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BREXIT vs Democracy and the rule of Law

Updated on November 8, 2016
Which country are they talking about? Somehow I doubt it is Scotland
Which country are they talking about? Somehow I doubt it is Scotland

A long time ago there was a Television series named V about a race of Lizard aliens conning ther way onto Earth then taking over. This seems to have inspired David Icke.

The Westminster “Government” and their tame press continue to drive support for Independence higher, if perhaps more slowly than the Independence movement would like: but quick gains are also quick losses as anyone on a diet will tell you. They and the rest of the Nazty Stupid Party are also providing the most telling evidence that V was an information leak and that David Icke is right about Reptilian aliens ruling us. Partway through the series some brave people managed to escape and set up a lizard free country. And they did it all without a referendum or having to listen to “vows”.

As part of the drive to get rid of Scotland they are proposing that London remain in the EU – which would mean a hard border, possibly a wall, between London and the RUK – but not Scotland and are saying that if Scotland were to remain in the EU there would have to be a hard border with England but no hard border between Northern and Southern Ireland. The plan would seem to be to enrage Scotland and allow a second Referendum with WM quietly working for a YES vote while simultaneously building up a demand in England for Scotland to be thrown out of the UK. The second approach will be much harder since almost no one in England cares or even knows anything about Scotland, some even believing there are no tarred roads norrh of Carlisle

Brexit Versus the Rule of Law

The Unelected One decided to try and apply the Royal Prerogative and trigger Article 50 without the agreement of parliament. Since the referendum was advisory not binding some people, brought a case against the government claiming that Parliament must be consulted. When they won the case the government immediately announced it would appeal, which may mean Article 50 cannot be triggered by April Fools day 2017 after all.

The right wing press went crazy and Brexiteers called for a military coup: on Twitter!! The three judges who delivered the verdict were called enemies of democracy and the people, as well as suffering ad hominem attacks in a press outburst that could have come, almost verbatim. from 1930s Germany. Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. All this because the Judges were doing their job ad what the Brexiteers and half the Nazty Stupid Party claimed they wanted, administering BRITISH law in a BRITISH court. The government remained silent about this until public pressure caused Theresa the Unelected to issue a weak and meaningless statement and the Lord Chancellor to go into hiding. Rumours arose that the government was preparing for a snap general election, though it is unclear how they would get round the fixed term parliament act, and the loss of two MPS by resignation has reduced their already slender majority.

Just for those who forgot: The leave vote was carried by a cigarette paper thin majority followed by instant remorse as those Leave voters who simply wanted to deliver a message to the incompetent Cameron government actually started to research what leaving the EU would imply, remorse intensified when Cameron was replaced by the Unelected one who rapidly overtook Cameron as the worst Prime Minster ever and gave hope to everyone who lacked a heart or compassion.

It is now clear that The Unelected One has no great love of the doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty and that Brexiteers only believe in the Rule of Law when it suits them. Brexit plus Theresa the Unelected look likely to set the precedent for turning Britain into a tinpot dictatorship. As shadow democracy like Stalin’s Russia with their actions justified on the basis of a mandate given by elections with gerrymandered boundaries with the Laboratory party regularly getting 120% of all votes cast.

To be fair (unlike the Nazty Party and its master UKIP) if there were a second independence referendum with a substantial YES majority and the Westminster “Government” brought a similar case the result being that the YES vote had to be ratified by the Westminster Parliament the Scottish people would be less than ecstatic. Making sure that a YES vote could not be stalled by a court case should be part of pre-referendum negotiations.

Tories threaten Pensions: Labour stays silent

At the same time the Nazty party have decided that their main constituency, the post war baby boomers are due to go extinct and have abandoned them with think tank calls proposing raising the state pension age to 80 from 2020 a retired civil service mandarin suggesting pensioners lose their pension unless they do some community work and a proposal to scrap the triple lock on the state pension. As usual their lapdogs in the “Labour” party are not opposing this: or any other Tory policy. It is so much more fun to engage in political infighting and byzantine intrigue within their own party.

The only policy that Labour may oppose is Brexit: it seems Jeremy Corbyn has found enough flexibility to abandon his long held opposition to the EU – the rightwing press will class this as an unprincipled U-turn purely for political advantage as opposed to the purely virtuous U turns of the Unelected One and Bumbling Brexit Buffoon Boris (who claimed Brexit will be a “Titanic” success and might have meant it in exactly the sense the audience took it). However his Deputy say the opposite. It seems likely that, as with everything else they will abstain.

The Wrap

It might be going too far to say Brexit has turned British ( i.e English) politics into a chaotic mess: it seems to have revealed the chaos that was already there as well as the latent xenophobia, if not racism, simmering under the surface in England. Perhaps the only positive point is that there is a growing consensus that Scotland WILL become independent, a more slowly growing consensus that Scotland SHOULD be independent and a petition for Scotland to be thrown out of the UK which was abandoned when it was realised that most of the signatures were coming from Scotland (so much for democracy and free speech). Again it seems the English public do not want Scotland to act other than as they are told.

Events are driving Scotland towards independence, with even some hard line NO voters swinging perhaps reluctantly to YES, but a YES vote in a second referendum is by no means certain. Many who say they would now vote yes will change their mind in the polling booth, pencil or pen hovering like a surveillance drone over a YES rally and claim they voted whichever way the vote went.

At present it looks like a good way to handle the questions of Pensions and Currency and a few other matters before a second referendum is to repeat

VOTE NO to lose your pension and retire at 80: if you live that long.

VOTE NO for a pound that is worth less than one Rupee.

VOTE NO for galloping hyper inflation

VOTE NO to lose your home ( as the Neoliberal Nazty party lower wages and pressure the Bank of England to raise interest rates to 20%)

VOTE NO to be trapped in the UK and pay a fortune for a visa to visit Paris.


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