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Atrocity - Part 2

Updated on October 14, 2012

On the eve of Diwali, we were in dire need of a taxi, as our plans of going to Villivakkam (somewhere near Andhra border!) in Activa was turned off by Lord Varuna!

Fast Track, Friends Track, Monica Track, Railway Track etc rejected our request as all their taxis were busy. We then called Bharathi Call Taxi (for an addition to your General Knowledge, this was the First Call Taxi to operate in Chennai!). They saved us from carrying the 6 bags in train! We booked for an Indica as we were just two.

We had booked the taxi for 5 P.M. At 4:45 (well the timings are important!) a call came from Bharathi Call taxi.

"Madam, Innova than irukku, Indica illa ok ngala?" (Madam, there is no Indica only Innova available!)

"Sir, rendu peruku edhukku Innova, Indica than book pannom Indicave anuppunga" (Why do we need Innova for just the 2 of us, please send Indica as booked)

"Madam, Indica lam vella poiruchu, Deepavali time la" (No Indica available Madam, it is Diwali eve)

"Innova na extra pay pannanum la sir, kadasi nerathula ipdi sonneengana naanga enna seyya" (I should pay extra unnecessarily now and also you are telling this in the last minute?!)

"100 rupees than madam extra, venamna cancel pannikkonga" (It will cost 100 rupees extra. Cancel the booking if you don't want Innova)

I got mad with his change of tone and attitude, but since it was the last minute and when we did not have an option, my husband asked me to say okay for Innova. The Innova came and there was no need of "Dikki" to keep our luggage!

Diwali went on just like any other Diwali. We had to return back home, thanks to my grandma, we had equal luggage (if not more) even after unloading the ones that we got! It was time to call the taxi again!

My grandfather asked us to book in Bharathi, as they know the address well (as I said earlier, almost Andhra interior!). So, I called Bharathi again, and booked for an Indica at 2:00 P.M.

At 1:45 P.M (now you will know why timings are important, yes, same 15 minutes!), Bharathi guy called me and says:

"Madam, Indica illa, Tavera than anuppa mudiyum" (Madam, there is no Indica, only Tavera)

My heart was in my mouth because of the very high Blood Pressure!

"Naan Indica than book pannaen, Tavera waste engalukku, naanga rendu per than irukkom!" (I only booked an Indica, Tavera is not required as it will be a waste for the 2 of us!)

"Madam, Deepavali time la adhaan......." (Madam, it is Deepavali time!!)

"Enna Sir, nenachukitu irukkeenga, naan 9 manikku phone panni book pannitaen, Indica than venumnu theliva sonnaen, illana appovae illanu sollirkanum, ippo vandhu illanu sonna vera arrangementsum engalala panna mudiyadhu, nethum idhe maadhiri aachu, seri illa neenga pannardhu, naan ellarkitayum neenga ipdi aniyayam pannardha kandippa solluvaen. Edhukku naan dhandathukku extra azhanumnu nenaikkareenga?" (Well I don't think this needs to be translated, if you know ME! - in a crisp I gave the guy left and right)

"Illa Madam, enakku puriyudhu..........." (Yes Madam, I understand!)

"Idha paarunga, enakku Indica anuppunga illana bookinga cancel pannunga, dhayavu senchu indha maari cheapa extra vaangatheenga customers kittendhu" (More lefts and rights!)

Now is the anti climax. I was shouting at the top of my voice and the guy goes..

"Seri Madam, neenga Ivlo REQUEST panni kekkardhunala, naan Indica ve anupparaen!" (Okay Madam, Since you are REQUESTING so much, I will send an Indica itself)

I said Okay, cut the call and the whole family laughed like crazy when i told them the last sentence uttered by the Bharathi guy! Fate!

No, that is not the end of the story. Read on.

After 5 minutes, I get a call.

"Madam, Bharathi driver pesaren, konjam exact location sollunga" (Madam, I am call Taxi driver, please tell me the exact location)

"Indica thana?" (It is Indica right?)

"Illa Madam, Tavera!!!" (No Madam, Tavera)

"Tavera va? Indica than naanga kettom - Indica meter set pannittu varadhuna vaanga illana enakku Taxi venam" (I don't want a Tavera. I asked for Indica. Please set Indica meter, else you can go back, no need of Taxi!)

"Illa Madam, Indica charge kodutha podhum" (No No Madam, you just have to pay Indica rates)

Self-satisfaction is the best satisfaction!

Jammunu Tavera la poi erangitu, Indica kaasu kudukkum bodhu irundha sandhodhamum perumayum irukkae, adadadada solla mudiyadhu! (The happiness and pride that I got after travelling in Tavera but paying Indica price cannot be expressed in mere words!)

Yeah, now the story is over.But we still have the Moral!

Moral of the story: People are waiting for Illicha vaayis (Smiling Face is the literal translation!) all over! Just don't be one! Be Carepul (as Vadivelu says!)


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    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 5 years ago from Kerala, India

      Athe Athe Otee!

      Emantha rendu edaththilayum padikkattumennu ingayum post panniyirukka!

      (Appidiayaavathu makkaLukku vizhippu varattumennu solluva)


    • OTEE profile image

      OTEE 5 years ago from India

      Ah! Now I remember they were a part of your FB notes, right?