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Are our politicians out of touch with reality?

Updated on September 6, 2014

We as voters place individuals in positions of serving us whether it is at the local, state or federal government level makes no difference. As voters we have opinions on a wide variety of topics and our elected officials also have opinions. The question to be asked and answered is whether politicians are out of touch with reality. The answer is both a yes and a no dependent upon which elected official you choose.

The current culture in Congress and the fact that many individuals have been representing us for years leaves open the possibility that their actions are out of touch with reality. There are many fine individuals at all levels of government who have not lost touch with reality and the opinions of their constituents. Their actions and their decisions exhibit this fact. Understanding the real world and how their decisions can impact it is the real test.

One example of the lack of reality in elected official’s decisions involves the responsibilities and authority granted to the federal government and making decisions impacting our rights engrained within it. Reality seems to be setting in with some of the recent additions to Congress in the past few elections and their reality is bucking heads with the establishment now in place.

Many individuals who are representing us have served in our military and I thank them for their service but it does not necessarily mean they have the capability or understanding of the process of creating laws within the Constitution.

Another clear fact is the constant kicking the can down the road for other legislatures to resolve issues rather than providing solutions now. It seems as if they think the problems such as our deficit and our economic stability will go away if they leave it alone long enough. This is truly where reality is taking a backseat regarding critical issues facing our country. Government keeps spending more than it takes in and the decisions being made loses sight of the fact that the debt must be repaid to our creditors. The biggest majority of the creditors is the American people with the promises of made to individuals that certain programs will be there for them when they retire. Some of these programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are facing financial difficulties and need to be made solvent. The previous statements in this paragraph apply to both political parties but not necessarily to all individuals within them.

This election year we need to look at the positions of those individuals who are asking for our vote to determine if they have lost touch with reality with respect to their actions and decisions. Individuals who we elect to return to Congress or any level of government need to be aware of the real world and their decisions which can impact it.

The world of government politics and many individuals within it feel they can do what they want and the people have to accept their decisions. This is a false premise. Government exists by the consent of the governed and if we do not like how they are governing we can change the scope and philosophy by electing those who have not lost touch with reality. As mentioned before there are good individuals now representing us with common sense philosophy and common sense is what we now need within all levels of government.

The political power structure of both political parties will most undoubtedly be different when the results of the mid-term election are in. The present culture needs to change and it will only change if we make the right decisions in reference to who we elect to represent us in the next legislative session. We must look at the actions taken by individuals up for re-election and determine if they have lost focus with reality and what the public expected of them while serving us. Our elected officials should be focused on the positions of those they represent not their respective political party. Individuals who take a position separate from their political party which some have done deserve to be re-elected. Many of them understand their responsibilities to honor the Constitution and have fought to protect the rights of the people contained within it.


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