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Back On THAT Wagon Again - CISPA

Updated on April 28, 2012

H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

CISPA - formally known as H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is the latest in government grabs for internet security measures. For those who thought the pushers had run out of steam, it looks like there is no clear end in sight from this battle ground. This time on the westward wagon trail, republican war lords are clashing against the Libertarian forces aided this time by the majority of democrats, in an attempt to pass CISPA. This time around, instead of attacking internet piracy, the angle is to stop cyber-terrorists and would be criminals from doing anything really threatening.

Though what most people are seeing, is that CISPA is aimed at taking down groups like Anonymous and various other small groups that work to create harmless mischief in the corporate and governmental worlds, to bring about awareness of many issues that need our attention.

Hard to Believe The Wagon is Back on the Trail...

Truthfully, it's not that they are trying again that surprises me. It's how quickly the government got it's posse together and back onto the internet security wagon. They're like functional alcoholics who think only their way is right and refuse to stop and see any common sense.

The irony here, is that even though people are rather bored with these tactics and not paying as much attention as they probably should be, the bill is still doomed to fail, simply from the perceived notions of our politicians, who clearly are starting to get the bigger picture - protect our freedoms or lose your jobs.


CISPA did enjoy a sweet ride through the House up until several libertarian leaning and democratic reps got a hold of it and disbanded some the GOP's favorite amendments (like being able to commander ANY information about ANYONE at ANY TIME they please, being able to access personal information like birthdays, and being able to keep constant surveillance on anyone for just about any reason). Which means that the bill has lost it's favor with it's original GOP creators, and since keeping the amendments would mean losing the votes to clear the bill through the house, there was no way it would have made it either way. So now the bill sits just after the House as the Senate decides if it's even worth their time of day.

CISPA - A Real Threat?

Who knows if CISPA is a real threat or if it is just a ploy to allow Obama to look like the hero or distract American's from some other bill more worthy of our attention. Still, it is another bill that if it did somehow sneak past the Senate, could have grave consequences on many Americans, especially those of us with nothing to hide.


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  • profile image

    Virtually Bored 

    7 years ago from Ireland

    This and a lot of other things, such as the TSA, drones over America, a militarized police force makes me wonder if America will ever be a democracy again. How the likes of Obama and Romney aren't absolutely humiliated at every single rally, I'll never know. I worry about America now. I'm Irish and to be honest, I'd be afraid to go there. Up and interesting.

  • Paradise7 profile image


    7 years ago from Upstate New York

    Interesting. I don't think it'll make it all the way through both houses of Congress, ever. There are too many intelligent, liberal-minded people to vote it down. I hope.

  • Evan G Rogers profile image

    Evan G Rogers 

    7 years ago from Dublin, Ohio

    Every major online company is for CISPA: Google, Facebook, Yahoo.... You name it, they want it.

    Obama has claimed he'll veto it, but he signed NDAA already, which is 8000 times worse... Not really sure why he'd suddenly want to protect freedom now.

  • pagesvoice profile image

    Dennis L. Page 

    7 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

    Voted up and interesting. Whenever people stand up to corporations or the government, then the powers to be want to bring an end to such behavior and that is what CISPA's hidden agenda is, as you so clearly point out.


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