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Bangkok Bomb Blasts - Not A Terror Attack According To Thailand's Government

Updated on February 17, 2012

Feb 14, 2012: The capital city of Thailand was rocked by bomb blasts on Valentines Day, when a home in a residential neighborhood exploded this Tuesday. It appeared that the premature detonation of a cache of explosives blew the roof off of a home in a Bangkok suburb. One suspect was injured, after a failed attempt to throw a hand grenade at police officers, resulting in the suspect blowing off his own legs. Suspects arrested at the scene are believed to be Iranian, and the media in Thailand has been showing bank notes of Iranian currency found at the scene.

The government of Thailand was quick to issue a statement, saying that the incident is not related to terrorism, and they deny any link to attacks against Israeli diplomats the previous day in India and Georgia. Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul said "the bombers intended to assemble bombs in Thailand for operations in other countries, evidence shows the targets were individuals, so a terrorist act has been ruled out as of now."

Isreali officials have wasted no time in drawing a link to the bombings in Bangkok, with those in India and Georgia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying "Iran is the world's biggest exporter of terror." The Israeli leader said he believed the suspects arrested in Thailand had intended to target the Israeli ambassador to Bangkok. The Thai government denies that there is any evidence to support this claim, however they do admit that the explosives recovered appear to be designed to target an individual, and magnets were recovered that resemble those used in India and Georgia.

The Thai Government has been fiercy criticized for falling short of labelling the incident as an act of terror, with many speculating that they are simply trying to protect their booming tourism industry. Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said "we have to accept the fact that they had bombs and there were attempts to assemble bombs, regardless of what their targets were."

It is likely that Thailand's government is motivated strictly by the desire to protect their image as a safe travel destination for foreign tourists, and not by any political alliance with another country. When you put it in perspective, they seem to be within their rights by not choosing to use the label of "terrorism", after all, western media doesn't refer to drone attacks carried out by the United States, targeting civilians in Pakistan (a country they are not at war with), as terrorism. Nor do we hear reports on CNN about how Israel is "exporting terror", when Israeli agents murder Iranian scientists throughout the world.

Perhaps the government of Thailand feels that if Israeli agents kill Iranian scientists, then it is hypocritical for Israel to cry foul when Iran strikes back. If there is no intention to attack foreign tourists, or Thai citizens, then the people of Thailand, the tourists in Thailand, and the government of Thailand do not feel terrorized. This seems to be a logical defense for choosing not to label the incident as a terrorist attack.


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