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Good Parent's will At Times sacrifice Their Own Health For The Good Of Their Children

Updated on May 24, 2017

The Health care Bill that has been proposed by the Current Administration does not address the needs of the American People the executive order that was signed to repeal "Affordable Care Act" or"Obamacare" does not adequately address the needs of the most vulnerable. Doing away with the "Obamacare" will not give most of the Republican constituents the desired outcome. When the poor or mid income are faced with the option of obtaining Healthcare or paying living expenses we will choose living expenses even at the detriment to our own health.

What the New Health Care Bill Proposes

In order to understand what the "Affordable Care Act" is one would need a Law degree. Which although my punctuation and my spelling at times may suck. I could attain given enough time, however, we do not have the time necessary, so I'll break it down in the simplest terms that do not insult your intelligence and shows my sometimes frustration with being able to communicate in Old English, Patois, and American English. I tend to combine them at times.

Where do I start? Now being a Veteran and also a Civil Servant I have the luxury of not only having the VA Medical care but because I had minor Children I kept my Civil servant or civilian Healthcare coverage. What that did was it afforded me the opportunity to provide my Children with medical coverage, thanks to The Affordable Care Act I was able to keep my two youngest Children on my Policy until such time as they turned 26 Years old.

Prior to working for the VA and being Married and responsible for five minor Children while disabled and attending College, my Ex-Husband and I worked two jobs him sometimes three. Still, we were one major accident away from being homeless there were times we would forego things we needed, in order to give our Children their individual needs, we couldn't afford wants could barely afford to keep clothed five growing Children, we relied on those income Tax refunds at the end of the Year to purchase clothes and necessary School supplies. Their Health was important so we saved for those School Physicals, and didn't skimp on Dental for them, it was very difficult. Why am I divulging this? Simple really, when faced with a choice of paying bills, taking care of our Children, our Children came first, their needs. Neither my Husband or I could afford proper Medical coverage while he was Married to me because of my disability. It was considered a preexisting condition.

When finally my Ex-Husband was able to purchase coverage there was a limit as to how much and what the company would pay. Luckily for me, I had the Department of Veterans Affairs that saw to my Medical needs, however, they didn't provide coverage for my EX-Husband and minor Children.

The reality of our situation was a tenuous sometimes daunting one. When I had my first back surgery while awaiting a decision to determine my eligibility for services from the Department of Veterans Affairs, I underwent emergency surgery at a Civilian Hospital. My Ex-Husbands insurance would not pay the cost. I was presented with a bill for $45-50,000 all combined and although they did not indicate such my Husband lost his employment soon after. Thankfully the Department of Veterans Affairs determined my eligibility soon after and paid the associated cost.

Are you Perhaps Getting the Big Picture, No?

If I had to rely on a voucher system back then, my Children's needs would have been my first priority, it's what poor People do. We think first in terms of how best to serve our Families, and then if there is anything left we take care of our needs that, however, is just one aspect.

The second aspect of a voucher system is the lack of Ethics of some Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical companies and private for profit Hospitals/Medical Centers as well. Added to the fact that they are most times corporations, and will do what corporations often times do. They expect a return on their investments. After all, that is the impetus for investing, isn't it?

Maybe a Dose of Reality Will Influence You

The below excerpt as taken from CBS Interactive Inc. the full interview may be read below.

“Why did the price of EpiPen increase 500 percent over the past decade?” O’Donnell asked. “Because we realized there was an unmet need. … And so we made a conscious decision, the board, we put a business plan together to invest, to build public awareness and access,” Bresch said. “We’re now in over 70,000 schools across America. We’ve donated more than 800,000 free EpiPens… and remember that that price incorporates the entire supply chain. But it was that investment over the last eight years that would allow us to reach patients and save lives.”

What happens when we neglect our Health to the point whereby not even medicine can help, "oh, oh, oh, Mr. Kotter, me, me!" Yes, Long bouts with illness and those pesky little-undetected illnesses that go untreated and the finality of the situation are death.

My Children are all adult's now, with their own lives their own insurance so that is not an issue for me. However, for you the General population and possibly for them also I think it's necessary to define The Affordable Care Act in the simplest terms that humanizes and perhaps gives a better understanding. It is for the Elderly, Children, and People born with or who are faced with illness or injury as defined by a preexisting condition.

It is Our Healthcare System

If you needed a procedure that was non-life-threatening, or perhaps that mammogram or pap smear I throw that in because you see these are Women's issues and although the Republicans don't like to talk about Vaginas or even entertain the fact that as Women we have them and because of these defining parts there are certain individual and collective medical issues that need quarterly, annual or regular health and wellness screenings.

It is time to hold our Federal Law makers to a higher standard as it concerns Women's Health. As Women we are capable of defining for ourselves what is right for our bodies. No Man has a right to decide when and if we should be able to receive Medical care for any condition that affects our bodies.

