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BTK Serial Killer Dennis Rader

Updated on June 23, 2012
Rader's mug shot, taken during booking at the Sedgwick County Jail at around 8 p.m. on February 27, 2005
Rader's mug shot, taken during booking at the Sedgwick County Jail at around 8 p.m. on February 27, 2005

The BTK Killer who we later learned was Dennis Lynn Rader was born March 9th 1945. BTK stands for Bind, Torture, and Kill which is what Rader did to his 10 victims from 1974 through 1991. He was known for writing long boastful letters to the police , FBI , and local news papers and TV stations during the time of his killings. He included small items from his victims to prove it was really him and not a copycat doing the writing.

He stopped corresponding for a long time at the end of the 1990s but resumed his letters in 2004 and it was this that led to his capture. He is credited with killing 10 victims from 1974 - 1991 though there are several more victims in the area that match up with his profile though he has never been charged or convicted of those murders.

According to his own confessions and the memories of other people who were around at the time of his childhood he tortured and killed animals while he was growing up. This has been seen with many other serial killers.

After he was captured Rader admitted he was already stalking his next victim and getting ready to kill again. However on February 25th 2005 Police arrested Rader near his home in Park City Kansas. It was at a Press Conference the next morning that Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams said we have him. We have the BTK Killer in custody.

Rader plead guilty to his crimes on June 27th 2005 giving graphic details of each crime. Rader was sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences meaning he would be eligible for parole after serving 175 years. He did not get the death penalty because Kansas did not have a death penalty during the time Rader committed his murders.

Below is a complete video series of the trial and story of Dennis Rader for everyone to watch. He however does give a complete detailed gruesome account of his murders.

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Early Photos Of Dennis Rader
Early Photos Of Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader Behind Bars
Dennis Rader Behind Bars
Dennis Rader In Court
Dennis Rader In Court

On February 26th 2005 the Wichita Police Department made the announcement that they had the BTK Killer in custody. Rader was formally charged with the murders on February 28th.

On August 19th Rader was moved from the Sedgwick County Jail to the El Dorado Correctional Facility which is a Kansas State Prison. He began serving his life sentence as inmate #0083707 and his earliest possible parole date is February 28 2180 meaning he will never be a free man again.

Police in cities all over Kansas and surrounding states are looking into related similar murders to see if Rader possibly committed more than the 10 murders he is credited with. Several local police agencies believe he may have committed far more than 10 murders.

Rader has been a model prisoner and he has now been allowed to purchase a TV , a Radio and magazines. He is however in solitary confinement for his own protection. He is locked up 23 hours a day and he is allowed access to a shower three times weekly.

As of June 2009 no other murders have been found that Rader can be charged with though local police and the FBI continue their investigation into cold cases hoping to one day charge Rader with a murder that will result in the death penalty for Rader.

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Feel Free To Post Your Comments , Questions Or Etc About Dennis Rader Now.

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    • profile image

      Robin 5 years ago

      To the person who wrote "Who are we to judge?" , obviously you don't understand the judicial system in this country. WE ARE TO JUDGE in cases such as this! He has been tried and convicted by a jury of his peers and that is that. That is a judgment! I wonder if you would have the same lax nonjudgmental attitude if members of your family had been savagely bound, tortured, and killed by this beast? I doubt it.

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      this man is a sick jerk. and that's putting it nicely. i read a book about him, and i remember the trial. i grew up in El Dorado, KS and we heard a lot about him. people like him remind me daily why i want to be a criminal profiler when i get out of school.

    • profile image

      V.W 6 years ago

      Who are we to judge?

    • profile image

      nikki bianchi 6 years ago

      he's put in solitary for his own protection?!?! i'd like to see him be bubba's bitch for awhile. the sick bastard will probably enjoy it tho. theres no word for a bastard coward like that.

    • Joshua Kell profile image

      Levi Joshua Kell 7 years ago from Arizona

      What a wicked beast of a man. I hope he has no forgiveness, and burns in hell! I remember this bastard, and hope he drowns in his own puke, as the fires of hell are licking at his heals. And, just in case he does not get the justice owed him, in this world; I now shall throw the crooked finger on him. He was cruel, and has no sympathy, not even for children. He deserves more than I can say. Great hub by the way. . . I think. . . Maybe?

    • Stan Fletcher profile image

      Stan Fletcher 7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Oxygen stealer! Ha. Good one. :)

    • profile image

      Rock 7 years ago

      You're absolutely right all... This dude doesn't deserve to have privelages. He is allowed to watch tv now??? what about the poor victims that are 6 ft under? They can't watch TV or have a meal or go on vacation to the beach and enjoy what life is all about. The justice system really has to change but that's just blowing smoke. Nevermind this hogwash but you see thugs blowing away each other for nothing. It would all stop if we did one thing. And that is terminiate them if it's beyond no question that they are guilty with no doubt in anyones mind. Get rid of them. But if there is any doubt whatsoever $6 then give them life until we find real truth. The system is all screwed up and that's why we have killers every day.

    • profile image

      m.w. 7 years ago

      It is absolutely beyond comprehension why such a sadistic, cruel serial killer should be allowed to have such entertainments as a TV, a radio, and magazines in his cell, and all this, with free meals, housing, and healthcare, is a life more comfortable than a lot of law-abiding people and retirees. So what is the punishment for his crime? One may argue that he has lost his freedom, but what about most law-abiding citizens who are stuck in their workplaces 8 hours plus 2 hrs for commuting every week day with no choice. That's lose of freedom too. Maybe the ideology of humanity has gone overboard and should be rectified.

    • profile image

      island girl 8 years ago

      you know how much money is being spent to keep this thing alive? you know who's paying for it? letting him rot in prison is too nice. He has access to stuff that normal law abiding citizens do not. that disgusts me more than anything. he is an oxygen stealer.

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      He's so 'matter of fact'-that's what really scares me about the guy!

    • profile image

      briana 8 years ago

      he a very low life disgusting man! i hope he rots in prison and regrets what he did

    • profile image

      IĆ°unn 8 years ago

      The only person he has any feelings for is himself. I saw him in an interview crying because he would have to forego fast food. Good thing he's off the streets.