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Be nice to Brexiteers, We’re not Racist says Daily Mail columnist

Updated on December 18, 2016
The Yuletide silly season and Westminster took us for clowns
The Yuletide silly season and Westminster took us for clowns

Politics seems, with the departure of the Supreme Court into hibernation till it delivers its now largely redundant verdict to have entered a late silly season. This is a good time to lookout for what government and media want buried under a blizzard of tinsel and pleas for good will to all mankind.

Be Nice to Brexiteers

Brexiteers are upset at being pictured as senile cretinous knuckle dragging racists, despite the fact that after the referendum racially motivated hate crimes carried out by cretinous knuckle dragging racists have soared and this shows no signs of stopping. Perhaps the most plaintive plea was that of Tom Utley in the Daily Mail, a paper that supported the Nazis in the 1930s and has continued to be the semi polite face of racism until abandoning politeness at the time of the EU referendum. This may be because the Mail is suffering a drop in profits as a result of Brexit ( this is popularly known as Karma) and may be losing circulation as non-readers see its readers as senile cretinous knuckle dragging racists. If the cap fits……

Utley’s plea to be nice to Brexiteers is a display of chutzpah that exceeds that of the child who murdered both their parents then asked the court for mercy because they were an orphan. The Daily Mail piece makes out the divide is purely about immigration, ignoring other aspects of Brexit such as the effect on the economy and the fact it will be used to facilitate attacks on the poor, disabled and elderly.

As for the complaints about how nasty Remainers are a quick trip to almost any Facebook page that supports Brexit will turn up cretinous knuckle dragging racist comments about Remainersthat could have been written by someone in the final stages of alcohol induced dementiaand there have been death threats against Remain MPs. Maybe they should look to their own behaviour.

Country in shock as Labour party does not vote with Tories for a week

The Labour party seem to have gone a long time without voting for the Tories, and their members must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms having apparently gone cold Turkey, raising concerns about their mental and physical health. To the disgust of many in the Labour party their leader is managing to score hits on Theresa the Unelected in the flyting hall known as the House of Condoms though this does little to change matters in real life, since the mainstream media, especially the Alt-Right papers, ignore or distort these exchanges.

Pry Ministers Question time highlights how parliamentary proceedings are no different from the bragging and insult contests that substitute for physical combat in many societies and, like a round of the dozens changes, and that temporarily, only the status of the contestants. We really need a better way to debate policy than a theatrical exchange that is the verbal equivalent of the contest between Achilles and Hector in the Iliad.

One SNP MP brought the House down when they asked the Pry Minister if she accepted that penciling in “FO” next to Boris Johnson’s name should have been an instruction not an offer. Her reply, when the laughter eventually died down what that Bozo Bojo was an FFS: a fine foreign secretary. The speed of her response highlights her debating skills but in a wider context raises the question: is good decision making being sacrificed to speed and will this mean that Brexit will therefore become a sow’s ear not a silk purse. The hard right Brexiteers of course want Britain out of the EU yesterday so they can carry on their war of social cleansing against anyone who is not a millionaire, but especially the poor, elderly, sick, disabled and unemployed and seem to feel the best thing is to leave and show the garlic eating foreigners what they are missing. Even Brexiteers seem to be more concerned with Christmas than intimidating the Judges.

They are laughing at you
They are laughing at you

MPs deliver massive insult to hard working families

MPs used the pre-Christmas period to try and bury a massive two finger salute to the hard working families of Britain by voting themselves a £1000 a year pay rise. At around 1.4% this is higher than the 1% cap they imposed on public sector workers, much higher than the average 10% drop, in real terms, that the average worker has experienced, comes on top of a recent 10% pay rise they awarded themselves and ignores their expense allowances which would have made a 1980s Japanese business man with their enormous expense accounts green with envy forcing them to buy another £500 bottle of whisky to drown the shame.

The IFS predicted that workers will earn no more in 2021 than in 2008 with the pain mainly felt , of course, by the poor. This is in real terms. Doubtless our beloved elected representatives consider themselves the very hard working people they claim to represent but their rise, trying to use Christmas to bury it, and allowing Council Tax to rise will be seen as a massive insult delivered by the elected elite to the lower orders and to pensioners.

Why Brexit could take ten years
Why Brexit could take ten years

10 year Brexit

It seems likely Brexit will take ten years and the Unelected One was shunned at an EU meeting then treated with total silence when she asked about the rights of British citizens living in the EU, after which she left. Rumours she has been asked to carry a bell and shout “Unclean, Unclean” when approaching other EU leaders remain unconfirmed. In the mean time the President of the EU stated that Scotland has earned the right to be heard and listened to which suggests that Scotland will have a place in the negotiations either officially or via a back door. England seems to be losing influence even faster than the Tories can shovel money from the poor and middle classes to the rich.

Its not all Bad News

The pound, which initially dropped faster than a hooker’s knickers at a Tory Party conference, seems to have stabilised slightly. An extreme right wing organisation, National Action, has been banned on the grounds it is ‘concerned in terrorism’ and Britain First has been banned from Facebook.

In explaining why National Action was banned Home Secretary Amber Rudd said among other things :

National Action is a racist, antisemitic and homophobic organisation which stirs up hatred, glorifies violence and promotes a vile ideology. It has absolutely no place in a Britain that works for everyone.

This translates as

We don’t need them, we have the Right Wing tabloids who also donate to the Tory Party.

banning this lot makes it look like we care.

And the EU is cutting funding to UKIP on the grounds UKIP misused EU funds.

In Brief

The Daily Mail tried to make Brexit all about immigration rather than a tool in the Tory war against the great unwashed. Labour departed from habit and refrained from voting with the Tories. MPs delivers a massive insult to everyone who is not in the elite and tried to use Christmas to bury it. Our unelected PM was shunned and humiliated in Europe, Government and Facebook have delivered some setbacks to the extreme right, though this may have been a ploy to paint UKIP and Blue UKIP as non extremist and the EU have started hitting UKIP where it hurts.


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