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Asleep at the Wheel

Updated on October 13, 2012

A Harsh Reality Check!

Is it me or does the Romney/Ryan seem to follow one of the following cliche┬┤s , "A solution waiting for a problem" or "Asleep at the wheel". I say asleep at the wheel because, both Romney and Ryan both seem to react to certain questions or situations in a manner similar to someone dozing while driving that suddenly wakes up to correct their course.

Watching the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday night only confirms why he and Mitt Romney are wrong for America. He seemed out of his element on foreign policy, specifically the Syria and Iran conflicts. It's my belief that they'd severely mishandle either of those situations and cause an escalation to the point of war with American soldiers lives at risk on the ground there. And yes ladies there should be a real cause for alarm because they think the government should make health care decisions for you, totally removing the doctor from that equation. Lest we forget that they're both trying desperately to walk back their 30% and 47%, takers and irresponsible for their own actions comments respectively.

Regardless of their taxation issues, Romney / Ryan have bigger fish to fry with their stated purposed of gutting the social safety net and try to have us as Americans to figuratively say thank you for it. Yes it takes a whole lot of moxy to call out someone for doing the same thing you had in mind doing yourself, say for instance that $716B in savings to Medicare from fraud and over paying insurance companies. Gee I wonder in who's pockets would those over payments have gone to, it's merely speculation at this point but I'd guess into that company's executives' bonuses.

What's really got the Republican Party in an uproar over "The Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare" has nothing really to do with the law itself, but the fact that President Obama modified the Republican (Romney) model in Massachusetts and got it passed into law before they could do it. I'm guessing that they thought by adapting their obstructionist ways to make sure he failed as President, they threw America under the bus. But what they forgot or just plain ignored is that GOD doesn't like ugly, and they've been plenty ugly towards him. But the moral of this observation is, that you will reap what you sow and then some. Now they're in jeopardy of losing this presidential election with President Obama being re-elected in 2012.

Secretly I think the once reasonable Republican Party is realizing that the Tea Party Movement while well intentioned, has lead them astray. Maybe by some chance they regret being to afraid to tell those far right zealots, that they're way off of the mark with that extreme ideology. With the likes of Joe Walsh (R-IL), Alan West (R-FL), Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Todd Akin (R-MO) and so on facing possible defeat this November! Personally I'm thinking Paul Ryan will be included in the aforementioned group because they're in dire straights of losing their own re-election bids let alone for the White House. Karma is a dish best served cold, like a hot fudge sundae after a nice dinner for dessert. I think we'll set the fudge in the microwave for 25 days, oops!! I meant to say seconds.

Just in Time For Christmas.


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