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Arming Teachers? Nobody Gets It.

Updated on March 10, 2018

30 years ago when I was in school, kids respected teachers. They did so because they had parents who raised them to respect adults...all adults.
Kids were taught that when they went beyond the boundaries...they paid a price with a paddle or a belt to the bottom.
We were also told if we acted up to the point that a teacher deemed it necessary to paddle our behinds that we would get the same penalty at home.
Over time, as parents and teachers succumbed to the politically correct, we tossed God and the Paddle out of schools and gave the teachers NOTHING to win the respect of a student.
Students who come to school with no respect for their parents will have no respect for anyone else.
30 years ago we decided that teachers were not responsible enough, or had no place administering an ass whipping to our children and 30 years later we are arguing about whether or not to arm teachers with guns to kill unruly students.
We couldn't trust a teacher to paddle our kids but are now willing to entertain the idea of arming the same teachers to kill the student who needed the paddle 30 years ago?
What has changed?
30 years ago we weren't doping our kids up on psychotropic drugs because we were too busy to PARENT them. We made the tough choices in order to have good kids.
You never had to spank a kid beyond 5 years old. They knew the rules, they knew the boundaries and the biggest worry we had with them was whether or not they tried to smoke cigarettes.
I say we need to bring back the paddle and forget the idea of arming teachers.
Bring back the paddle in kindergarten, the next year you bring it back to 1st grade, the next year, 2nd grade and you progress until every student attending public schools has finally been exposed to the consequences of their actions.
You could not paddle a middle school student today, they would take you out but if you re-introduced it at an early age, it would work.
We need to make the tough choices now, we need to take responsibility as parents.
Arming teachers to shoot kids? Why not arm yourself with a belt or a paddle when your child tries to be the boss before they are old enough to point a gun at someone and use it out of anger?
Kids have been kids since the dawn of time.
They haven't changed, WE, as a society, have changed and we have failed them because we are too lazy to be PARENTS and not their best friends.
We either have to be comfortable with the fact that their teachers could blow their heads off in order to deal with our lack of parenting?
Why not step up and do the right thing and stop forcing teachers and police to deal with your mistakes?
If you take care of business when they are toddlers, police and teachers wont have to take care of business when they shouldn't have to.
Just my opinion.

© 2018 TheWingless


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