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At The Trailhead /// Vol. 1

Updated on January 10, 2010

Changing Times.


This nation is staggering through yet another global embarrassment of a war, and conveniently leaning against the ensuing surge in technology, ideals, art, and code of behavior of a people. The thrashing winds of cultural change and enlightenment are nourishment to the seed of progress. Just as the times changed during World War II, when national pride and positive G.I. sentiment were used to drive morale upward during the ugliest of times, the economy is like a frozen pendulum in the clock of evolution, causing a massive depression to lie across the land. The rich have no difficulty protecting their wealth while they watch, horrified, as the hoards of broken American peasants creep beneath the shadow of the reaper in a shameful effort to keep their head above the flood of indefinite humiliation.


Currency has not been an authentic systematic tool in ....America.... for quite sometime. How does the Treasury Department keep track of all the lost twenty dollar bills that have blown away on a wet city street, or the mixed change hiding in drawers and piggy banks, unaccounted for decades? What money is in circulation serves little purpose outside of swapping bank accounts between oil companies too keep the public in a steady stream of commute to fuel this appalling travesty.


A man who does not know how to climb must wait for the fruit of a mighty tree to spoil and fall to his desperately weary, outstretched arms. If it is a matter of uncertainty or an overwhelming sense of ignorance on the part of the individual, then we must all do as The Vikings and Christopher Columbus did, and throw our great sails of cunning and perseverance to the winds of these much needed changes and embark on a path that will help encourage a progressive world and reconstruct the bridge that has fallen between our brave and diligent nation and the future of the human race.


The understanding of a means to promote progressive social activism is imperative to strengthening the bonds that keep a population in a perpetual state of harmony and development. Whether you support humanism, environmental issues, education, health care, or freedom from religion, broadcasting your adamant dedication towards an area of concern is the only way to bring an issue to the general public. By doing so, you gain a more stable foundation for assembling an organization of distraught, answer-seeking citizens as well as aid the great restrained minority in this country: the free thinkers. This country was founded on free thought, and now just as the repressive tyrants of ....Great Britain.... did over 200 years ago, the upper scab of this culture have censored and silenced the populace as a whole.


Routine laziness disguised as comfort has paralyzed improvement in the present day American. Like the feeling of hope one has during a dream, this unflinching daze everyone has fallen into is a poison on the roots of humanity. Purpose and true inner satisfaction have been entrenched beneath the debris of panic and terror of an extreme reaction to an aggressive rivalry in the ..Middle East... The remnants of our ambition have been strewn about in many directions and deteriorated as President Bush just stood back and swayed with amusement as the War on Terror coated the public with a bogus sensation of control like a heavy fog in a harbor.


We must emerge from the living rooms, train stations, condemned buildings, street bridges, front lawns, country clubs, and unite as a sturdy assembly to show that the “average American” WANTS sustainable energy resources, WANTS to bring the troops home, WANTS to excel in their community, WANTS to secure a potential for future generations.


The one year mark has passed since President Obama has taken office, and the only things that the American public has to clutch onto are promises and uncertainty. No action to correct the course of such a civil and powerful nation has been taken, not in any measure to date. Arguing about health care and presenting moving speeches of the war efforts are all we have been subjected to, and due to the level of comfort and the fear of risk for an improved situation, revolution has had a blind-eye cast upon it, and simply gets passed down the line, waiting for “someone else” or “our troops” to undertake the burden.


The problem is not on the streets of ..Iraq.. or the mountains of ....Afghanistan...., but beneath lock and key in the minds of every free thinking and able-bodied citizen. Town Hall meetings haven become just as forgotten and germane as the VHS tape, and forums to raise question and exact cultural posture have evaporated like water.


Hopefully with the help of the internet in this day and age, the outcries and the unrest will be heard, but we cannot stop there. After all, goals without actions are simple dreams, it’s going to take hard work and desire to return to the just and honorable path from which we have all managed to stray.



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