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Ban Guns or Arm Our Schools?

Updated on March 2, 2013
Security in some schools keep those that don't belong out.
Security in some schools keep those that don't belong out.

In light of recent tragedy, more over yesterday’s tragedy, questions are already arising about gun bans. It is hard not to think along those lines with such a horrible week of tragedies, following the mall shooting on Tuesday. So would banning guns really even help?

I propose the very opposite, maybe we should arm the schools and fortify them. As a society, we have to do something to make sure this never happens again. We need to find a way to protect our children while they are in school. With a three year old, I will admit I am already rethinking home schooling. It seems that here in America, this is becoming more prevalent.

So what if the school or someone in the school carried some type of weapon as a defense, would things have been different? Would the toll have been smaller? We can lose ourselves in the shoulda coulda woulda, but in the end, we need to learn and grow. Maybe putting some long range pepper spray or the like in each class’s ceiling perhaps. I understand most people may be against actual guns in schools, however there are many alternatives that could be used that are not deadly. But the sentiment is the same, do not leave our most vulnerable population corralled in a building with no way to defend themselves. This would lead to heavier back ground checks for all school staff, however that may not be such a bad thing.

Maybe that is putting the chicken before the egg. A question I asked myself every time I hear of such incidents, why are the gunman able to get in. Should our schools really be that open to the public where anyone can just walk in? Many schools have the system of signing in at the office when you arrive, why not go a step further, keep them outside until identified? No one should be able to enter any elementary school with body armor on and guns in tow. If a camera and buzz system was used, the cops may have been there before the perpetrator could ever enter.

So before we jump to taking guns away, understand there will always be guns, by banning them, you will in the end create a bigger black market. Instead of trying to take guns away from those that would actually follow the laws anyways, maybe it is time to arm ourselves a little better, especially those that are protecting our children.

What should we do to protect our children?

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