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Being an Enigma to the Kidnappers

Updated on February 19, 2013
In the hands of strangers not knowing the next destination. Her life in danger.
In the hands of strangers not knowing the next destination. Her life in danger.

How to avoid being a target for the kidnappers

This is one of the most traumatizing things to happen to you or a member of your family. It happens when you least expect it.The criminals will mostly do this with an intention to extort money from you. They will either pick your child and demand ransom amounts before they can release him/her. The top class in the society have a lot of security measures in place since they can afford to pay for it. What about this person who is still acquiring wealth and finds it too expensive to put the modern security measures in place? You might just become the target since it's very easy to get you. Find out some easy to follow steps to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

How to avoid kidnappers

  1. Don't make it a habit of going home at night.
    Going home at night on a daily basis makes it very easy for your enemy to attack since he is almost so sure that you will arrive in the dark and can wait for you outside your house and easily attack. It costs you nothing to arrive home early enough and only go home at night when you cannot avoid it.
  2. Change routes to your home.
    Am sure it's not only one road that leads to your house. Switch to different routes to prevent the enemy from marking you and thus being a target.
  3. Don't leave your kids in the car.
    When going to a public place like a shopping mall, no matter how fast you want to dash in and out, go with your kids and leave the car closed. Leaving them in the car might mean finding them missing the moment you are back. Then what next?
  4. Don't brag about your wealth in public places.
    It feels good to acquire so much and be identified with the better doing people in the society. But bragging about it in public means inviting a problem. You never know who is listening, walls have ears. You will be the next target.
  5. Scatter your wealth in different towns.
    Putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous. If you are still coming up with more investments, it's better to think of scattering them. People end up not being so sure of who owns what. Whoever knows what you own in your residential town does not know that you have anything else where.
  6. Do not frequent a particular ATM for withdrawals. Keep on changing to avoid being marked.
  7. Deal with different security firms.
    If all your property is handled by the same security firm, the employees of the firm are quite aware that it's all yours. Just like employees can plan a robbery for their employer, so can they do to you.
  8. Do not deal with one property manager.
    For instance if you own several commercial buildings or rental houses, let them be managed by different agents. The agents can as well plan your downfall if they know all that you own.
  9. Use different banks.
    Just like bank employees have planned successful robberies in the bank, they can do the same to you. So it is safer to use different banks.
  10. Change residence when your status changes.
    Your life should match the life of your neighbors. This means even the car you drive should be in the same category with what your neighbors have. Driving a range rover among cheap Toyota cars means you are doing really well. Your neighbors might have no problem with you but all the idlers will mark you and you will be the target.
  11. Go to public places frequented by people of your class.
    Just by your dressing, the car you drive and the way you look, one can easily tell that you are not a struggling man. So you are better off in a place where everybody fits the above description since you will not be the only target.
  12. Close your car windows.
    Cheap has always turned out to be more expensive. No matter how hot it is, do not open the car windows to cool the car, spend a little more and use the air conditioner in your car. Slightly tinted windows are also good since one cannot identify you from a distance.
  13. Don't send your employees to your residence.
    People should never know you beyond your office. You will be the topic of discussion and word will spread around like bush fire. You never know what anyone thinks about you!
  14. Don't frequent your property like your buildings or hotels.
    You become too known in the surrounding area. Planning how to execute your kidnapping becomes very easy. Go there once in a while when it's absolutely necessary.
  15. If you want to re-invest, change the contractor.
    It's risky to have the same contractor do all your construction no matter how well he does his job. He can name all your property to anyone. He also most probably works with the same casual laborers. There are so many people out there who can do a good job, diversify.
  16. Discuss your family issues away from the house keepers.
    These people get so excited and imagine you are very rich. They can easily divulge information to your enemy unknowingly.
  17. Caution your children against strangers.
    It has become so bad to an extent that they are told this by their teachers in school. You need to emphasize all the time. Children easily forget.
  18. Know your baby sitter a little more.
    Some of them look so innocent but they are actually on a mission in your house. If one is not ready to divulge information about herself, just release her immediately.
  19. Keep a low profile.
    If you are wealthy, you are definitely a target for the kidnappers. Don't get involved in interviews by the media or your photos appearing in the newspapers or magazines. You are at more risk.

Your security begins with you.

You will not be guilty of any offense if you don't let your friends know more about your private life. They will remain part of you, respect you and even respect the fact that they don't seem to understand you. They will have very little to discuss about you. The police will only help you after the incident, it's your responsibility to take action before the incident. Make it as difficult as possible for the kidnappers to strike.


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    • bizna profile image

      JUDITH OKECH 4 years ago from NAIROBI - KENYA

      Oh yes DDE, most of the time people expose themselves too much, especially the ones who like bragging about what they have.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      You mentioned good ways in Being an Enigma to the Kidnappers, a hub for many readers.