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BP vs Constutitional rights

Updated on June 22, 2010
This could be on the Planet Mars and it would not be any closer.
This could be on the Planet Mars and it would not be any closer.

I'm setting at my desk at work its a slow day and I have nothing better to do. As I ponder over the Yahoo news and respond to several headlines I find my surrounded my mindless libs with the same old talk.

BP is a company operating under U.S. rules where they had an oil rig blow out and is currently spilling oil all over the Gulf Of Mexico.

Now the White House being led by our elected President of the United States Is superseding the laws of the land by finding BP guilty of spilling oil and imposing fines and punishment before BP has a chance to defend themselves.

I'm so afraid that this is a way of life to be in this country unless we the people put a stop to it. The oil companies are not saints and I'm not defending their actions, but they do have a right to  constitutional law as well as anyone else.

The President as set a standard, or an attitude about what BP on what they should or should not do. The last I heard BP was a private company doing business in the United States under issued permits. The most upsetting part is that BP"s CEO has drunk the cool aid and fell for what ever bullish rules that Obama wanted. This has done nothing but set the bar higher for other American business who are trying to work and support lots of families.

What can we expect next, if the White House controls the oil companies and, the power companies inflation will roll over the American household like a bulldozer in an empty field. If we allow this type of behaviour to hijack our way of life than we  deserve to have a dictator.

No one ever said life was fair, but until the windy winner bunch gets their shit together and joins the rest of the world we are doomed for  failure. This is a snowball syndrome how it started early on with the government takeover of GM and Chrysler and worked its way in every controlling factor that is necessary to the everyday management of our lives.

Wake up America this may be the last chance to come together and stop this takeover. Get involved with a group, local or national, Tea  Party  or local Democratic party. Just look at history this will help you see the light and smell the crap. We need the two party system that has always worked. Our system is designed with failures along the way as well as success stories. No one ever promised you a bed of roses just because you got an education and you think that everything should now be handed over to you. My friend this called the Real game of life, about the time you begin to enjoy it, someone is changing the rules.

In closing I hope you will look at BP as just a company that blew up in the middle of the desert and fireworks are shooting up every where, not a big deal is it. The oil spill has been a disaster for the whole southern Gulf Coast and could last for years in the cleanup efforts. Just remember BP is in the oil business to make money we need to have the legal process work after we handle this tragedy and get our wetlands cleaned up and it's precious life bake into the water again.

Quit listening to the White House rederick and judge for your very own eyes, how much has changed since Obama has taken over the Capital. Truth and Justice is for all.



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