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Living Naturally- products and ideas for being natural

Updated on August 22, 2014

Diana shares some of her secrets about Organic Gardening and Natural Living

Diana's Gift Shop - Experience Luxury, Naturally !

Offers FREE Organic Gardening and Natural Living ideas and tips on some of my other pages here.

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Why should you care about organic gardening and natural living ?

"What's the big deal about organic gardening and natural living ?"

Look around this earth and what do you see ?

Deformed frogs, polluted lakes and air, illnesses increasing, allergies are so common these days that we likely all know someone with at least one allergy ...

How can you do your part to make a start at purging our planet of the poisons ?

How can you work WITH nature instead of ignoring - or worse yet abusing it ? not only offers Diana's handmade all natural products, but it also offers earth-friendly vintage items as well.

Look for ways to work with nature, whenever possible, instead of fighting against it.

I think most people would like to be more earth-friendly, but they feel that it would be too hard to do - or too expensive.

I can show you that it is not only is it possible, but it can be easy to do through my advice, hints, and tips.

How can I help you to be more natural ?

Why do I want to help you ?

My aim is to teach good habits and to help you to imagine the results of your efforts.

Imagine what your garden will look like when the birds are splashing in the bird bath you gave them and they thank you by eating all kinds of insects which in turn will keep your garden healthier.

Yes, folks, it is all connected.

I want to help you to understand that even doing little things can make a difference.

One reader commented "I never knew it was so easy to have less landfills and less pollution."

Diana's website came about to give customers the option of buying all natural items and to help people understand that they don't have to poison the earth. The goal is to give safer, gentler options- and a "how-to" if you will, for all naturalists at heart.

Organic gardening and other nature-friendly methods, as well as those learned from the owner's trial and error experience, are stressed and promoted on this website using hints, ideas, and tips.

The personal and environmental benefits of all-natural skincare, bath, and home spa products are also highlighted.

The 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) of helping our planet are practiced by Diana and her family. They use their own handmade natural products and garden organically, compost, companion plant... and these are encouraged by their example at their home/shop, in their community, and on Diana's website.

What can working with nature do for you ?

You can get a sense of wellbeing and peace from knowing you are doing your part and of course - not using harsh products will have a benefit of its own.

Many people that switched from commercially made skincare products to Diana's All Natural Products (that are made the old-fashioned way of using what nature gave us instead of abusing its gifts) have said that they can't stop raving about the differences. They say their skin is not irritated like it was before.

Many folks also use one of Diana's all natural handmade body balms too and have said that between using the gentler soap and the balm - they don't need lotion at all anymore.

A few friends who have skin issues, sensitivities or allergies, wanted to experience the luxury of a soak in the tub and wearing a glorious scent, but they could not.

Why not ?

The problem was that most of the products in the stores were full of artificial ingredients like dyes and perfumes that irritated their skin. Because of this, they were afraid to try any perfumes or "scented" soaps, or bath salts... .

I/Diana, shop owner/Designer/Formulator and website founder, explained that as long as they were not allergic to the natural herbs, flowers oils, and essential oils used in a particular product - they should be fine. Sure enough, these folks were thrilled to have luxury pampering scented products that they could use.

Just in case though, ask your doctor if there are any herbs or oils that you should avoid.

What is the future of the Organic or 'being natural' movement ?

A big part of it is learning, and learning creates growth and change - so...

I anticipate that there will be rapid growth in organic gardening and other earth-friendly methods of doing things as more and more consumers are becoming aware of how fragile our health and our Earth really is and these consumers will demand change.

What about YOU ?

More resources for learning to be natural

It never hurts to learn more about natural living.

More resources for being natural

For a nice selection of books and tapes, see our book room at my gift shop - 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio

Or, sometimes I sell on ebay - my ebay listings are under the name diana3herbs

How are you learning, growing and changing ? - To paraphrase the Janet Jackson song (please forgive me Janet) - What you you done for the earth lately ?

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      anonymous 8 years ago is 100% organic lawn care, no chemicals, no pesticides and no problems

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      copperpenny22 8 years ago

      This brings back good memories of my time at the family farm. Thanks for this.

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      loraseverson 8 years ago

      great info on living naturally!

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      Baysbeauty 8 years ago

      Nice Lens with lots of information, thanks for doing this.