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Border Security a Money Maker

Updated on May 16, 2019
Abecedarian profile image

Rick Perry was a disgrace to the state of Texas. He robbed Peter to pay Paul and took more 4 day weekends than hard working Americans.

Finally gone...

Jan Brewer, Gov. of Arizona, 2009- 2015.
Jan Brewer, Gov. of Arizona, 2009- 2015.

Beheadings, Beheadings, Beheadings

Who was Jan Brewer and how was she tied to immigration?

Jan Brewer made immigration the key to re-election in her state of Arizona.

Jan Brewer was previously the Secretary of State of Arizona (2003- until Governor Janet Napolitano resigned to become Secretary of Homeland Security-2009) and she became Governor, "not elected".

Jan Brewer, a Californian, moved to Arizona and became a chiropractor and tried her hand at real estate, while becoming involved in politics as well as a member of the Republican Party; but it was her controversial fight against "illegal immigrants" that put her in the spotlight. With her successful election behind her, Arizona was taken by storm.

Was Jan Brewer really about border security? Jan Brewer was about ambition for herself, her campaign and her party. And at the end of the day, she was about bringing Big Business into Arizona.

Arizona Border Security

In Arizona, Jan Brewer said it best, "The ability to sustain a force of any size requires federal funding." While she decried the deficit and spending, in the same breath she continued to ask for federal funding.

She released a plan on April 2010 for securing the Arizona Borders:

  • National Guard Actions. "Night Hawk" covert missions, increase by 150 per year (as federal funding becomes available)

  • Military exercises along the border.

  • $10 Million for local law enforcement

All deficit increasing items. No border fences in the plan.

Secure the Boarder or Create an Environment for Trade

March of 2007, $55 million in federal dollars (critical funding as they called it) were spent for re-designing and constructing the San Luis II Port of Entry. The federal money was not spent to secure the border entry point, but to increase efficiency for "international cargo" along the CANMEX Corridor.

June of 2007, Arizona Attorney General used $50 million from a Western Union Settlement for border security. They did not use it directly through the local or state government enforcement. They "out sourced" it through the Center for State Enforcement of Antitrust and Consumer Protection laws, Inc. The money was used to investigate and prosecute drug dealers and all crimes associated with that lifestyle. Some of the funding also went to officer training in Mexico and the U.S., while a portion of it went for a "border protection team" (10-12 investigators and prosecutors). This non-for profit organization was run by Stephen D. Houck, who specialized in antitrust law and commercial litigation.

Jan Brewer admitted that the "tough bill" she signed was not about border security.

Illegals Tunnel Their Way Through

More Money

President Obama signs $600 million bill for border security.
President Obama signs $600 million bill for border security.

Fencing and road blocks are just deterrents

It has been seen over and over again in video footage, that a fence or a road block are purely a deterrent. Human beings are a species of animal. And like most animals, when they are starving and looking for food or better surroundings, they will get through whatever barriers they need to to get to it.

Built a fence to go over and they will tunnel and go under. And the cost of these deterrents, more and more money. In 2006, George Bush gave Home Land Security billions of dollars towards building fences and securing the borders and still today, there are miles and miles of areas in places like Arizona, Texas and California that are still missing fences, so where did the money go?


It was all about security or was it?
It was all about security or was it?

Do you support immigration reform?

See results

Immigration Reform is the Key to Border Security:

As the GOP complain about not having the funding to enforce border security. President, Obama as did George Bush and previous presidents, signs a bill giving more funds to border security.

And as always, most will go to "the good ole' boys" and security will still fall short. Border security will not work without Immigration Reform. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas loves to talk about securing our borders first and the working on reform and putting more feet on the ground.

That kind of mentality is what has created our border problems. The time for reform is now. President Obama has begun working on immigration reform and met with opposition .

© 2010 Lady Liberty


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    • Abecedarian profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Liberty 

      10 years ago from These United States, Texas

      Thanks Ms Dee. I'm not sure how to handle illegals, but something needs to be done. But no one wants to touch that issue really because there are so many hispanics that vote, including myself. It's more about votes than it is about security. I feel sorry for those people because Mexico is a sewer to live in right now with the drug cartels, but we pamper them so much here it's unreal. My family has been in Texas since 1840's, I grew up with spanish as my first and only language. In the first grade I had from Sept- Dec. to learn to speak english and I did, now we have special programs and these kids are heading to junior high and are still in ESL classes. Costing our schools more funding for "special" classes. As harsh as it seems, we need to cut program funding for illegals like free or low cost medical. That alone would cut the influx drastically.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 

      10 years ago from Texas, USA

      Ohh, this helps me understand better that there is, indeed, another side to the issue. Another political ploy. So, how would it be best to strengthen our borders and cut down on illegals? What do you think Abecedarian? I'll check and see if you have a hub on this. Thanks for filling me in more.

    • Abecedarian profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Liberty 

      10 years ago from These United States, Texas

      Part of a CNN interview:

      KING: What in that bill would have improved border security?

      BREWER: Well you know (INAUDIBLE) bill 1070 is just another tool in our tool box in regards to trying to address the issues that we're facing here.

      KING: But you concede it wouldn't do much along the border --

      BREWER: Well you know I'm not quite sure about that. I think -- well, not along the border. I think it would help in telling people that it is illegal to come into the state of Arizona, which it already is but it's just not being enforced and so if they knew that the states themselves were going to enforce it that certainly would maybe give people pause before they came running across the border.

      They were trying to pass a bill that they weren't even sure would have any value other than to target immigrants. Look, I don't think they should be here illegally, I constantly get into war of words with them at the grocery story and other places because they try to push their way to the front of the line or cut me off, but to use the tactics they were going to use is wrong, I don't care what country you come from. Profiling is profiling.

      In Texas, we can't go near the border towns without risk, but Perry doesn't want them any more secure than Arizona. It's their bread and butter with NAFTA. They continue to ask for funding and then use it elsewhere. It's just a money making deal for the border states and it's a political issue wedge because it gets people hot under the collar.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 

      10 years ago from Texas, USA

      Interesting, so what does she say it was about, then?


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