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As Elderly Victimisation Increases, Ngos for Senior Citizens Are Striving to Address the Same

Updated on August 11, 2020
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NGOs Working for Senior Citizens

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NGO for Elderly People
NGO for Elderly People
NGO for Elderly People

NGOs for Elderly People

As inevitable as old-age is, with the increasing dependency of a person on others, their susceptibility towards all kinds of abuses increases as well. However, what is daunting is the fact that, it is the senior citizens living with families who mainly fall victims to mistreatment. Over 70 percent of old age people face harassment and humiliation in their own homes – from relatives, children or other family members. These are either done verbally that can in turn affect the elderly on emotional and mental level, financially, sexually and/or physically. Result? They become distressed physically and psychologically at an age which is apparently called the ‘golden years of life’. Recognizing the need to address such social issues which are often overlooked at, there are several NGOs working for senior citizens that have stepped up to help the victims directly or by raising awareness across communities.

However, to curb the issue on a grander scale, there is a dire need to make the elderly aware about their needs and rights. Many a time, senior citizens, oblivious to the basic rights they are entitled to, continue to endure the ordeal they have long been going through and therefore don’t report it further. Hence, it is crucial to empower them to stand up for themselves through awareness and knowledge. One such NGO that has been working for the same is HelpAge India. In addition to the welfare programs it has been initiating, this NGO in Delhi for elderly people, maintains an active liaison with the government as well in modifying policies as per the challenges faced by senior citizens. It also runs helpline across several states, providing aid to the elders in need. Additionally, VridhCare, an NGO for elderly people in Delhi, through its associations with corporate firms, works to fulfil their needs. Amid the challenges faced by several old age homes during the lockdown period, the NGO has made generous contributions and provided infrastructural support to ensure that the senior citizens don’t bear the brunt of the unprecedented pandemic.

Besides VridhCare and HelpAge India, there are several other NGOs working for senior citizens in India and government bodies advocating their rights. However, this shouldn’t refrain us from doing our part because whether it is a stranger or a family member, no one has the right to mistreat others especially the older people who are more vulnerable. It is important to look out for necessary signs and symptoms indicating abuse before taking any further action.

Top 5 NGOs pioneering their efforts to work for elderly's cause

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