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Updated on August 25, 2017

in 2013 when men, women and children was killed in Syria Trump said Obama should not attack Bashar-Al- Assada when he used chemical gas against his own people. Trump said Syria was not America problems. Congress was against Military force when Obama wanted to go into Syria because of the chemical attack.

2017 and President Donald Trump gave his orders to launch 59 Missiles into Syrian where the chemical gas attacked was lurched from a Air-base in Syria. In 2013 innocent children, women and men was killed with no words from Trump about this Attack.

Donald Trump made this decision on his own without conferring with Congress. Have the president of the United States put our country in more danger because of the decision he made. Trump said he didn't want to be then president of the World, he just wanted to be president of the United States, My opinion is Trump wants to rule the world with his family.

Donald Trump is dealing with the safety of a million of Americans lives in his hand with thousands of young children dying every day from, drugs, murders, rapists and guns what will he do to save our children. Donald Trump is a one man wrecking crew he takes orders from no one except himself as we all have seen.

The President of the United States had no business making this decision alone, Donald Trump wanted to be do something to Make the American people take notice.

Donald Trump is unpredictable, with no knowledge of what he is doing he need to go back to the jobs he knows best, Realty Estate.


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