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Troubles and Tribulations Thanks to 45

Updated on February 21, 2020

Trump Supporters 2016

This Should Scare You

As we go through our day to day routine, and you take a break, you can see an emptiness in the faces of most of the people. They actually look like what retired vets would call, "shell shocked". Not the same as military combat shell shocked, but close all the same same.

It all falls on the acquittal of little donnie trump. The day he was acquitted, there was first a huge moan, and then a big sigh, and i'm sure if you listened closely, you could hear tears dropping from the eyes of the Statue of Liberty.

If you were paying attention at all, you would have seen a poor excuse of a man, taking sides with a foreign power, over his own CIA and Secret service, and also the FBI. What frigging president would do that?

Be that as it may, lets break down a few things. First we shall start with what the very first gentleman on that video was talking about. Bill and Hillary Clinton. After several investigations, I mean several, the Clinton's have not been brought up on ANY charges, because there isn't anything to charge them with. There have been exhaustive investigations, and NADA! No crimes to see here.On the other hand, the trumpers should take note, that several of the people that were working for trump, were brought up on charges, and several of them are now residents of the United states penal system. As a matter of fact, one such person, Rodger Stone, was sentenced just yesterday to 40 months.

Moving on, lets take a look at the lady talking about trump bringing manufacturing back to the US from China. I think that would be a great idea, but maybe trump and his daughter should consider having their knock off goods made in the USA first.

Could someone tell me, how Nepotism Barbie (Ivanka) has gotten several patents from China, one of which is for voting machines?

Meanwhile trumps trade war with China is killing the American farmer, and trump has been giving them pay outs to try and keep them going, many of which have had to file bankruptcy. He insists that China is paying the tariffs, but it is in truth the American tax payer who is.

A Country Divided

Two days ago it was brought to trumps attention that the country is more divided now then ever, and different factions within the country are basically fighting. His response was, good, I like that! REALLY???

So you have the third guy in the video stating that trump is good for the country because he is keeping it together. Well, he's wrong, and trump can tell him so.

The black gentleman got it right, but he didn't mean it to be right the way he stated what he did. He said he was fed up with the politicians, saying they were only in it for themselves. How very right he was, but at the same time how very wrong.

Trump is in it for himself, as well as his whole family. They have been racking in millions since he came to be president. When he spends time at his Maralago resort, the secret service rooms are being charged to the government.Not at reduced rates either, but at inflated rates. They are charged for EVERYTHING! Even golf cart rentals so they can follow him around and protect his lying ass.

There was one particular lady in the video who said Trump believes in a strong military, well, if stealing billions of dollars from the military to build his wall, (which he stated mexico was going to pay for) is keeping the military strong???

She also said about the great economy. Well first she should realize that trump inherited a rising economy from President Obama. Second, she might look up what the deficit is at the moment. trump has blown the hell out of the deficit.

He Wouldn't Know The Truth If It Came Up and Bit Him

As the video goes on, one uniformed gentleman stated that trump tells it like it is, and tells the truth. Well so far, according to fact checkers, he has told 16, 241 lies or made false claims. If he was Pinocchio, his nose would a few miles long by now.

If you remember his SOTU he had said medicaid and a few other programs that many Americans depend on would be untouched. The very next day he proposed cuts to those very programs.

No sir, he does not tell it like it is, he tells it like it is in his mind only.

The Get Even Face

Partners in Crime

A Very Childish and Vindictive Man

Once the smoke cleared from the impeachment hearings, and he got his acquittal, which first was rigged from the start, he began to get revenge on those who testified. He started with a decorated solder! Lt.Col. Vindman was escorted out of the white house, along with his brother, who didn't even testify.

He next went after Ambassador Sondland! Who was a million dollar donor to trumps campaign! There are more, but those three are enough to tell you how vindictive he really is.

He has also stepped in and interfered with the justice department. Throwing Tweets out in order to influence sentences on his cronies, those that he hasn't pardoned, YET! The people he has pardoned so far shouldn't have been, and one lady who brought out the whole Russian scandal is serving more time than trumps cronies... she SHOULD be pardoned!

Ambassador Sondland, Lt. Col Vindman and His Brother

Where Do You Go From Here?

Well folks, I have to say I am very happy that I'm a Canadian. I'm not saying we don't have our problems, because we do. At least our Prime minister doesn't flaunt his position as much as trump does.

So, where does America go from here? I'd have to say you all are on your way to a dictatorship, it's started already. Trump breaks law after law, the GOP have all gone deaf and blind. No one is stopping him, and each day he gets bolder. There are already hints that Russia has a campaign going to interfere with the election, to ensure Putin's puppet, little Donnie, gets to keep his office, and if he does, buckle up, because it's going to be a hell of a ride.

Putin's Puppet


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