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Ayotzinapa Massacre - Part 3

Updated on January 8, 2017

Municipal Police Attack against the three buses

The buses of this first entourage passed through the Zócalo square and were followed by 4 to 5 municipal police patrols who started firing into the air, even in the middle of the street and with the presence of people. One block before arriving at the Zócalo, the normalists affirm that the police already shot against the buses. At that time there was no political act in the Zocalo and there were many people in the area due to a musical event.

Through the C-4 the state police, federal police and the army were aware of the facts. Colonel Rodríguez said in his statement to the PGR that the OBI sent to the place where the DIF report had been presented had transmitted direct information, as well as through the C-4, "transfer of students to the Central de Iguala, the destruction of a bus and seize two buses. " The C-4 reported that there were three patrols in front and three behind the buses of normalists and the OBI informed the commander of the B27 of the facts and the shots.

Images of the 43 normalists disappeared after the attacks of the police.
Images of the 43 normalists disappeared after the attacks of the police.

Attack on the front of the entourage

The police shots hit Aldo Gutierrez in the head while, along with other normalists, he was trying to remove the patrol that hindered his step. The students asked for an ambulance urgently because Aldo was on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head and unconscious.

During the shots, normalist J was injured in the hand, suffered the amputation of several fingers when he ran and hid under a van. According to his testimony, two policemen came to him with flashlights, kicked him, beat him, threw him on the floor, telling him: "they do not know where they came to get in", "very macho to do that, stand up." He was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. At the time he was interviewed by the GIEI, J reported that he was shot in the flight and put his own T-shirt on the wound to contain the bleeding.

Another of the boys that was in that group and came in the "Costa Line" bus 2012, had at that time an asthmatic crisis that made breathing difficult. It was attended by the normalists, especially by Chilango, according to witnesses. Normalists called the Red Cross at 10:19 p.m. and the ambulance arrived at 10:25 p.m. Hospital admission was at 10:45 p.m. The ambulance was in a nearby street, where the patient was transferred by the police who participated in the operation

Attack on the back of the entourage

In the back of the entourage, the normalists who were on the third bus, the “Estrella de Oro” bus 1568, suffered another attack, as their bus was surrounded by numerous policemen.

To try to protect themselves from the aggression the normalists closed the door of the “Estrella de Oro” bus 1568, until they were forced to go down by the police. The young men were lowered from the bus with their hands held high, being reduced by the police and lying on the ground in a row, side by side, while they aimed at them with guns.

The evacuation of the police and the detained normalists was done at the same time in the front and rear of the bus entourage. In the front, in the North Peripheral, there was a dialogue between one of the normalists and a policeman acting as if he were the head of the operation. The policeman told the normalists to leave, apparently giving the order to the other officers to leave. He also threatened to return if they did not leave.

Normalist bus attacked
Normalist bus attacked

Arrest and attack on the “Estrella de Oro” bus 1531

The “Estrella de Oro” bus 1531 had advanced to the entourage and had left by another road to the south, in the direction of Chilpancingo. The only indication that the driver says that the normalists gave him was that he left as fast as possible to reach Ayotzinapa. However, the driver reports that the bus was intercepted by at least two police patrols that chased him by the exit of Iguala to Chilpancingo, firing his guns, so he was blocked on the same road just below the bridge of Chipote Which crosses above, in front of the Palace of Justice of Iguala. All the normalists who were on that bus were arrested and are missing, so there is no direct evidence of what happened, rather than what was stated by the bus driver and police officers and a member of the army who arrived on the scene . According to the driver, the police stopped the bus and threatened to kill him.

The 5th bus, the “Estrella Roja” 3278

The fifth bus, a "Estrella Roja" that left the back of the Central on Altamirano Street to the South Peripheral, remained standing waiting for a chauffeur's management. He then resumed his way to Chilpancingo by the Equual-Chilpancingo highway, which had already left the “Estrella de Oro” bus 1531.

The normalistas who traveled in that bus informed the GIEI that this one was stopped before the Palace of Justice, where was the bus Estrella de Oro 1531 in the right lane of the highway, under the bridge. According to his testimony, the policemen told the bus driver to go down and talk to them. At that moment the normalists tried to pass themselves off as passengers. After speaking with the driver, the policeman approached, while they got off the bus. According to his account the policeman pointed them at a distance of 6-8 meters with an AR-15 weapon, reason why the normalists took stones to defend themselves.

Shortly before, as at 10:30 pm and after being threatened and shot by the police, the normalists who had arrived on the stage of the Court House on the “”Estrella Roja” bus were withdrawing in the direction of Iguala, hiding among the cars that were accumulating in the area, running again in the direction of Iguala, and then fleeing to a nearby hill. The normalists described a car that they could not identify followed, until they hid in an abandoned house on the hill.

Arrival of normalists from Ayotzinapa in aid of their companions and Press Conference

Later, at the junction of Juan N. Álvarez y Periférico, around 11:00 p.m., and once the Municipal Police had withdrawn from the scene of the attack on the three buses, the students regrouped and tried to To guard the stage, pointing with stones at the sites where bullet casings were found. At that time teachers from the State Coordinator of Education Workers of Guerrero (CETEG) and students from the Normal of Ayotzinapa who came to the distress call, as well as reporters from various media outlets.

In the scene of Juan N. Álvarez and Periférico Norte street, after the attack suffered, the evacuation of the injured and the arrest of the normalists of the bus "Estrella de Oro" 1568, at approximately 11:00 pm they were arriving at the place Some journalists and teachers who had been warned by normalists and neighbors. The normalists stayed there to mark the evidence and protect the place, while they tried to communicate with other students of the other buses.

