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Batten Attacks Farage for Leaving UKIP.

Updated on December 7, 2018
Gerrard Batten:  UKIP leader.
Gerrard Batten: UKIP leader. | Source
Tommy Robinson:  Adviser to UKIP leadership.
Tommy Robinson: Adviser to UKIP leadership. | Source
Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage and MEP.
Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage and MEP. | Source

Storm In A Teacup?

Bad blood exists it would appear between the current UKIP leader (and they have had many since Farage finally decided to call it a day on his UKIP leadership job) Gerrard Batten and Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage has stated he is turning his back on extremist politics. Mr Farage also said since the appointment of Tommy Robinson as an adviser to Mr Batten he is quitting UKIP. Mr Batten said Mr Farage had been looking for an excuse to quit the party and now he had his excuse.

Mr Farage said Mr Batten is obsessed with the English Defence League (EDL) and Islam. Mr Batten, however, retorted that Mr Farage would do well to read the UKIP manifesto and he would find UKIP was not anti-Muslim.

Tommy Robinson or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to give him his proper name was in charge of the EDL. Now he goes about the country speaking about extremist Islam and its negative effects on British society. Mr Robinson has also highlighted the horror of Muslim men grooming young girls in the UK. Mr Robinson had a contempt of court quashed by Leeds Crown Court. Mr Robinson has served time in prison for broadcasting on Facebook facts about court proceedings regarding Muslim men and young girls. Mr Robinson served time for this, however, he was released and this matter has been given to the Attorney General.

Mr Batten has appointed Tommy Robinson as his adviser on prisons funnily enough.

Many UKIP members were quite disgruntled by Mr Robinson's appointment and this led to a vote on whether Gerard Batten should continue as UKIP leader. Mr Batten, however, survived the vote and will continue as UKIP leader.

Regarding Brexit, Gerard Batten has said MP's should vote down Theresa May's Brexit plan on 11 December.

UKIP has always been regarded as a right-wing party and it would appear they are lurching more to the right with Tommy Robinson coming aboard. After the 2017 general election, many wrote off UKIP as a dead and washed up party. However, there does seem to be something of a revival in the fortunes of UKIP probably brought about by Theresa May and the Conservatives handling of Brexit.

Although controversial Gerard Batten in appointing Tommy Robinson may have had a shrewd eye on the future. Tommy Robinson has a huge following and in appointing Robinson Batten must have thought Robinson's huge following would help UKIP's status in the polls.

Gerard Batten.
Gerard Batten. | Source

Gerard Batten Bio.

1) Born 1954, March 27 1954,

2) Place of birth was Harold Hill, Essex.

3) Star sign: Aries.

4) Was a founding member of UKIP and is its current leader.

5) Was British Telecom (BT) salesman before entering politics.

6) A friend of Dutch populist Geert Wilders.

7) Wrote a thesis on dismantling multiculturism.

8) Was elected leader of UKIP on 14 April 2018.

9) UKIP currently has 23,600 members.

10) UKIP this year has enjoyed a resurgence in the polls.

11) Appointed Tommy Robinson has an adviser to himself.

12) Full name: Gerard Joseph Batten.


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