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Are "basic white girls" even white?

Updated on April 28, 2017

This image came up on google when I typed the phrase "basic white girl"

Have you ever been offended by the term "basic white girl"?

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I was at Starbucks the other day with a friend when one of my white friends called themselves a basic white girl because they were ordering the legendary Unicorn Frappuccino. This made me pause inside. Mostly because I can't imagine why being white has anything to do with wanting to try a popular drink. I mean it's not like people who aren't white don't drink the Unicorn Frapp. This thought process eventually led me to the place where I am now. That is questioning the common phrase "basic white girl". Who is it really hurting? Is it hurting anyone besides myself? I find it offensive to generalize behaviors such as wanting pretty things or wearing pretty things or purchasing pretty things as solely belonging to white girls. To me if I weren't white I think I'd be pretty annoyed that my behaviors put me under a category named "white girl". I think it's important to acknowledge the fact that any girl no matter what race or ethnicity can feel entitled, want to look pretty, or act in a specific way.

I understand that there is more than one view to this phrase. Another side is that society has labeled "white girls" as ditzy, brats-ish, etc. Im not personally offended by this, but my question is why has this become a character of the modern white female? Especially if any girl can fall under this category than why has society let the criticism fall solely on one race?

The reason I bring up these questions is because I think its crucial to stop and actually think about the things we say as a community. Honestly I can recall a couple of times I used the phrase myself simply because I thought it was worth the laugh it conjured or because I hadn't really put thought to what I was saying yet. Yet, now I realize that it's really quite an ugly term all around. It not only puts white females into a box, but it excludes other ethnicities of women who actually fall under the terms requirements.

Anyways from now on I've decided to start speaking up about the small things in society like this that don't really fly when scrutinized. Perhaps I can make others think twice before generalizing races and ethnicities and genders by using my voice to encourage and not label.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 10 months ago from the short journey

      Good for you for speaking up. Stereotyping always leads to assumptions, and they are always dangerous business for a person's character and for a society's well being.

      Learning to think carefully (to scrutinize) is a mark of maturity. The problem is that a societal attitude of never wanting to grow up means people who think carefully are called names like "exacting" and worse. Don't let that deter you!