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Updated on June 11, 2013


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I was quietly working in my office, when I got an alert. There was a bomb explosion in Boston. Like millions, I ran to the television and turned it to CNN to see what was going on. It was quickly revealed that a second bomb had exploded.

It was Sept 11, all over again. The people could be heard screaming in the background. What wasn't surprising, was how quickly it was called a terrorist act and with in minutes, some of the media was saying they had a person of Muslim descent as a person of interest.

Pictures rapidly spread through the social media, television and newspaper headlines. Only to find later that some had been "doctored". During a tragic time such as this, we should all be ashamed of ourselves for trying to capitalize on someones misfortune.

The Taliban quickly tried to absolve itself from this horrendous act. And no one else came forward. While the families of those injured and killed were going through so much pain. The two individuals responsible; they were behaving like business as usual and going to frat parties. The drama that unfolded next was like something we'd see in a movie, but never expect to see on the streets of America. On suspect killed and the other wounded.


While our government agencies and the Boston police worked quickly to capture these terrorists, the capture was a dividing point for Americans once again. Side one: He should be executed. Side two: He should be allowed to stand trial.

He was obviously guilty, so why not execute him, since he had no qualms cold bloodily killing innocent people?

Let him stand trial, so more information can be extracted some would say.

Either way, this saga will not be over by any means.

THE POT HAS BEEN STIRRED.... and now the crazies have come out of the woodwork. Ricin in the mail of our politicians, threats being looked at, etc.

We may all be different races, financial backgrounds, political affiliations, etc.; but the one thing that we all have in common, is that we are all "Americans". We should always seek to help those in need especially after what our American brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers have gone through during this trying time.

It was evident by the findings that these young men, had issues far beyond the realm of understanding. Terrorist ties or not, they took it upon themselves to take innocent lives. In a cowards way out, they tried suicide by cop and fortunately the survival of one would open doors to others that are out there creating mayhem for the American people.


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