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Are politicians learning the lesson from the elections results?

Updated on February 10, 2017

The current methods now being used in the Senate are clearly an example where politicians have not learned their lesson from the election results. Voters are angry as witnessed by the election results not only for President but across the country in state after state and county after county. The people have rejected the philosophy being pushed by Democrats and others and yet they continue to promote an agenda which is clearly not what the country wants at this time in our country.

The country elected a new President who has nominated a number of individuals and will probably nominate many more based on the requirements of the Constitution and the positions held within the federal government. It is time to stop obstructing the confirmation of individuals which have been nominated to head the executive departments and let the President have a full team to run the country. Individuals participating in this activity must remember that elections are coming up in two years and voters were angry about the current culture in Congress and the federal government in general. If politicians think that voters will forget what they are doing and have done in the confirmation process and other legislative activity they better think again. Citizens want a working functional government not partisan activity which hurts the government and the country in general.

There have been some comparisons between the current President in the number of nominees confirmed by the Senate and it has been said this is the slowest confirmation votes that have been taken for years, decades and even in the history of our country. When President Obama was first elected he had many more confirmations completed by this time in office. Republicans lost the election but they did not stoop to the tactics now been used by the Democrats. It is time for any individuals who are participating in this obstructive action to take their lumps and get down to the people’s business. The President deserves to have a full team of his choosing to run the departments rather than have individuals from past administrations involved in making decisions. The President has specific authority and responsibilities and can give direction to the executive departments and agencies and if they are not going to comply with his direction they need to find themselves another job.

There are many fine individuals who work in the various executive departments and agencies and the guidance or instructions given by the past administration and in some cases other prior administrations was wrong for the country. Changes are what the people expect and many decisions and actions have already been taken which were campaign promises and any effort by politicians or those in various positions to slow the process of change is wrong.

In another subject the function and authority of the federal government and the integrity is at stake. The President clearly has the authority in the Constitution to issue the temporary travel ban from the countries he and President Obama identified and should not even be up for review in our judicial system. The fact that there are states that have brought a lawsuit against this decision is unthinkable and threatens the safety and the security of our country. Politicians of both political parties need to express their outrage that such action has been taken but the silence is deafening. To counteract this bad or horrible decision the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court needs to be confirmed without haste so that we have a full operational Supreme Court.

The Constitution is the law of the land and needs to be honored by our judicial system and the politicians we have elected regardless of political party. Granted some decisions by Congress and the President are subject to review by our judicial system but the travel ban initiated by President Trump is not one of them. Congress needs to honor the Constitution and when our judicial system makes decisions that are in conflict with the language of the Constitution. The intent as identified in the federalist papers is clearly being violated. The reaction of politicians should be the same regardless of which party is in the white house. If actions are not put in place as identified above to reject the decision of the courts politicians are doing a disservice to our country. The latest decision by the 9th circuit court of appeals is another example of political philosophy being imposed upon actions of either Congress or the President. The history of this court is that a large majority of their decisions have been overturned and should be in this case. Let us put the Constitution above political philosophy and right this wrong.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 12 months ago

      I am glad you liked my hub. Thanks for stopping by and providing your input

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 12 months ago from Yorktown NY

      I totally agree. Well done explaining the Constitution...

      Let's hope others will see the light.