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Being Homeless - The Road to Happy

Updated on July 29, 2012

The road to happy has not been an easy journey. Life's many disappointments and road blocks have kept me from being happy on the inside and the out for so long it is now just a distant memory of what smiling and laughing are about. My new home consists of a family who has a mom I have known for many many years. We laughed together as school kids and managed to survive through our teens without causing too much harm. Her hospitality exceeds what anyone could do for me right now. A hot meal, hot shower, a blow dryer to dry my hair(which has been done in weeks). Last night her son offered his bed so I could actually get a good nights sleep. Ten hours later I feel refreshed and revived. although still tired, I am content.

My journey will continue in 12 days. I will be back on that road traveling to yet another unfamiliar place where opportunity awaits me. The kindness of a person who was once a stranger in my life, has managed to become a very good friend. Offering me a place in their home caring for the family in exchange for room and board. This is an opportunity that I could not refuse, although some think I am crazy for taking it. But what do I have to lose at this moment in my life. Anymore disappointment or despair and I will reach my breaking point. My mentally well being can no longer take any of the internal torture that I have been enduring the past year. I am ready to be part of something and and release all of the negative energy from my body. I want to be healthy again and be able to look into a mirror and say, you are happy, beautiful and going to be ok. I want to be able to smile and feel the happiness inside me.

This road has had many speed bumps, pot holes and hazards along the way. I finally think this route will be smoothly paved with no construction zones causing any delays. Once I have reached my destination, I think I will write in full about my road to happy but until then, only fate will know what it has in store for me. Lets hope this time that path is The Road to Happy.


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