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At what stage in human's life does human right start?

Updated on October 24, 2012

The above question is what many of us have not really thought about and even those that consider it fail to reach a conclusive agreement on the subject. The disagreement in this matter is usually because of another question. The question is when does life start? The writer has researched on human right issues and published a hub on the topic however this question is necessary because of issues like abortion.

There has always been a debate whether abortion is wrong or right and recently someone argued that an unborn baby does not have the right to life and that is why abortion should be right. In the person’s opinion, it is a mother that has the right to decide whether to keep or abort a baby. That is a baby, still in the uterine environment, does not have a say in the matter. Then if the argument is right, it follows that an unborn has no human right. However, it is known that people, especially doctors, face legal action for causing harm to an unborn child. One can claim that it is a mother that press charges while others can ask; if it is right to press charges for someone that does not really have a right. Another school of thought may claim that such charges are right as a mother pressing the charges does so as the owner of the unborn. It means some people see an unborn merely as a property not as a human that should enjoy fundamental rights.

It is clear that an unborn in the uterine environment may not enjoy all other rights that human should enjoy yet it can be argued if they should be denied the basic right which is the right to life. Therefore until we are able to know and clearly define when life actually starts, we may not have a well defined stage when human right starts. Then also will the issue and choice of abortion be addressed. However, the writer knows how complicated this subject may be because there are situations where an abortion will be necessary to save the life of a mother or for other reasons and at such time the right of the unborn will not be considered. It is best to prevent pregnancy than to consider abortion when fertilization has already taken place and the developing human starts to take his/her form with the hope of coming to live.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      Thanks ARSHAD, like you said we protect the environment for our own interest.

    • ARSHAD MAJID profile image

      ARSHAD MAJID 5 years ago

      Very good article and infect thought provoking. I think that as long as the unborn don't have the right to vote or to sue may be, nobody will care for them. Those who do not have a nuisance value, do not have any rights either, that is the way things are. Some would say that we protect the environment which is also as helpless, as an unborn but infect it is not, as upon environment depends our own survival so, we not only protect it but also call it noble.