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Are You Making a Difference

Updated on August 19, 2014

In our lives we make a lot of decisions and what we decide can impact those around us in a positive or negative way. We as citizens of the United States or anywhere in the world can decide what kind of impact we want to have. Our actions and our philosophy is an expression of who we are. In each country we have certain responsibilities and in some we have certain rights.

As citizens of the United States we have certain rights and privileges and one of them is the right to vote. Our one vote combined with others of the same philosophy or mindset can or will impact our country in this election year and in 2016 when we elect a new President. Making a difference with our votes is only one aspect where we can utilize opportunities to change the course of our country but there are others.

Making a difference involves our activities and the character we exhibit. We all face issues or problems but it is how we react to them that can impact the actions of others when they are faced with the same situations. Each day we interact with others and that interaction can have a positive or negative impact on those around us. There are examples all over the country where individuals have stepped up to the plate and made a difference in their communities and their states.

It does not matter whether we work or not it is how we communicate with others. Many times individuals only need a positive interaction to make a difference in their day. We never know what an individual may be going through but if we can give some encouragement to others it can change their whole perspective on their situation. We must think before we say things that may be hurtful to others.

We are a country with an open heart and when people are hurting our country has been there to lend a hand. This can be in our own country or across the world when storms or tragedies strike. Making a difference for some involves volunteering their time to help others. Many charities serve a vital need in many cases and without their help individuals would feel along and that nobody cared about them or their situation.

Changing the direction of our country in this election year can have an impact and make a difference on the rest of the world. The decisions we make with our votes will make a difference in our country and how we are perceived by the rest of the world. We are a country by some reports have lost the respect we once had; we need to get that respect back. It will not happen overnight but the road to begin changing the direction of our country starts with us. Making a difference in our lives by our actions/decisions will have an impact on our environment. We must choose our actions wisely and think about the impact any decision we make will have on others around us.

In the business world many decisions are made by management each day and what they decide can or will make a difference in the lives of their employees, families and even friends.

Companies who develop products to help others in such areas as medical technology or medicines make a difference to those individuals who need their products in some cases to stay alive or improve their quality of life.

Many of us are involved with developing or making products which will improve the quality of life for those who need specific products. Our involvements in these actions are making a difference the impact of which we may never know. We must look at the jobs we have and our responsibilities and understand the impact of what we do in making a difference in the lives of others.


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