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Subhas Chandra Bose - The Hero

Updated on March 5, 2015

Personal life of Bose

Born in Bengal province on 1987 , He studied in British School and ended up as second scorer in the school.Later he completed B.A Philosophy . After finishing his degree, he went on to study in Britain and cleared Indian civil services but resigned the post on 1921.
He got married to Austrian Women Emily by 1937 and a child was born for them at 1942.

He strongly believed that freedom can only be attained by sacrifice and suffering.


Political achievements

After resigning his job he started Swaraj newspaper, then he went on to become CEO of Calcutta municipal corporations and then as mayor of Calcutta. He was actively involved in congress and by 1938 he was elected as congress president, he was again selected in 1939 , started a new political party All India Forward Bloc. Then he formed the most controversial and great INA.

Indian National Army

Subash had a huge fan following back in bengal, also he was the powerful member in National congress party because of his achievements .He was the man of action and strong will unless Gandhi and Nehru. As much as his power was praised by people , he was more envied by Nehru and other leaders who did lots of politics along with Gandhi after which Bose resigned from Congress in 1939 and formed Forward Bloc and decided to leave this country and fight his war from foreign... Bose was a sincere follower of Gandhi , but Gandhi was just ignorant to ignore Bose and supported Nehru as he was not opposing any of Gandhi's views and it .

The first unified force that was so compelling that made Brishers tremble and forced them to give Independence. The army comprised of all people regardless of religion and caste. Hindus used to "Jai Ram ki Jay" , muslims "salaam" , sicks "sat sri Akal" , but in INA all soldiers used only one term "Jai Hind" . That what Bose emphasised and even achieved. The count says the Army had more than 70000 men and many of the British India Soldiers have joined the forces after being captured. The Army however lacked heavy weapons were effective fighing alongside Japanese army. Still there are many controversies on how japanese soldiers treated Indian soldiers, this is not the case in among all INA regiments.
After Independence the INA soldiers were captured by British and were released after immence pressure due to sympathy of Indian mass. Nehru and other leader had to support for their release again to gain Indians Trust and confidence.

Death :

Bose allegedly died on 18th August 1945 in a plane crash, although his death was reported five years later...

In other story context, Bose death was framed by himself and Japanese ,so that he can continue his struggle after the Japanese defeat. According to reports collected from Japanese at 1945 , he was to be left at Russian border after which he will proceed with his own resources in Russia. But he was eventually captured by Russia .
After hearing this news Nehru was so pissed and wrote a letter to Atlee(the British Prime minister at 1945) saying that Bose ,the enemy of Allied forces is in Russia under Stalin's Control and requested Atlee to take necessary actions that he seems fit. Bose was supposedly executed by Stalin in 1955.
If this is true , Nehru was a backstabbing ,cruel ,cunning , traitor! not just to Bose but for the whole nation.

This information was released by reliable sources close to Nehru. Who else might be behind the scenes ? ofcourse Gandhi too .

Nehru and Gandhi always feared that if Bose returned to India , there will be political chaos and power might have been shifted to Bose and India might have been better country ...

After Independence

After Independence , Both Nehru and Gandhi came out and spoke about Bose proudly and praising him as Indian Son who was so brave and helped India towards Freedom. This is a political stunt to gain support.

Significance :

For most of all he was the only one leader who has achieved religious independence and freedom among Indians by creating INA, The application form for INA did not have any column for caste or religion. When Britishers captured INA soldiers , they said they were Hindustani (Mein Hindustani hoon)instead of Hindu/Muslim/Sikh.

His movements were the real reasons behind Indian Independence . For all he should have been the one given "Father of the Nation " title.


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