinet with exactly the same people. If you don't believe me look them up for yourselves. Don't take my word for it. He wants to take over the banks and then bailout the Newspapers so they will be his little puppets and print the WORD as given by Obama.

We are infiltrated with Hamas along with other Middle Eastern groups and gangs from South of the Border but that is not a worry for Obama or Homeland Security. Go figurel I am ashamed that a President of America thinks he has to appologize for us. Give me a break. That rediculous and a slap in the face to a country that has worked hard to be taken down by a sleaze ball organization in just two or three months and we are helpless to do something

He spends 7 trillion dollars and wants his thieving cabinet to cut expenses 100 million. What a joke and the sick part about it is there are people out there that think he is doing us a favor! Thats one highway and a short one at that.

Then there's Anderson Cooper, news guy with CNN that called the people protesting the taxes and spending "Tea Baggers" on the air. Do you know what a tea bagger is? Ask one of Cooper's queer buddies and they will set you straight. It has to do with a set of balls. Get the picture. If that had been a Conservative they would have been fired in a heartbeat. But not Demo's they are above the law or now they are the law. You heard nothing about it did you? Thats the way they want it. You will hear only what they want you to hear.

If you want the truth go to Michael Savage, is an American radio host, author, and conservative political commentator. He is the host of The Savage Nation, a nationally-syndicated talk-radio show that airs throughout the United States on Talk... I trust this man to give the truth. If the Demo's have their way you won't never get the truth because they want him off the air. You will only get the "truth" as they want you to see it and my friends that's not truth at all. Why do you think they covered up the reference to Jesus Christ at Georgetown University when Obama spoke there? The Bible says, thou shalt not lie and by "Jiminie" they are lying to us all. And they don't care who they lie to. White, black, red, yellow, green, blue or purple. It does not matter to them.

How about this next headline. I really don't know why the man did this because he was due almost a million dollars in salary and bonuses when this took place. That's why Freddie Mac hit the skids. The stupid money they paid out. I am sorry for his outcome but do you think he was the bad guy and about to be found out or ..........

(Associated Press) The chief financial officer of money-losing mortgage giant Freddie Mac was found dead in his basement early this morning in what police said was an apparent suicide...

All I know is somethings got to give.


Obama is telling us now, Border's are secure, Homes are selling and People are going back to work. Bull Crap. You can bet every time Obama says he is on your side he is thinking just the opposite. Just like he said Obama-Care was not going to cost you anymore money. Yea, pay the fine and do without, but the Government gets their money without calling it a tax. He thinks just because he opens his mouth we believe what he says. Not all of us, thank God, are made the same. Stupid.


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