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Ashamed of Politics, Oops I Mean Folitics

Updated on August 17, 2012

Forgot What We Stand For


Politics = Folitics

JustSimpleInfo from a Frustrated Proud American Voter

Government needs a reboot.
Sad that in the year 2012, grown men and women, argue and point fingers like they are little kids in elementary school.

Congress, is like a vacation to most elected leaders. You only hear from them when they want to be elected, or if you have such a compelling story and the news media is behind it that you get noticed. Every 2-6 years whenever our elected leaders go up for reelection, we hear promises, and accusations about everything. I still wonder why we can spend billions of dollars helping people in other countries, literally billions of our tax(chinese investment) dollars, but we can't seem to feed the poor, build quality schools, help farmers avoid droughts,etc.

We can put a robot on the moon with a flying crane that lowers it down to a distant planet then blast off, but for some reason, when it comes to farming, and every so often there will be drought years, they can't store, transport, funnel, sprinkle, keep water flowing to the farmers to avoid price hikes.(Don't get me started on gasoline prices)
But we can come up with money to help other countries that are shooting our courageous men and women in the Armed Forces.

I know we are the land of the free, but we have some serious idiots that made there way to representation. I don't have the answers to all of our problems, I have more questions than answers that were created by those who were suppose to have the answers.

No president will fix the economy in 4 years, or even 8 years. But the system is beyond broken. What works in Washington, may not work for New York, its like night and day. If the US Government is going to go broke, I would rather it go broke spending money on people here in America, children, veterans, business owners, colleges,school districts that can't afford to pay teachers properly, than send that overseas.

Best job in the world besides being a Father and a Mother...

is a Teacher.......Who are extremely underpaid.......
Mrs. Koepping, my elementary teacher back in 4th grade my best teacher ever, and made a lasting impact on me. I had to stand in front of the class and be quizzed on my times tables, was scared but she helped me through it and finished first in the class.

I know just about everybody remembers a teacher that helped them through something or made an impact on your lives. My daughter is starting middle school this year and all through elementary school I helped when I could, but every other week, something was being sent home saying they had to cut back on this or that or raise funds because something they offered in the past is no longer in the budget.

I could never run for office, for anything because I would be too direct, and too many people are sensitive in this world we live in. Those people should be put on and island to live by themselves.... my sis told me that one day, but it was about another subject, but I think it will work in this case also!

You may not agree with me, that's fine, but that is what makes this country great we can say whatever the F we want to and keep it moving.

Happy with the Folitics in WA DC?

Should Congress start over from the beginning and just fire everybody?

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Folitics Instructions

  1. Fire Everybody in Washington DC that represents America
  2. Reboot Washington DC like a computer and start over, no bickering allowed, or you are fired, I know its hard but it should be done


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