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How Low Can the President of the Go?

Updated on March 19, 2019
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When McCain was serving his country Donald Trump was making excuses to keep from serving his country. Trump said he had bone spurs.

The Abuse of power

One of most despicable things that anyone could do was to disrespect the dead.Trump tainting the memories of the late Senator McCain by blaming him for repealing the Obama care

.Senator John McCain a war hero served his country while Trump lied about bone spur to keep from going to Vietnam. Trump insinuated McCain was not a war hero McCain was a hero because he was capture and held prisoner. I like people who weren't capture said Trump.

Senator McCain a long time friend Lindsey Graham said nothing about the way President Trump bashed his friend he said nothing to Trump his new friend. Lindsey Graham is Trump next best friend and comes along with Trump right or wrong.

The party of the Republicans is idly sitting back and watching this president divide our nation with insults and remarks that aren't America.

Republicans are blaming Democrats and the Media for Trump horrendous screw ups when they should be blaming Trump. Republicans know the truth about the president and his lies but refuse to step back and omit to themselves that Trump is bad for America.

President is not fixed to lead American and he is disrespectful, outrageous, obnoxious and a poor excuse for the president of the United States. Trump campaign was to make America great again, America was great before Trump was elected and always will be great.

Trump has divided America, for two years he has caused nothing but chaos he has stirred up hate groups politics, people with racist intentions, and school kids are listening to the words of the president. Crimes have been on the rise since Trump took office.

Trump stepped in the White with one major agenda and that was to destroy the accomplishments of the Former president who was a Black man. He wanted to appeal Obama care ,Immigration and to build a Wall to keep the bad people out. That was a slam dunk for Republicans because they never wanted a black man running America.

Republicans stood behind a man who had no policy experience or knowledge of what the qualification was to be the leader of a country. Trump was never cable of being the president of our nation, he knew nothing about foreign trade or negotiating with other countries. Trump lied to the people saying he was the best deal-makers in the world. .Trump abuses the power given to him by the constitution to get what he wants.

The president does these things to get back at Democrats to prove he can. because he knows he has the power to do so regardless of who it hurts

America used to be the land of opportunities and freedom for all until Trump was elected. This president is focused on the rich, he wants to cut funds from welfare recipients, Social Security, Medicaid, military funds, and other programs that benefit the poor. This President has abused his powers over and over again without countability or justification. A president is responsible for the setting morals and valves of this country but Trump has none of these qualities.

President Donald Trump is a dangerous man with a lot of angry, when he can't gets his way he lashes out at any one who is not loyal to him. The American people have to come together and realized that Trump has a serious problem.


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