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Are we all selfish?

Updated on October 13, 2012

Some people claim that we are all selfish. That is some people are of the opinion that all human being are selfish. Those that hold this opinion usually used to justify their selfish activities in that it is natural for man to be selfish. They claim that man will naturally want to protect his own interest before the interest of others. It may sound logical that man will naturally want to protect his personal interest before the interest of others. However, it may not be in all situations. That is it may depend on the situation. Moreover it will be wrong to conclude that all men are naturally selfish.

Some men are known to compromise part of their interest if it is necessary for others to benefit from it while some men will not compromise anything no matter the benefit they already have.

Not all men will be too generous to share their belongings or wealth with others and such may not be called selfishness because it is what they earned and they have the right to decide what and how to use such things. It is for same reason that not all tribes or lovers love to share their partner with others.

Selfishness can be seriously considered when we talk about something that belongs to public. That is what is meant for all to betake of. It will take some degree of unselfishness to distribute such benefits equally. It is for this reason that some people abuse public funds among others and if we claim that we are all selfish then it means we are all corrupt and we will do same if placed in such position. But we know it is not the case.

They are many situations in which man risked his life for the benefit of others. Some men are known to have fought for the interest of others even when their own interest is not at stake. This shows that in as much as man will naturally protect his own interest yet some men are different and will even risk their own interest just to protect the interest of others.

It can be said that there is a natural temptation for man to seek ways to satisfy his want and interest but it takes courage for man to learn not to do so by all means. It even takes greater courage and strength for man to learn how to consider the interest of others same time as he considers his.


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