Second attack against normalists in Juan N. Álvarez

When the conference was over, there was a new attack on the normalists. According to witnesses, at 0:30 hours a white van with radio antenna with several people and a black Icon model car slowly took, taking photos of the normalists. According to other witnesses, there were more vehicles, including a police patrol in the attack.

In this attack killed Daniel Solís Gallardo, 18 years and Julio César Ramírez Nava, 23 years. They had just arrived aboard the two Urban in support of the normalists who had suffered the first attack. This attack occurred approximately at 12:45 am.

When the attack occurred, the normalists and others present at the conference ran in different directions. Some took refuge under cars and later on a rooftop, from where they saw three municipal patrols that passed slowly between the streets in a vigilant attitude about 30-40 minutes later. Others rushed to an estate and others took refuge in two houses near the scene. Shortly after the shooting began to rain.

A group of 25 normalists and one of the teachers went in search of medical help for Edgar and arrived at Clínica Santa Cristina, located in the same street where the events occurred. According to witnesses, no taxi wanted to stop to carry the wounded while following the shooting, which lasted several minutes.

The versions of the military on their arrival at the Cristina clinic differ from each other and are contradictory with the testimonies of the normalists. According to EM, at 12:30 hours received the call of Lieutenant JG, who informed him that a citizen reported to C-4 the presence of armed men in the Cristina hospital. On the way to verify, they saw two bodies in Juan N. Álvarez Street with Periferico Norte but did not stop. In another version, Lieutenant G reported that it was later, at 1 am, that he received a call from C-4, who informed him that there were armed men in the Cristina hospital, who took out the nurses, Informed Commander JR and Military Zone 35. The commander orders via telephone to EM and C to go to the clinic. Captain C also pointed out that at 1:07 hours a call from Lieutenant JG to EM to be made to the hospital, because people allegedly had weapons.

The normalists say that the military had them trained, raised their shirts and put their belongings on a table, and went up to find the rest of the normalists on the floors of the clinic. The interviewed normalists report that they were told "that just as we were good at doing wreckage, we had to put up with shorts to put up with whatever came." According to another normalist who was at the entrance of the clinic, they were told: "just as they have eggs to be doing their bad things, so have enough eggs to face those people."

Attack against the bus of the football team: The Hornets

The hypothesis is that the bus would have been mistaken for one that transported normal students and had taken another route. Specifically with the 5th bus Estrella Roja that was the only one of the five buses that had not been stopped. In addition, since the Avispones bus had spent minutes before by the municipal police checkpoint at the exit of Iguala, the gunmen probably knew that a bus was going in that direction. According to witnesses, after the indiscriminate and brutal attack on the bus, to shoot to kill against its occupants at different times and to try to force the door to enter the same, the attack ceased suddenly when one of the occupants was screaming "We are a football team" and the aggressors withdrew.

In that episode, Mrs. Blanca Montiel, who was shot when she was in a taxi in the opposite direction, Chilpancingo-Iguala died. In the C-4 there were successive calls and requests of ambulances from 23:51 hours. However, the arrival of the care and transfer of the wounded did not occur until almost 1 hour and 15 minutes later, and according to other reports later.

At that moment, another taxi with two occupants was passing by the place in the direction of Chilpancingo was also attacked by the same aggressors. The taxi was shot on both sides of the road, at the crossing of Santa Teresa, being 400 meters from the bus of Los Hornets.

The body of Julio César Mondragón

The case of Julio César Mondragón shows the level of atrocities committed that night, this time against one of the normalists who was isolated from the rest. According to the testimonies of some of the normalists who were in the scene of the street Juan N. Álvarez and North Peripheral at 22:00 hours, while they were attacked by the police and when still Aldo was in the ground agonizing, Julio César Mondragón , Nicknamed the Chilango among the normalists, told other comrades that he had recorded several videos with a telephone. Several witnesses said that he was very affected by what happened. Later, he was in the press conference of 0:30 hours, when the second attack took place in Juan N. Álvarez and Periférico Norte Street, from where he fled like the rest of the normalists when the first shots were fired With the life of Daniel Solis and Julio César Ramírez, and who seriously injured EV and other students and teachers.

The commander of the battalion JR and others indicate in their statements to the PGJ that they became aware of the fact until 10:00 or 12:00 hours. In their written communication with the Military Zone 35 of Chilpancingo indicates that they received a call in 066 at 10:25 am about the existence of a body in the textile street of the industrial zone of Iguala, that was skinned and that the injuries had been produced by a white weapon. However, information provided by other members of the battalion indicates that the army had been at the scene of the crime for several hours, arriving earlier than the state authorities. The autopsy of the body of Julio César Mondragón revealed visible signs of torture, skin and facial muscles pulling off, multiple cranial fractures as well as internal lesions with bleeding in different viscera as a result of torture.

Location of the 43 normalists at the time of forced disappearance

The investigation by GIEI revealed that the 43 students were arrested and disappeared from two buses and two different scenarios: the “Estrella de Oro” 1568 and the “Estrella de Oro ” bus 1531.


Who disappeared the students?

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Look Dying


This video is a documentary that is spoken in Spanish and shows us how the Mexican Army only took photos and saw how the Mexican police massacred the normal students and they did nothing to stop it. The Secretary of National Defense, General SALVADOR CIENFUEGOS ZEPEDA gives thousands of pretexts and shows his lack of humanity and knowledge of Mexican laws and international laws in the field of human rights.

© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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