Do you ever wonder how your Children would manage without you? Well, it's high time you did, I was kept awake more nights wondering what would happen to my Children should I die. Overly dramatic for you perhaps but it is the reality when you are poor and struggling to raise your Family. We never think in terms of should I fall sick because that is not an option, even with ill health we struggle to provide. We see Life in terms of struggling and death. Children perhaps not receiving necessary care. More Children perhaps ending up in foster care as parents we often neglect our own Health for the betterment of our Family.

Without you, your Children would end up in a foster care system if Family members cannot afford to take them in. Perhaps you think I overdramatize the situation. Deep down most of you know I'm not, I've struggled with my Disability, with being poor, without insurance and if not for being a responsible parent, possessing self-determination and thankfully those minimum wage jobs who knows where we would be Today. No one want's a handout, everyone struggles, but are you willing to take that risk with the future of your Children to piss it away to the insurance companies whose only agenda is maintaining their status quo their Wealth?

The reason why the "Affordable Care Act" didn't work for you is simply because you allowed your State representatives to refuse the Money necessary to start the program, and if you are really honest with yourselves, the fact that a Black Man initiated the program played a major part in why you so vigorously refute, refused, and regurgitate the nonsense the repugnant Republicans are shoveling. It's not my job to decide for you if Health coverage is necessary, that is your job, but before you all allow them to dismantle coverage, please do me a favor and mark this down in history as the day you had the power, the authority over your own lives but refused to participate because of your prejudices, and preconceived notions.

The Conservative View

"If yu waa good yu nose hafi run", one of Jamaica's saying. What it means is anything worth having is worth the fight. We cannot just sit back and see our job's, our taxes, our Medical coverage be dismantled. Just on the basis that it will benefit a few. It is my personal belief that looking out for or after anyone in need if there is a genuine need is the Moral obligation of Human beings.

"We are our Brothers keepers", another passage from the Bible although I have Medical coverage through the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and Social Security, I also retained my Private Health care coverage in the off chance that the V.A. is not available if perhaps I travel overseas. Not everyone is able to afford additional coverage,the latter statement is to allow you the Public a glimpse into my Personal Life as a way to show I have no hidden agenda other than showing you the truth.

My fight to keep that coverage is not one based on my need but based on the need of those who need coverage the most. Statistics show that majority of the People who need the coverage are the Elderly and Children, and here lately college students. They are the most at risk population. In this there is no color barrier as poverty knows no boundaries.

Don't Believe me after all, I'm just a Mother fighting for your rights to be ignorant and uninformed maybe Dan Rather will explain it better, there is a reason I always rely on his voice of reason, I admire the Man. His journalistic integrity has been evident since I was a wee lass in New York. On his blog page, Mr. Rather writes. "So it turns out drafting major health care legislation is difficult, who knew? For seven years we've been hearing from Republicans about how horrible Obamacare was, and this was the best they could come up with? A rush job that doesn't seem to have any new ideas or fix the core problems? It seems to prove the point that this was always about rhetoric and not about actually trying to make health insurance either cover more people or lower costs.

The ball is firmly in the court of the GOP. They control the government, and President Trump made promises on the campaign trail about lower premiums, keeping your doctor, everyone staying insured, etc. Basically a version of healthcare that would be better told by Hans Christian Andersen - a fairy tale. And everyone with any sense on this issue knew it.

Legislation isn't a campaign speech. It actually has to be made up of words that lead to law. And those words have to actually tell you something about who will win and who will lose. Who will be covered and how much it might cost. And now that we have a GOP plan, it is getting picked apart by politicians and interest groups on all sides. It is starting to look about as popular as ants at a picnic.

You had to guess that with Paul Ryan running the show, progressives would not end up liking the result. Millions more likely uninsured? Check. Massive tax cuts for the rich? Looks that way. Also, some powerful outside voices are lining up in opposition. The AARP said, " this harmful legislation would make health care less secure and less affordable." You can also add a major hospital group and others in the healthcare industry to the critics.

But perhaps most threatening to the long-term prospects for the bill is the push and pull within the Republican Party. Moderate Senators are complaining about how rushed the process is and what will likely happen to lower income Americans. Meanwhile, the hardline conservatives see this effort as some sort of Obamacare light. And they are being propelled by outside groups on the right.

There is a lot of wonderful analysis in the press about what the GOP approach means in terms of policy. But ultimately, sadly, this will be decided on political grounds. When Ryan said “Doing big things is never easy, but we have made a promise, and we’re going to keep that promise,” he was talking about political promises made on campaign trails and fanned by conservative media. He was not talking about making promises to insure more Americans.

So here we stand. And President Trump is swinging the full weight of his Administration behind the Ryan plan. Maybe that will be enough to arm twist skeptical Republicans. Or maybe this effort will fall apart in spectacular failure. Mr. Trump promised to replace and repeal Obamacare on day one. But the Affordable Care Act (yes to some out there, that is the same as Obamacare) is still the law of the land. And who knows how long that may last. It likely will be dramatic political theater. It's just a horrible shame that the stakes being toyed with are millions of Americans and their health insurance." -Dan Rather


This was written on the same Day it was posted to Hubpages. The quotes came from a Facebook page as indicated under the Name indicated. I cannot attest to validity as there is absolutely no way to verify an individual as being who they say they are.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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