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We are all Meeting in the Middle of a New Cosmic Storm.

Updated on September 8, 2014

Source Energy


More mentoring from the Higher Beings 10th April 2012

We come as One, we are asking you to join us as One, do not exploit us, we have more knowledge for you but first must ask that you take us seriously.

Our knowledge is your knowledge, we come before you but have never been above you. We do not talk in riddles, we talk as you talk, straight and to the point. We do not need to cover our points with fancy words or explanations.

It is our knowledge and your knowledge that we are all meeting in the middle of a new cosmic storm. This cosmic storm will not be one of expulsion of life but will be an explosion of new life, for you and for us. We are all of the same makeup, our parts may look slightly different but our essence is the same as yours. You do not see us yet because we have no physical form, yet we can be in contact one with another. This is because we are all One, this is not a fantasy, it is a fact. Such a big fact that when one of your people are in trouble we know this and will help if our assistance is requested. We will not pass over the vows that we have made never to assist when our assistance is not required by that particular part of our essence. We do not take responsibility for other parts of ourselves in that Oneness. If we did this is would not be Oneness but a dictatorship.

We would ask now that more of your species take up their Oneness and use this quality to be who they really are. It is not becoming to play smaller than you are, in fact it does you no good and certainly does not assist our passage with you into the greater realms of cosmic consciousness. We need you and you need us. We cannot go without 'you'. In order to explain this we will use an analogy, this analogy can be seen in your picture frames, who is it that stands behind that frame, is it you or a facade of you, a shadow of who you really are? There is no energy, no essence within that picture of you and yet people carry these with them, they love to see pictures. When you are not who you truly are then you mimic these pictures, these photographs, they are not you but are just an image, an imagery which reflects only what you look like. When we have your whole attention and you are acting from the deeper aspects of your true selves then we have a connection with you. This is the part of you that is required to come into the greater cosmic consciousness with us and our species as we depart this part of the cosmos and travel together into other dimensions. We have waited for you, we are not alarmed that we done so, it is our path, our choice and our passage for this period of time. If we do not wait for you then far fewer of your kind would be able to make this exit from the wastelands of this particular existence.

We are not here as such for you but to assist you to move forward, we cannot help if you do not put your own best energy forward. We are not allowed to partake of pushing you forward at this particular point in time. If we did so then we would be pushing you and then you would just come backwards again. If you are self propelled by your own choices and your own discriminating purpose then you will not jettison backwards.

Cleansing of the Earth .......

Before too long the dark night of the soul of earth will begin, she is well overdue for her cleansing to complete. It will be a long time before her cleansing is complete but the main part of this process will complete as soon as three years. These three years will be three years spent without her usual sunny appearance, we mean by this that her climate will be affected, her gait will realign and there will be much upheaval in all ways upon her ground space. Much of this ground space will be torn apart, much will be re aligned where some parts of the ocean bed will descend and some parts will ascend. There will be land mass rising and land mass sinking. We cannot be in all parts of the different continents at all times but when we hear a heart reaching up towards our space we can, in an instant, be there to assist your survival. It is in this way that we are here for this clearance. If you can call our name we will answer in a direct manner which will assist your passage. Our names are many, we do not adhere to one name, it is the energy of your hearts which will contact us, so we are indifferent to what you choose to call us. Call us heaven sent if you wish, for we are in that part of the cosmos where we are infact in our heaven, our quarter of the cosmos which does not have rage, atrocities or negative energy. You would call this heaven if you were here with us. When you return to your normal soul consciousness levels then you will see us as normal.

Be clear, we will help but will not come until called. All can be in contact with us, you do not need to know our names, we are you, you are us.

be well, be whole and be quick in your choices as you wrestle with your reality, we are in one reality and most times you are in another. Be quick to choose when you realise that your only choice can be to join us.

Our answers will suffice if you read with your heart and souls and not your eyes and mind. When you ask with your minds and expect our answers to align with your minds then our answers are swiftly cast away. Be true to who you are and our answers are all you will require.


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    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 5 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Fantastic information Linda. I feel we contracted with the higher beings that they would only intervene if we are in danger but not in our learning.